Hey guys tada I am again here to paka u all guys….! I am writing the analysis on my all favourite writers…..!
Swasan writers:

1 sree harini: now what to say about u di you are just too awesome and fabulous if I start saying everyone will get irritated from me…..! keep writing di love u lots di you have just amazing writing skills….!

2 anjali: di now what to say jhakas I love your both ffs a lot…..! I may not comment but I definitely read them…..! keep writing di I am waiting for mmai post asap di…!
3 meher di: just awesome and jhakas writer..! you always entertain us with your fabulous ffs…! waiting for kit2 di…! post asap and I love it more than yeh dooriyan…!
4 serena di: too awesome and stupendous writer you are thanks a lot sissy for reading my sissy and please post your ss asap and asap..!
5 sha di: awesome writer no words to say…!

6 namrata di: u are too awesome post dil dosti dance fast I can’t wait anymore….!

Raglak writers:
1 Fourzashi16: di just awesome and jhakas writer you are well I am totally jealous of u di…! how u get so amazing concepts I don’t understand di keep entertaining us with your ffs and post your broken heart: but still it beats for you my ladoo I can’t wait….! hehe impatient person me lol…!

2 dafsi di: no words to say just stupendous…!

3 bela di: now what to say u always make me feel omg totally jealous of you di just amazing out of the world jhakasssssss u are works are masterpiece keep writing more di and want to a raglak os from u di please post….! plz plz….!

4 anaita di: you are an awesome writer keep writing…!

ragsan writers:

1 sindhura akka: haha I am also a south Indian like you akka and my mother tongue is telugu just like you akka just awesome fabulous jhakas ffs akka but I want all alone Ragini season 2 plzzzzzzzzzzzzz akka plzzzzzzzzzzzzz…!
2 pavani akka: I know you very well you are prabhas fan akka like my cousin bro…! and you wrote many ragsan ffs on telugu movies only akka like mr perfect and many more…! Just awesome and jhakas ffs akka keep writing more and now I expect a full raglak ff akka from you as I know u don’t like swasan…!
3 richa di: you are a fabulous writer di keep writing more…!
4 lila di: too awesome writer you are keep writing and please post the power of true love di please…!
Saby di baby di aamu di ritzi di and all twinj writers ffs are awesome love them all and for me the first comes sayeeda di too awesome writer you are..! not only twinj ff writers all writers from small to big are amazing but I can’t mention all names sorry for that and crystal di you are also an amazing writer.! All are amazing writers except me.. and maro di nikko di ruchi di weirdsister you too guys are also amazing but nowadays I hardly read any ff so sorry if I didn’t comment anytime on your ffs then forgive me as I am the most smallest in the tu family……. cause I study in 7th….! I know u all must be knowing me as a swasanian and sanskarholic right but actually no yes but first I am a jabra fan of shakti arora and a ishveer or shadhika fan..! for me not matter what they only come fast that doesn’t mean I don’t like any other couple I am shraman sidmin swasan and temish fan too but more than that I am a jabra fan of shakti and naren bhai I love your ffs a lot thnx for writing on ishveer and god I can’t believe for me writing 15 episodes is a big headache cause I m the most laziest person ever you wrote two season and that too more than 200 episodes I can’t believe bhaiya you are a masterpiece love ur all ffs…! keep writing more and jo or fatarjao and nusz I read your both all ffs maybe not all but I definitely try to read them because you are just amazing writers..! love all the writers and readers here…! so it’s a bye from sriya..! love u all..! take care..!
Oh shit I forgot last but not the least saanvi di I became a very big fan of your os and I love you ragsan inspiring os the most all your os amazing and out of the world like seriously…! I read your all os and swalak one I actually don’t like swalak no offence please… but I read that too just because I know your os will be amazing and I will read them no matter which pair they are and a request please write a raglak os please…..! so bye guys now no more last and many writers I didn’t mention but all the writers whether it is ishveer writers sidmin or swasan or ragsan and temish all are amazing not only them every writer are amazing…except me myself keep writing guys bye tata take care….!

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  1. Sindhura

    I will definetly try this time dear
    And rightnow i am writing new ragsan ff
    Read that

  2. Siddhi

    Dear please read my three ff’s Can love happen? and Vampire love story is based on Raglak and read SWARAGINI LOVE IS LIFE BY SIDDHI do read and comment

  3. Pavani

    Tnk u very much sriya darling I think u have read my all ffs nd ya iam a big fan of prabhas nd ya now I was trying to write an ff on raglak as many of them were asking I will try my best to entertain u hope u will give same love and support nd haa u lied that u r the laziest person but u r wrong because iam ur di in lazinesss he he he

  4. Janviiivyas

    You are a south Indian
    Omg …
    I thought you would be north indian

  5. Add janvi and yours name too

  6. Anaita

    Sriya did you just mentioned my name? Still I’m not able to believe! Plz reply if it’s me ? Than only I’ll continue my comment ?

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