A swasan short story: A Ghost Love Story (Episode 2)


Hey guyss….thanks for your comments dear!! It really meant a lot to me!!…
So here is the link of first part:
Guys I know it may be confusing but in third or fourth chapter as it would be a last one , all your confusions would be solved so till then enjoy reading!?

Let’s began:

Swara: Are you nuts mr Sanskaar…I mean how can you believe on that priest.
Sanskaar: See swara, as you’re saying about paranormal activities so its better to consult a priest. Look swara, I’m always with you by your side, always there to help you, to pamper you, to take care of you, don’t you trust me??
Swara: Sanskaar I trust you, but I’m scared! ?
Sanskaar: Scared? For what?
Swara: What if that old lady tried to hurt me again?

Sanskaar: Just give it a chance….everything will be fine!
Swara pov:
I let a sigh and went out of the room. I just need sometime. He is saying to talk to that old lady who comes at night to me? Was this correct? I really don’t know but I trust sanskaar. He was not my physiatrist but was my friend. Infact day by day our proximity was increasing! ?… I wish this time we could be together forever.. His eyes are still breath taking. His presence makes me breathless but still we are on platonic terms! Wish we could be more! I want to yell infront of whole world that I love him?.

Same night:
Swara pov:
On Sanskaar wish I waited for that old lady but she didn’t came that night. It was indeed good. Her horrifying looks..specifically the blood dripping from her torn elbow was miserable. I am hell scared to talk to her. What if she attacks me again?
Then sanskaar came, he gave a bright smile to me. I felt my gaze on his lips. What’s happening all around. Just to avoid my inner fantasise I swirled, but something next came unexpected! He caught my wrist, I turned to him, those scintillating eyes and I found his lips on mine!
I responded
We responded

Our first ever kiss.❤
I could feel butterflies in my belly. He was the one who could make me feel that. His touch sends me shivers to me.
We broked it! He looked into my eyes. I was crimson red.. His gaze was turning deep….more deeper. He kisses my eyes…then my cheeks. He came near my ear and whispered I LOVE YOU ?!
This was enough to break and I found myself kissing. It was becoming wild. It was telling how much I had loved him from these many years!…?

Sanskaar pov:

After my confession she kissed me!
I was on cloud nine. Even heaven can’t give this much pleasure than what her kiss gave me! I wanted to feel it in my school days but unfortunately I left her after one year. I know she had a crush on me and I had also decided to propose her. But my bad luck I left her! I know what’s going on is wrong. I would be punished but I cant control myself!
After that kissed she yelled that she loved me!….this was enough…I was overwhelmed, I was blissful!

It was a lifetime capturing moment.
We sat there holding each other in our embrace. Her head was on my chest and my hand slid to her waist. Her curvy figure had attracted me at the core.
Swara: Sanskaar
Me: Hmm
Swara: What if that old lady had seen us kissing?
I was shocked on her question!
Me: Oh..I didn’t thought of that. . If she tried to kill then what?
She: Never say this again, you know you’re my life. Please never leave me alone!
I don’t know what to answer her. I even didn’t know the answer of it!
Me: Ofcourse swara, I will be always by your side.

We talked like this for few hours and slept in each other embrace!
Pov ends.

Next night
Swara was peacefully sleeping in her bed!
Shh…..swara…..I need your help swara….wake up my daughter …swara!!
Swara (waked up due to unclear voices)
Uhhh whose this sanskaar is this you?.
That lady: No swara….I’m not sanskaar.. Just look at me once…don’t you recognize me?
Swara: Who are you? What do you want?
Lady: I’m your nani swara! Don’t you know me?
Swara was trying to make sure whether see was her nani or not?

Swara(exclaimed): Dida…app….but app aise ye kya beta?
Dida: Beta. I know you haven’t met me ever as I was against your mother marriage!….she ran away from the house to marry your father….. I want to meet her beta! Will you help me?
Swara: Yaa dida why not?
Dida left by giving few lingering kisses on her forehead and checks to tell Ho much she had loved her granddaughter!…

Next day:
Swara: Mom, I want to talk to you?
Sumi: What is this shoru cant you let me drive?
Swara: Mom it’s important!
Sumi: Ah this traffic jam!…..what had happened?
Swara: A boy was crossing the road and a bike crashed with him resulting to his death!…
Sumi: How can you know Swara?
Swara: Mom.. I can see that who is asking me help to save his mother?
Sumi: What?
Swara: Mom if you don’t believe come and check it?

When they both went infront….to sumi shock what swara told was a true! A lady who is craving for help. She was in the pool of blood!…
Swara: Mom help her….
Sumi: Yeahh….lets take her to the hospital..

Outside operation theatre ?

Swara:, mom come with me!
Sumi: Yeah beta!
Swara: Mom you never told me about dida mom? Why mom?
Sumi: Swara I told you she was dead before my marriage!
Swara: You’re lying mom!….dida opposed your marriage. She was not happy with it!
You both had a fight and you left the house for father. Did you ever turn back to see about the lady who was your mother. How much had she missed you?.
Don’t you think after my birth dida would have accepted you?
Sumi: Swara, stop it..from where did you get to know all these?
Swara: Mom dida told me!… She missed you! She was craving to hold me for once!…mom just talk to her once… Her soul would live in peace mom….please mom
Sumi: How can you talk to maa swara? You know she is dead.. I admit that I had hidden the truth from you but how can you talk to a dead person just spill the beans swara? How you came to know this?

So guys how was this chappy? I hope I haven’t bore you!…
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So guys as it a ghost love story so main part would be on ghost nah?
So who do you think is ghost Swara or Sanskaar?
Sorry for less sanskaar part!?

Credit to: Aashi

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  1. at last part i thought its swara but today after reading sanky’s pov i think its his and today even swara’s mom responded to her na

    1. Let see dear!!

  2. Now m scared????? plz continue soon

    1. Ya…next part will be at tomorrow!?

  3. now m feeln its snskr …as he wnt to tll his feelngs n might b swara cn tok to ghosts …bki its a guess n nice epi lovn d mstry

    1. Thanks for your comment dear!! Keep guessing who is ghost swara or sanskaar! ???

  4. Omg now im scared like hell.
    Plz dont make swasan ghost.
    Dida’s ghost enough….
    If i said something wrong plz forgive me.
    But nice ff dr. Keep continue.

    1. Was this scary….then I don’t know how would you bear the last suspense!!…. Stay stunned?

  5. Maasss! Aashi r u an tamilian?
    Swara can see n talk wid ghosts? lol
    even though i don’t blv in all dat.. I used to wish 4 dat power when i was a kid..

    1. No I’m not a tamilian…..I’m from north India!..,.
      Yaa it would be quite fun to talk with ghosts ?

  6. nice but confused

    1. Your confusion would be cleared in next part!?

  7. Swara ha a power through which she can sense future – i think so

    1. Thanks for your comment!

  8. I Think This story is taken from English movie not whole part some part of it

    1. Yaa actually it’s inspired from few movies and my imagination! ?

  9. Nice dear

    1. Thanks dear!

  10. It sounds lyk 6th sense movie..am I crect.. If am crect thn..Sanskar s ghost…

    1. Yaa…it’s inspired from it but about ghost I cant tell!….it can be swara or sanskaar or someone else!

    1. Thanks dear!

  11. Really superb ?? I lyked so much…….. In last part I thought swara was ghost but after reading this epi I think sanky is ghost?……….and i think swara has the power that she can see them talk with them that’s y she talk with her dida??……aur swara jo hone wala h woh dkh sakti h ??? its my guess yaar ????……….plzzzz update soon …….. Come with ur ghost soon? with lots mystery and ghost drama ?……..

    1. Thanks a lot dear! ?

  12. I think the ghost is sanakar…its confusing……plz update soon…………

    1. thanks dear

  13. Hey when r u going to release the third installment of the story? It was interesting.

    1. Yaa…I’m busy by tomorrow evening I would summit it! ?

  14. Yaa….eagerly waiting for it. Its nice:-) 🙂 🙂

  15. This is same scene of sixth sense movie..
    Nw i think ghost is sanskar

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  17. hey dearest AASHI. I read both parts of your ff and interesting word won’t do justice to your ff. I ma not going to guess I am just going to wait for your update so that I can directly guess the answer. Please update it ASAP

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