swasan a simple story (episode 1)


The maheshwaris and gadodias were friends and business partners. Sanskar was in 2nd year whereas swara was just about to join college after her 12th boards. They were good friends, so their families thought to fix their alliance thus they were engaged around three months back. They had started to develop feelings for each other but they were nervous to confess. Their engagement ceremony was a very private affair since they belonged to kolkata’s affluent families. sanskar was very optimistic, fun loving, helpful, loving and very career oriented too. he always cared for his loved ones and was over protective about swara.

1st day at college: (phone call)
Sanskar: shona if any senior comes to rag you just say my name. No one knows of our engagement so we can’t disclose until I tell them ok?
Swara: okay. If they ask I will tell we just know each other. Thank you for being with me.
Sanskar: its my duty shona to protect you afterall you are my would be. If you need any help just give me a call and I will be there.
Swara: okay I will.(blushes)
Sanskar: now go to your class.
Swara: I am near the main gate I will reach bye.
Sanskar: bye.

Swara enters the college
Seniors were standing and waiting to rag the juniors and have some fun.
Akash saw swara and developed an instant liking for her and went towards her.
Akash: hello junior, whats your name? I am Akash 2nd year commerce.
Swara: yes? okay but I didnt want to know your name.
Akash: well we want you to introduce yourself to us seniors.
Swara: I am getting late for my lecture please leave me.
Akash: today even the professers cant stop us. Whats the harm in telling us your name? we won’t gobble you up! do we look like monsters?

Swara: okay. My name is Swara, Swara Gadodia. Now can I leave?
Akash: No, you can’t leave until you sing a song for us.
Sanskar was walking towards the main gate to check whether swara entered the college. He saw akash talking to swara. He got concerned by seeing the flushed face of swara.
Sanskar: akash! Leave her.
Akash: why sanskar?
Sanskar: I am asking you to that’s why.
Akash: do you know her? If you don’t then why are you supporting her. You are our friend so support us.
Sanskar: yes I know her, she is swara! Have any problem? Just because I am your friend I won’t support you in this because it’s against the rules and I do not break rules. So leave her now.
Akash: why are you getting so angry? I’ll leave her.
Swara:Thank you sanskar.

Swara and sanskar smile at each other.
Akash and his gang: sanskar you know her? You didn’t inform us.
Sanskar: yes,she is someone very close to my family. (in mind: and to my heart)
Akash: I must say she is beautiful! Is she single?
Sanskar(furious): stay away from her akash I told you she is close to our family. I won’t tolerate you fluttering around her like a butterfly on a flower.
Akash: gussa mat ho yaar! Main single hu flirt karna mera janm siddh adhikar hain yaar. You are saying so I won’t flirt with her.
Gang: sanskar got so angry na? pata nahi kya hua usko?
Akash: family ke close hai na. Koi relative hogi wo isliye shayad. Khair choro lets go to class.
Swara’s class:
Seniors came in to announce about the freshers party and their dress code and also about the competition to be held next week. They told them to give their names to the General secretary.
Seniors: Juniors, welcome to our college. we have come here to announce something very important for you all and exciting too. We’ll wait for our G-sec to come and speak to you all.
One student: who is the g-sec?

Sanskar comes from the door and stands in front of the group of seniors.
Sanskar: hello guys, I am sanskar maheshwari the g-sec of this college.
Seeing sanskar, swara smiles and her face automatically brightens up.
Sanskar: guys listen to me carefully. For the fresher’s party the dress code is as follows: its saree for girls and tuxedo for boys.It’s to be held on Sunday, whereas the talent hunt will be after 2 weeks the participants will have to give their names to me along with what they will perform and other information regarding their act. I’m from the commerce department 2nd year. if you have any doubts or you need help come to me directly.
Girl sitting beside swara: he is so hot na?
Another girl: ya! Cute too

Swara was jealous but she smiled because she knew he was all hers.
Sanskar before leaving looked at swara smiled and winked at her and left.
Girl: whom did he wink at?
Other girl: I don’t know I wish its me.
Swara: tum log kuch keh rahe the?
Girls: ha wo g-sec ke bare mein par tum kaha khoyi hui thi?
Swara: arey nisha kahi nahi chalo canteen chalte hain.
After leaving the classroom sanskar texted swara: wait for me after college near the bus stand I will pick you up we’ll go somewhere after college. Don’t ask me where because it’s a surprise.
Swara before leaving the classroom sees the text and smiles and replies: ji main wait karungi. Abhi main canteen ja rahi hu.

Sanskar: ok. I will come there, aur ha lunch is on me.
Swara leaves with nisha and riya towards the canteen.
In canteen:
Senior guys were sitting they saw swara and her friends. The head of the gang stepped up and tried to touch swara.

Yug: hey, ms. Gadodia.( keeps his hand on her shoulder and caresses it)
Swara turns(angry and irritated with him):Gives a tight slap. How dare you touch me? Think twice before taking my name and about touching me and next time you try to do so I will straightaway take you to the higher authority, moreover how do you know my name?
Yug: Gadodia,keep your mouth shut.In this college no one goes against my word but you yelled at me. About your name,I, Yug Khanna, have all the records of all the juniors. You are lucky that I called your name.Girls die to talk to me.

Swara: well that’s none of my concern. I am not among those other girls who will run behind you for your attention. You are a jerk. Stay away from me otherwise..
(swara was a headstrong and optimistic girl, modern and well behaved she hates cheap people).Everyone saw swara and liked her way of dealing with yug and was impressed by the way she took a stand since all the people were scared of yug.

Yug on the other hand was a very vile man didn’t respect anyone and thought himself to be superior.
Yug:Otherwise what? Gadodia your boy friend will come and threaten me and save you like all those superhero fictions.
Sanskar comes and sees the commotion and seeing swara in it got angry on yug as he dared to misbehave with his girl.
Sanskar: yug think before you speak. If you try to cross your limits with swara you won’t like the way I will treat you. Its better you back off otherwise you get to face my wrath.
Yug: looks like you have a supporter here, ah! maheshwari. Gadodia is he your boy friend? He’ll save you? Well better luck next time.
Sanskar :don’t even think of a “next time”. no one I say no one dares to touch my girl. She’s mine you get it Yug?

Yug: Your girl? I see boyfriend crap? Maheshwari come on just one night. No harm will be done right.
Sanskar: Mind your language Yug she is my fiance and I dont want you lingering around her. If I get to see you are done for.
Everyone was shocked to see the overprotective side of sanskar because he had never reacted like this for any girl before.They were equally surprised to here fiance from his mouth.
Sanskar: swara here eat this.
Swara: you were so angry, calm down.
Sanskar: yeah, I’m fine just a bit frustrated these guys will never behave.
Swara: its okay, I can handle people.
Sanskar: I know, but still its you, I cant take risks. Well anyways share the lunch I am hungry. He smiles.
Swara: sure, sanskar meet my friends she calles nisha and riya. Sanskar she is nisha and this is riya.
Sanskar: hello girls( hand shakes: the girls drool)

Girls: hello and Swara you didnt tell us that he is your fiance.
swara: actually I was about to but…
Sanskar : we can discuss this later on.have a seat. Eat your lunch.
Nisha, riya: we’ll order something.
Sanskar: wait the lunch is on me. He goes and brings food for the girls.
Nisha riya: what will you have? Come share with us!
Sanskar: no, thanks . I have had my share from swara and she has brought lunch for me. He takes the box from swara’s bag and leaves.
akash and sanskar’s gang come running to him after hearing about the canteen scene.

Precap: Sanskar confronting his gang.

Not Proof Read but I hope you’ll like it. Please do comment for further improvement. This is purely a Swasan Fanfiction.

Credit to: Tista

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