Swasan few shots – BENGALI QUEEN AND MARWARI KING …. Part -5


Hiii guys sanju here … how are u all … ok so I again got only 11 comments but its ok… I know most of only read ff and os like me… but its ok… and only 3 to 4 parts are left …

Lets start
Sanky ‘s pov
In a minute my whole life became upside down . Ohhhh nooooo … tgey kidnapped my … my swara … but who are they ???? I have to find out . And I will save my swara and punish those kidnappers .
Pov ends .

Sanky leaves from there and sits I car and follows the van . The van stopped in a dark place . Guys u can imagine it as a place where mostly kidnappers keep their people in telelvision .
The kiddnappers comes out of ths car and took swara inside place . Swara was crying amd trying to free herself from their grip but all goes in vain .

Sanskaar also comes out of his car and followed the men . The men took swara and tied her to the chair. Sanky was silently following them .

Now swara was tied in tge chair nad her mouth was also tied with a cloth . She was crying in pain . Sanskaar was seeing him from a distance hiding behind a pillar . Just then men comes to her and moves his fingers sensuously across her face. The men is none other than aditya .

Aditya {to swara } – remember me… oh ho I am so stupid . U have never seen me . But from the day I saw u playing with kids in that orphanage I was mermerized to see u .

2 months ago
Swara loves to play with kids nad she often visit orphanage to donate money n clothes and play with them . And that day aditya also came there with some bodygaurds for donating money . He saw swara playing n enjoying with children . He was mermerized to see her .

Aditya’s pov
Wow what a beutiful girl like an angel .. I will make her mine …
Pov ends .
Aditya smirks .

Fb ends .

Aditya – and u remember … one day I send some goons … they were sent by me only ….. but that time ur hero SANSKAAR came and saved u .. from that my men are following u and ur so called hero….

Swara cries . Sanskaar was seeing all this with teary eyes . Just tgen he sees a gun kept on a distance from the pillar . He immediately goes and picked it up .
Aditya – I can’t see u in pain .. mera bachha .. lets marry …. {orders a man } – open the cloth tied on her mouth .. I want to listen her voice …

Man opened his cloth. Just then they hear a sound of bullet shot . Swara n aaditya were shocked. They see the man who opened cloth on swara’s mouth was dead now. They turned and saw sanskaar there . Swara was happy while aaditya was angry. Adi immediately pulls a gun out from his pocket and pointed on sanskaar .

Sanskaar {pointing the gun on adi } – leave my swara …
Sanskaar immediately goes to swara and opend her .

Shekhar got swara ‘s letter and he immediately told about this to ap and dp. Dp was angry while ap called sanskaar .

Here in swasan’s side .
Sanskaar had open swara with very difficulty as his one hand is busy pointing gun towards adi .
Now they are standing in a position that sanky and adi are poiting gun to each other and swara was standing in distamce from them . Just them sanky’s phone rang . Sanky picked up phone with one hand. It was from ap.
Sanky – hello ma…
Ap – hello beta .. how can u do this ??? And where are u all….
Sanky – maaa…. . Plz come with police to XYZ place.
Adi – don’t dare to call police or I will…
Sanky {to adi } – just shut up .. {to ap} – ma…. plz come fast ….

And cuts the call.
Adi – how dare u will call police .
Sanky – bas … bohit ho gaya now I will …
Both shot the bullet . In meantime swara comes in front sanskaar and swara got hit by tge bullet . And on the other side aditya also got hit by the bullet . This scene is seen by 3 pairs of eyes . Its ofcourse of dp ap and shekhar .
Shekhar and sanskaar – PRINCESSSSSSSSSSSSSS ….
Police comes and took adi and his men with them .
Here in the other .
Sanskaar ap and shekhar were continously trying to wake swara while do was standing and seeing all this from a distance .
Ap goes to dp and says angrily – dp ji…. dekh liya nateeza. … see swara is lying dead on floor bcoz of ur stupid decision .. if u had accepted the alliance this all would not happened … this all happened bcoz of u ..

Episode ends .

Guys how was it … sry if it was not up to the mark but I tried my level best . But today I am very nervous I bcoz of something . I can’t tell u but plz wish me all the best . I want all ur blessings plz.

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