A Swasan Short Story: A Ghost Love Story ( Last Part)

Hey guys!!
Ok ok.. I know I’m late, but truly speaking I really dont know how should I write the last part!…
And I really don’t know what I had written!
Please it’s a request dont throw chappals, tomatoes and rotten eggs on me!….

~ The last chapter ~

All the love stories aren’t completed!…

Sanskaar pov-

I felt hurted, I wanted to console her, wanted to meet her last time.

When she shouted Sanskaar, I was sad for her!
What must she felt that she had fallen in love with a dead person!….


Rahul: Sanky bro, a good news for you!!?
Me: Good news?

Rahul: Yaa idiot, that Swara likes you!….yaa I had heard her saying about you to her friend !
I exclaimed: What? Are you serious? I mean how can she fall in love with a nerd like me?

He: That I don’t know, but idiot I think you should propose, since two years you’re behind her, and finally!!…. Oh my god look you are blushing….love n all?…

Flashback ends

After knowing that swara loves me, I was on cloud nine, seventh sky….happiness knew no bounds, she was my childhood crush and now my love!…..

That day!
I was sitting on my bench studying…no..i wasn’t studying…i was lost in the dreams of swara!

I had thought to propose her! Imagine my whole life with her! And I took a vow to love her always and protect her!

It was raining cats and dogs!
We were returning from the sky lounge and then the accident took place! We all died at the spot!…. I could see mom, dad, uttara and me were lying lifeless down the road and one thing was only revolving around me was Swara!

I wanted to find her, but we souls can’t live at this world. I had to go, but destiny had stored something else for me!!!

I wandered from place to place just to find swara!… My senior ghost were making fun of me, how foolish I was to think that I can find my long lost love…

Two years later:

I found her!
Few ghost like me, who wanted to go back for some or the other reasons were discussing about her!

And then I came to know swara can see and interact with dead people.

I found her! I found swara!!….. I just wanted to meet her and then I came to know she is afraid of us! Us, dead people, I wanted to remove her fear! I wanted to confess my love to her!

And my beautiful journey started!
I met her!
Confessed her!
Kissed her!
Protected her!
Helped her!

And then the time came!
I read her diary, it made me feel precious .
I pecked her forehead and went.
Staying over there and seeing swara for more time would weaken me!
It’s time for the goodbye!

Swara pov:

Then the realization struck me.
He was a ghost. I had fallen in love with a ghost.
He had helped to overcome my fears. He had came to tell me how much he loved.

How silly I was, the story of a boy who died in an accident, that was his story.
That night he spilled all the beans and i couldn’t understand the truth.

He was the one for me!
I wanted to meet him for once. I wanted to feel his love. I could feel his presence around me since the day I came to know he was dead.

(guys the things enclosed in. are the part written in swara’s diary)

I kept my pen down and closed my diary. I was just staring at rainfall.

The cold breeze touched my face. I was shivering with cold and then someone kissed my forehead, providing me warmth.

Then I whispered” SANSKAAR, is that you?”

And star above twinkled and it appears to be blushing on my gaze.

So guys, finally we are at end!!
I’m really sorry for a late episode!!…. I know Sanskaar reason is a little queer but this is what my tiny brain can think!!
Hope you all have enjoyed my story, but I loved to write…..

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LOVE you all guys
By love,
Aashi! ❀

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  1. Tellyupdates team the part enclosed in are removed…please I want that… It’s the part of chapter!!

    Msg from Team: We don’t edit / remove anything. If there are any changes to be made, you can use ‘contact us’ page to send your request.

    1. Those moments, our kisses, confession were heavenly. Some love stories aren’t met to be completed. Showing love with serenity was enough.

      Sometimes someone comes into your life that changes everything.
      Raises the standards, makes you laugh, and makes you feel like you.
      Their is something about him that you can’t put into words and even though I’m not with him, I don’t want to let him go.

      Sanskaar Maheshwari my love, he explained me what is true love, it cannot even reside in the periphery of fake people who claim to find love.
      It’s just a wonderful feeling which ever exist, though he is not with me but he resides in my heart β™₯. Forever ever!…>

      I want this part to be posted

  2. Awesome
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  4. Oh soo emotional dr…i feeling like crying….. no words to say.seriously superb dr….. heart touching part dr….once again superb dr..miss u dr…

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  5. Emotional and heart touching part

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  6. It ws soo emotional yaar…lovd it sooo much…so sweet n cute story my eyes were moist while reading dis…

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      It really meant a lot to me

  7. The part in Swaras diary which u mentioned in the comment box is really touching. Loved it.

    1. Yaa I was annoyed about how it didn’t got posted!…. I remember I had pasted that in article column!…
      Thanks a dear!

  8. awsm ashi dr hv no words to praise u loved the ending it made me cry :'( it was emotional and heart touching plz be back wid other 1 soooon will miss this ff πŸ™ must say u r fanatastic writer πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

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