SwaSan – My Shinning Star (Promo)


Guys here i m with promo of my brand new ff #MY_SHINNING_STAR nd i m writing this with my frnd dhanu

A big mansion was shown.
two ladies were talking

lady 1 (a neighbour) : didi you are so lucky to have such a good son he never goes against you .

lady 2 : yes he always listen to me, nd he loves me so much.

lady 1 : but didi have u thought of his marriage, what type of girl u want

lady 2 : yes i will choose the best girl for him.
iss ghar ki subah uske bhajan sunkar hogi

Another Big Mansion is shown

A girl is peacfully sleeping in her large king size bed tightly hugging his teddy suddenly her sleep is disturbed by voice of bhajan. she gets irked nd covers her ears with pillow

Scene changes to that lady

lady 2 : she will be fully traditional, a marwadi girl nd will also dress like that

Scene changes to that girl getting ready in her room

she was wearing a sky blue floral short jumpsuit her hairs tied in ponytail, dazzling earings, pearl bracelet in her hand nd limited edition watch in other, black high heels

Scene changes to that lady

lady 2 : she will always take care of others. i don’t need to worry about my son.

Scene changes to the girl sitting on dinning table nd her whole family pampering her

girl- mumma i don’t want to eat this. pls make something else.

mom- so what my daughter want to eat.

girl- hmmm ya ur special pasta

mom- ok i will get it.

after sometime her mom comes with pasta

girl- mumma my hand r paining. will u pls feed me

mom- ok dear

nd her mom feeds her

Scene changes to the lady

lady 2 : she will take all responsibilities of house, i will just relax

Scene changes to the girl working in office nd was seen busy a lot

girl- piya fix my meeting with mr. mehta asap i want this deal to be finalized

piya- ok mam

piya leaves nd girl gets engaged in her work

Screen freezes on dreaming face of that lady nd working face of that girl

so how was the promo
whom do u think was that girl nd lady?
will that lady get her dil as she wanted?

guys feel free to criticize nd comment if u like it


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  1. it was awesome .

  2. Tamanna

    Nice start….. Update soon and try to be regular

  3. sanjana (daddy's little princess)

    Loved it continue soon..

  4. Anniya


  5. Interesting dear

  6. Mia


  7. Abirsha


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