A swasan short story: A Ghost Love Story (Episode 4)

Hello guys!.. I’m back with the next part of the ghost story!!
Guys sorry for a late update!….was not in the mood to right!….hope you all will enjoyed it ?

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Lets begin:

Sanskaar: Swara let me sleep!…dont you have any other work than to disturb my sleep!….

Swara: Sanskaar…see again a dead person came!….sans….sanskaar please help!!

Sanskaar: What the hell swara?…what dead person? What is she saying? Is she asking for help?

Swara: Yaa…she is telling that she is the one used to live earlier with us on rent!..yaa her name was Priya.

Sanskaar: What is she asking for?

Swara: She is telling that two months back when she had suddenly disappeared …..what??……

Sanskaar: Kya what? Tell now what happened?

Swara: She was raped and killed by Rahul!

Sanskaar: Who Rahul?

Swara: Her fiancé!….she wants justice….her sister’s marriage is fixed with him!!.

Sanskaar: What….we should do something…we cant let her life be ruin?

Swara: Yeah! What should we do?

Sanskaar: Ask her any proof?

Swara: Priya can you tell something which can be used as a proof against him?

Swara: Yes ok , fine… And dont worry Nisha is my sister also…i want let her marry that bastard!?

Next morning:

Swara: Sanskaar are you ready?

Sanskaar: Yup…just everything goes nicely!

They both headed towards the north beach rock…
Swara: She told me that towards left side of the road….lies partially dense jungle…from where 3 km ahead lies an abandoned factory!

They walked and walked and finally reached over their!
Sanskaar: It’s so creepy…yakss swara !….it’s just stinking with the chemicals….

Swara: We have to find any clue against Vihaan to stop this marriage and you!

Sanskaar: Fine madam,,because of you I have to miss my clinic and my patients are suffering!

Swara: Oh! I had told you to come….you only said swara I won’t let you go alone at the outskirts of the city!….it’s not safe a.d if something happened to you then?

Sanskaar: Aree cant you see how much I care for you!

Swara: Yaa, yaa I know….tabhi you are kicking me at night while sleeping

Sanskaar: Ok fine lets’ go to first floor where vihaan had taken her!

Swara: Sanskaar!

Sanskaar: Swara what?

Swara: Over their!

Sanskaar: What is she doing over here?

They both ran towards a girl who was lying down lifeless admist the pool of blood

Swara:( Taking her head on her lap) what are doing over here?….n who has done…sanskaar call the ambulance right now!

Sanskaar: Yes Swara, I had called ambulance!….just give her my jacket! I cant see her in such a nasty condition!

(guys I was just trying to drag because I wanted to finish short story in 5 episodes and this case will be ended in one paragraph now)

Police: Ma’am she had been brutally assaulted by a man named Vihaan Saxena, we have checked our records two years back a complaint was lodged against him!…
He is under arrest and that girl name Preety is saved. We have recorded her statement!….

Swara: Finally Sanskaar we have saved Nisha, Priya must be happy now!?

The marriage of Nisha and Vihaan was broken!

That day at night:

Swara: Sanskaar, now I am not afraid of these dead people.

Sanskaar: Is that so?

Swara: Yes, I love to help them! Today we had saved a girl, a man was punished for his deeds….just feeling happy.

Sanskaar: Hmmm…

Swara: Dont you think it’s right time for us to marry?

Sanskaar pov:

When she asked me for marrying . My world turned upside down. How can a human marry ghost?…but I dont want to tell her the truth!
I replied:
Yaa, I think it’s the correct time to meet sumi aunty and tell her about our relation!

She: Ohh….thank you sanskaar, you know I was hell scared to ask you for this!….

Me: Swara, come with me!

She: Where?

Me: Just a surprise for you!

I took her to a place near the beach…we sat down at the sky and were seeing starts while they were blushing!

Me: You know swara! Every night I come over here, just to gaze stars and decide when will I go above, how will you see me?

She: Sanskaar what nonsense? Why will you go above? You are meant to be live…how can you leave me alone.

Poor girl she doesn’t now that her boyfriend is dead!….
I had disappeared from school because I was dead!.
I had met with the accident, my sister, mom, dad we all died at the spot!
God had given me second chance to find my love but I had to leave because my vow to protect her is now completed.
That night we sat and gazed star till eternity.

She had decided that tomorrow I will meet her with my family and ask her hand for marriage. It’s time to leave Swara. This thought was killing me inside and was impossible to be executed but everything has an end!…..
It’s time for the goodbye!

Pov ends!

Next morning

Swara pov:

As we had planned, today was a big day in my life… Finally Sanskaar was going to ask my hand… Yesterday after returning home I had told mom about her relationship but as usual she was not wearing her ear device. After my and mom accident she had become partially deaf and due to which she cant hear me!…
Thanks to dida who on that day had pushed us from road otherwise we both would now lifeless. And silly me I was cursing her for saving me.

I was impatiently waiting for Sanskaar, he is one hour and in the heat of anger, I went to his home.

@ Sanskaar house

The door was left open, it was making freaking cracking foung…like it was not used for ages!…. What the hell! That day his house was totally neat and properly arranged but today what’s this?

I went inside and saw a family photo broken at the floor. And then my eyes felt on the four photos with garlands around it. Then the realization struck me! With all the agony I shouted
Sanskaar…….why did you do this!

So guys how was it? Quite boring nah! So finally next one will the last episode exposing the left secret on sanskaar.
I’m really sorry guys for a late update, was not in a mood to write. Hope you understand.
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