Swasan, Shivika, Ishkara FF : My Guiding Light (episode 1)


hi guys.. Jwala here ..thank you so much for your wonderful comments. . and guys don’t worry being the fact that anika is a widow. I will try my best to give justice to each characters. and ayushi I will try to add aryan and aaradhya only for you. . Please support me guys..

so here we go..

A beautifully decorated mansion.. a girl was sitting on the couch in the dining table . she was busy in mobile. she is wearing a black mini skirt and white crop top.. she is just gorgeous. . a servant came with a large glass of orange juice and given it to girl.. she take a sip from it.. her expression changed in a sudden she stood up and throw juice to servant’s face..
” what the hell is this? I told you several times to add correct amount of sugar in my juice. . but you fool.. is this juice ? go and bring another glass of juice and add 3 spoon of sugar in it.. ” girl yelled at the servant. . poor servant wipe her face and goes ti kitchen without uttering any word. .

“Ishu….” she heard a manly voice.. girl raised her head. . it was her sweet brother.. she run towards him and hugged him tightly. .
“good morning bhai” girl said with a beautiful smile..
“good morning ishu.. but please control your anger my little doll” he said in soft voice..
(so you guys guessed them right? they are none other than shivaye and his sister ishaana)
” bhai our servants are really dumb. if they don’t follow our orders I will be angry on them na.. ” ishaana said by pouting her lips..

“may I come in ” their talk interrupted by another voice.. ishu and shiv looked at the door.. they saw sanskar standing there..
” areey sanskar why you are asking permission? this is your house too.. come in ” shiv said with a pleasant smile on his face..
” bhai I’m going I have some important work .. bye” ishaana said and she leaves without greeting sanskar..

” arrey ishu.. ” shiv tried to stop her.. but she left already. .
” I’m really sorry for her behaviour sanskar.. I don’t know why she is behaving strange with you.. I’m extremely sorry” shiv said in an apology. .
” hey dude why you are asking sorry ha? in friendship no sorry no thank you. . it is sanskar’s theory of friendship. . and your ishu is behaving strangely with everyone expect you” sanskar said by laughing. . shivaye also laughed. .

“you are right dude.. but why you are here so early any urgent matter?” shivaye asked in curiosity.
” shiv.. you know that I have only one pain in my life.. my cousin sister anika. after my parents death her parents lookafter me.. so anika is more than a sister to me.. but after her husband’s death her life is encircled with darkness” sanskar said in painful voice..
” sanskar anika is very young. after one month of her marriage her husband died.. she deserves a life. why can’t you think about her second marriage? ” shiv asked in concern..
“you are right shiv. but now she needs a job. a better environment. . when she became our old anika we can think about her second marriage” sanskar said by hiding a big intention in his mind..

” ya.. she is educated na.. she will get a good job easily. . ” shiv said
” is there any vacancy in our company? if so she will be more happy” sanskar asked
” we have good staffs already. . so which post we should give to her” shiv said in confusion. .
” shiv today there is an interview for your new PA na? why you are struggling by taking so many interviews and selecting any random girl? Anika can be your PA.” sanskar said by a smirk on his face.. shiv shocked by hearing this.
” what? anika my PA.. but sanskar..” sanskar cuts shiv’s voice. .
“If you don’t want my sister as your PA , then its ok.. I think that you will be happy and I’m your best friend so you will understand my pain. but its ok.. my sister is a widow.. she doesn’t deserve any good things. her life should be destroyed in a dark room of my house.. she is unlucky. . its ok shiv .. I’m going” sanskar did a excellent emotional act.. shiv’s heart break by his words..

” sanskar what you are saying? look from today anika is my PA. I’m your friend and I can’t see my friend in pain. and anika is smart and well educated. . you can say her to join our company today itself” shiv said ..
sanskar hugged shiv with a winning smile in his face..

Ishaana was driving her carelessly she had an earphone in her ears.. sge was enjoying a bollywood song and driving rushly.. suddenly her car hits a girl..
“aaahhhh” girl screamed and fall on the door..
Ishaana opens car’s door and came out. . she was not afraid but irritated. .
“aaruuu…” another girl rushes towards them by screaming..
(the girl whom ishaana hitted her car is aaradhya.. and the girl came by screaming is our swara. swara was wearing a red kurti and black jeans)

aaradhya was injured in her head.. she was unconscious. . swara take some water from her water bottle and pour it on aaradhya’s face.. aaradhya open her eyes. her head was paining like hell.
“aaru r u ok? come we can go to hospital” swara said in concern and care..
“my head is paining .. aahhh” aaradhya screamed. . ishaana was watching all this with an I don’t care attitude. . swara noticed this.. she felt angry.
“hey take her to hospital. because of you she is injured.. and you are enjoying this.. take your car.. let us go to hospital..” swara said in serious tone.
“are you crazy? my car will spoil with blood stain.. I will give money call another taxi or riksha and take her to hospital. . ” ishaana said in arrogant tone. this made swara more angry . by that time a crowd was formed there..

” if you show your arrogance more I will compliant a charge of murder attempt against you. so better take your car..” swara’s voice was scary. ” ha.. take your car . you hitted this girl and showing attitude now? ” crowd also starts to blame ishaana. without having any option ishaana take them to hospital in her car..

Aaradhya’s wound was not deep. doctors dressed it and let her go to house. . swara was with her always. . ishaana was sitting on the visiting chair with a frustrated face.. swara and aaradhya came out. ishana stood up and glared swara in anger.
“is the drama over? can I go? or did you people want money? for money middle class people like you will do anything I know” ishana said in a disgusting tone..
” keep your tongue yourself and we don’t have any interest on your disgusting talks” swara said in same tone..
” how dare you to insult me” ishaana raised her hands to slap swara..
but a strong hands stopped her by caught her hands. ishana looked the person in a shock.

screen freez..
who is that person hold ishana’s hand?
so guys how was it? Please comment then only I could continue. . and I can’t give longer updates as I’m using my phone and it doesn’t allow me to type much longer chapters so kindly forgive me for that..
love you all

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  1. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Awsm di. Keep it up.

  2. Hi,jwala di
    Story is interesting u should continue n I think omkara holded her hand ????????????

  3. SNY

    Superbbb dr…!!
    I thnk OM…!!

  4. I have an opinion if u don’t mind, in ishqbaaz ishaana is a con but she is a soft hearted girl from inside so in did story don’t make her so rude

    1. Jwala

      don’t worry dear.. she will change gradually.. om will change her. . Please trust me

  5. Soujanya


  6. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear

  7. Manya

    Hey jwala thank you very much ??????for adding aara epi was super duper hit and i guess tge person is om

  8. Manya

    It is the

    1. Manya

      Jwala this is not posted on the kd page?????

  9. Its good that shivaye and anika will finally meet but still its sad that she is no longer so playful and happy go lucky now ..and the PA wala thing is commonly there in many serials like kitani mohabbat hai, geet,ipkknd but still id love to watch shivaye and anika as boss employee in office and overall awesome ff ..keep up the good work and upload the next ff soon

  10. Anniya

    Di, it’s really an awsm one.
    U know wat I also wanted to write something on ishkara. But due to I don’t have any concept now, so I drop the idea. After seeing ur story on two of my lovable couple. My happinesses is beyond anything…. Love u so much….

  11. I have a request ..pls dont make anikas dressing so indian style like salwar-kameez pr churidar as she is a widow but let her have an urban look like she is having in actual serial plss pls pls

  12. Mica

    thanks God… no randhir here, hahah
    btw, shivika and ishkara from what serial dear ?

    1. Shivika (shivaye anika)and ishkara (ishana omkara ) from serial ishqbaaz (star plus) 10 pm everyday..awesome serial would like to recommend

  13. Omkara hold ishana hand i thinks he is swara bro

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