A swasan short story: A Ghost Love Story (Episode 3)

Hey guys I’m back with the third part of our ghost story. Many of you guessed that sanskaar is ghost but even I don’t know who is ghost! Is it swara or sanskaar….ya it is

A dead person ?
Previous episode like
Episode 2

Chalo let’s began:
Ps: In today’s episode you may know who really is the ghost is but why she/he came back to help his partner would be revealed in next part!
Till then keep guessing the reason!

Sumi: Tell me swara how do you come to know this?
Swara: Mom I’m telling you, dida only came and told me!
Sumi: Swara! Don’t manipulate the things!
After two minutes!
Sumi: Swara….swara are you listening or not!
Swara: Mom!….dida is just standing beside you!…..she is caressing your hair! Can you feel it?
Sumi: Swara….what are you!…..
She started to feel some movements!
Sumi: Swara what is this? Is maa really by my side?
Swara: Yes’s mom, she is saying the day when you had your dance competition and dida couldn’t make up to see, she lied to you. She was standing at the corner cheering for you! Praising you! You always asked how did she got some candid clicks of yours…she made a excuse but in reality they were the photos click by the her! She was against your marriage as nanu betrayed her….she was overprotective for you!
Swara pov:

As I started to prove about dida existence I could feel mom’s eyes welled with tears!……nanu’s part was enough to break her down. Unlike me she had always craved for father’s love!….. Being an illegitimate child was not easy. Dida was called inauspicious. My mother was not accepted by society but dad changed her life. He made her to believe in love and the proof is me! ?
But my father died!….like every mother, she also became protected for me!
Finally my mother believed me. I could sense she was happy.
Happy was a less word for this feeling. It was out of the box!… I was happy that I could meet my dida. I just want to inform about these to Sanskaar!
Pov ends.

Sanskaar pov:

Tring tring….
Uff my ringtone !….who is calling me at this time.
I literally started to bad mouth about the caller….oh shit she is swara!
I instantly picked her call…
She: Hey babe!
She chirped!….I could feel her happiness knew no bounds!.,,,
Me: Hi dear!..
She: You know I’m just happy today. The old lady about whom I told you was none other than my dida!…
Pov ends

Swara pov:

He: Oh! I told you swara talk to that lady your problem would be solved….that priest was absolutely correct darling!
Me: I don’t know about anything right now! But the thing I came to know is I can see dead people!… My dida, the old boy who came today to ask help for his mother!
He: What are you mad? Dead people you mean ghosts? Are you serious. Swara I seriously don’t know about what you’re talking about?.. Science do not believe on this! Ghost and all stuff are just superstitious!….
Me: Sanskaar why cant you believe on this!
He poked his voice while I was giving him a tirade for not believing on me!
He: Babe…c’mon why are we fighting for it. Tonight I’m gonna visit at your place!
I could sense the naughtiness on his voice!

Pov ends

Later that night:

SwAra: Idiot cant you call me.. I may gave opened the door! What’s the need of climbing the pipeline.. If it had broken?
Sanskaar: How boring you are!
Swara: Boring and me?….
Sanskaar: Yes you are!….instead of appreciating my hard work you’re bashing me! N what if aunty comes to know that you are opening the door at night for your boyfriend. And I thought climbing the pipe and peeping in your girlfriends’ room is quite a romantic stuff!..

Swara pov:

I chuckled at his answer. How silly he is!…climbing the pipe is a romantic stuff!
??…. I slightly hit on his chest and let him come inside

We jumped together on the bed and started watching one of my favourite horror film”The Conjuring”. It is just awesome. I was very attractive by witch Bathsheba and had Google about her a numerous times.
We watched and talked, later slept with each other.

Pov ends.

Later that night:

As usual few spirits started to call swara!..
Spirit: Swara! I need your help..

Her sleep was disturbed as someone was shaking her!…

Swara: Sanskaar, sleep now…you now I don’t like to disturb my sleep!…

Spirit: I’m not any sanskaar…I’m the young girl who used to reside at your resisdance!

Swara( astonished): Sanskaar..wake up..please sanskaar…wake up..

Sanskaar: Swara let me sleep!…dont you have any other work than to disturb my sleep!….


So guys how was it?….i know it’s quite short and not up to the mark… But next episode will reveal few of the secrets that why cant sumi hear swara on the first episode…and above all this girl mystery.
As you all might have guessed sanskaar is the ghost and why he came back will be revealed in next to next episode marking the end of my short story..

Shoot your comments guys!!
Love you all❤ ..

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  1. Short but you were very busy so fine. When are you going to post the next installment of the story. It seems you have made it a little different than sixth sense. Good going 😀 😀 😀 😀

    1. Thanks dear!! ?

  2. What shows that sanskar is ghost??

    1. I think you haven’t read yesterday’s sanskaar pov clearly…..there few hints are given of him being a ghost and just try to connect things….i hope it may be cleared to you! ?

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