A swasan short story: A Ghost Love Story (Episode 1)


People say if a person last wish isn’t fulfil then he returns as a ghost to fulfil it!!
Is it true??
Lets ask my story!
Hey guys it’s me!!…..i know many of you may not know me…as I only comment on few ff but I wont reveal my name as this is one of the most foolish short story you’re ever gonna going to read it…..
Yaa it’s a love story of a ghost with human. Quite funny nahh!!
So let’s. Begin..
Swara pov:
I was obsessed with him….be was cute…no boys aren’t cute…he was classy….he was smart…..the way his hands move through his hairs making their way..I was flat on him! ?
Shh don’t tell anyone I used to sniff his hair secretly they smelt like strawberries..does he use ladies shampoo??….no never nahh! He was classy….. I found him at my school…nobody knows his name in my connection he was a quite reserved type….he was handsome but quite mysterious.
After 1 year of joining the school he left..where I don’t know?…
Two years have passed but still no whereabouts of his!!
I thought it was my teenage infatuation but not he was my love!
Pov ends.

He : Hi
She: Hey!
He: You’re Swara Gadodia I’m right!
Swara: Yes’s and you??
He: I’m Sanskaar Maheshwari your physiatrist.
SwarA: I really need your help!
Sanskaar: Tell me your problem?
Swara: I…i see some ugly creatures at night..they wander around me asking me some sort of help… They are creepy and blood is shedding from their body… In my one nightmare I went with that old lady for help and she took me to a ghostly place….a city of ghost….. I really don’t know what it is but I’m afraid of it.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Boom boom boom….
Sumi: Swara….swara kaise Ho tum!!….aree you fine na beta…..swara aankhen khole….swara..
Doctor: Mrs Gadodia we’re are trying our best…rest is god wish!!…..

Two days later:
Swara: Sanskaar see what they had done to me??
Sanskaar: A fractured leg and few straches on your head with a small bruise in your arm!
He chuckled while saying this!
Swara: Does this look funny to you??….i mean why me?? Mom had stopped to listen me as If I’m not here anymore!
Sanskaar: Swara this isn’t funny
.i really don’t what kind of disorders is this…..you can find a merely presence of some creepy and horrified figures where we can’t find any……i will just check my books again….hope we could find a solution for it!
Swara pov:

The day he came to me and introduced me me as his Physiatrist I had gone gaga over him. He was the one whom I adored in my school days. He told his name Sanskaar Maheshwari……after marriage my name would be Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari….too big….
He was gaily person… His scintillating eyes were same as before….. He was single….quite mysterious… I really don’t know from where did he appears??
He came to help me??…..I feel I had a disorder which leads me to visualise some horrified objects which nobody can see?
But that accident had changed everything…I felt some paranomal activity going on around me……
Pov ends
Sanskaar pov:
Swara Gadodia…she was my school love…. I loved her….. And I know she loved me too! She used to sniff my hairs.. I had a feeling of jubilation on founding her again…but then she told me about her problem….. She told me after the incident that some paranomal activities were going around….. I chuckled on that…

Paranomal activities like seriously….she can find out the truth then……I said that Swara listen were are human and these ghosts and all they do not exist but if they then at the periphery of world.
She was stunned by my answer and I don’t know why but I had to find a solution for this!….not because she was my patient but yes she was my love and I had a vow to protect her!
Pov ends.

Swara: Are you out of your brain!! How can you think I will do this….she was the reason of my Accident.
Sanskaar: Swara I had talked to a priest. He said to help the lady who comes to you at night might be it could be a solution to it!

So guys how was the first chappy?
So who do you think is think is ghost??
Swara who has met with a accident and her mother could not react to her sayings!
Or sanskaar who seems to do not believe in ghost…
Shoot your comments guys.

So guys I don’t think I had irritated you much with my folly…your comments would decide whether I should write next part or not!

Credit to: anonymous

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  1. Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

    Ghost story. I really love horror stories…
    I loved this one too
    pls continue…

  2. nice……

  3. Is Sanskar the ghost here? I lyk horror n psychological things.. But i don’t blv in all those.. I’m an atheist…..

  4. ummmm swara is ghost i thnk n thts y she saw such kind of thngs coz she cnt belv ki actuly zhe doesnt exit n..i thnk ..bki carry on nice one

  5. Wow i really waiting for a ghost story. Thank you for coming with this ff.nice part.Waiting 4 next part.

  6. I love horror story!! I love horror stories!!♥♥

    Update soon n its veryyyy interesting.

  7. I think after that accident Swara died and now she is a ghost, that is why Sumi can’t see her, but Sanskaar can… maybe, maybe not….?

  8. Awesome I love horror stories

  9. Awesome
    Horror quite interesting

  10. Awsome I lyked it so much ?? I think swara is ghost ?? but …… I really don’t know???…….it’s so confusing yaar ??……plzzzzzz come soon ?? with ghosts………..??

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