Swasan few shots – BENGALI QUEEN AND MARWARI KING …. Part -1


Hiiii guys here I am back with few shots ….. thanks for liking my os and of course my ff …… and I will update next part of ff on friday … so coming to the few shots it will probably had 3 to 4 parts and can also be more than that ….so lets start with intro..

Sanskaar maheshwari – a very handsome bubbly boy …. and our MARWARI KING ….

Dp maheshwari – father of sanskaar …. wants her to marry a girl who is marwari …… and hates bengali and consider them as untouchable ….. has new shifted to city kolkata . …

Ap maheshwari – mother of sanky … wants him to marry a girl whom sanskaar likes …..

Swara bose – a cute bubbly girl … And our BENGALI QUEEN …. she is the apple of eye of her father ….. in other words she is princess of her father …. her mother died when she was just 4 .. and from then her father took care of her ….

Shekhar bose- father of her princess swara ….. loves her a daughter a lot an can do anything for her …. and he wants to marry her daughter to a boy swara wants ….

Lets start….
It was morning . A big mansion is shown . Then a name plate is shown . It was written BOSE MANSION .
A man was standing in front of picture of her wife .
Man – see mishti today is ur daughter ‘s 21st birthday …. now she is so big …. but for me she is that little cute princess who loves me a lot … {the person is none other than shekhar and he is seeing mishti swara ‘s mum photo .}
Suddenly he listens a voice .
Voice – papa … where is my birthday gift ????
He turns back and sees her little sweet si daughter standing behind ….
Shekhar side hugs swara and cares her hairs. .
Shekhar – happy birthday princess …

Swara – thank u papa ….
Shekhar – and here is ur gift …
He gives her a gift packed with a wrapping paper.
Swara opens the box and found a diamond bracelet PRINCESS written on it . Swara became happy .
Swara – thanks papa ….
Shekhar – ur welcome princess …. and now go and get ready …. u have to go to college na ….
Swara nods yes and got ready . She was wearing a pink top and a blue cafree with her hairs on her left shoulder . Soon she left for college .

Here another big mansion is shown . It was written MAHESHWARI MANSION ON THE NAME PLATE . A man was sitting with one leg over the other and shouting on a female servant . .
Man – U R AN BENGALI AND I HATE BENGALIS … THEY EAT NON-VEG AND ARE IMPURE. … SO I CAN’T GIVEBU JOB AS A SERVANT ….A SO NOW LEAVE .{ sorry if I hurt someone’s feeling but it was important to shiw dp’s character. }
Yes he is none other than dp .
The female servant left . Just then a women comes from behind .
Women – dp ji … how can u shout on someone like this ….. she is innocent and why u always bring bengalis everywhere .
Dp – dekho ap … {yes the women is none other than ap . } I don’t wnat to listen anything.
Saying this he leaves angrily .

Ap – he khatu shyam ji … plz do something and change my husband ….

Scene shifts to swa who was walking alone in the road and searching for taxi .
Swara – oh no aaj hi ye gaadi kharab honi thi ……
Swara was waving her hand to stop a taxi when some bikes comes and surround her and the goons sitting on bike were teasing her.
Goon 1 – ooo anarkali ham lift de kya … Goon 2 – come one give us some pleasure dear ….
Goon 3 – ooooo anarkali disco chali ….
Swara got angry. The goons come down of bike and surrounded her . Swara takes a chappal and was about to beat them when a goon hold his hand and thrown the chappal .
Goon 1 – hey madam ji … we are clever then u .. .. ..
Then they laugh ….
This all was seen by none then our sanskaar .. . . He furiously comes down of his car … and goes to goons …. and started beating them . The goons ran away. {Sorry guys but I don’t like fighting so I don’t added it. .}After that sanskaar goes to swara .
Sanskaar – are u fine ?????

Swara – yes …. yes …. i am fine …. no need to worry about me …. now u leave ……
Sanskaar – I have helped u and in return can’t u say thank u to me ….
Swara – oh hello mr . SWARA BOSE never say thank u to anyone …. ok and about ur help I was about to beat those goons but in mean time u came ….
Sanskaar – hmmmm …. I know everthing miss so called swara bose …. if I SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI have not came u would have been …
Chhodo whom I am explaining ….
Swara – oh mister just shut up … ok….
Saying this both swasan went in opposite directions …

At college .
Swara came to her class . She sits on bench and her frnd ragini came to her and sit beside her.
Ragini – hey swara happy birthday
Swara – thansk ….
Ragini – u know …. a new entry is coming in our college …. like us he is also in 3rd year of mba … wow … I have listened he is handsome …
Swara – really ….
Ragini nods yes in excitement .
Suddenly bell rings and it is time for recess .
Swaragini came out for having some food so they were going to canteen. Suddenly ragini phones rings .
Ragini – swara …. u go I will come soon …..
Swara nods yes and was walking . When he collides with a boy . She was about to fall when the boy holds him .

They share a cute eyelock . They was disturbed by ragini’s voice .
Ragini – hey swara …..
The boy makes swara stand .
Swara sees the boy ‘s face with full concentration and suddenly he remembers something . And the boy also sees swara with full concentration and renembers something .
Swaara – mr. akdu maheshwari …
Boy – miss nakchadi bose …
Yes the boy is sanky.

The end.
So guys how was it . Should I continue or not .

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