SwaSan – My Shinning Star (Prologue nd intro )


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In a Big Mansion

A girl is seen singing bhajan

Radhe krishna ki jyoti alaukik tino lok me chhaye rahi hai
Bhakti vivash ek prem pujarin phir bhi deep jalaye rahi hai
Krishna ko gokul se radhe ko Barsane se bulaye rahi hai
Dono karo swikar kripa kar jogan aarti gaye rahi hai
Bhor bhaye ti sanj dhale tak seva kaun itne

In the meantime another girl is shown sleeping in her room

The girl is peacfully sleeping in her large king size bed tightly hugging her teddy suddenly her sleep gets disturbed by voice of bhajan. she gets irked nd covers her ears with pillow.

mahamaro Snan karaye wo vastra odhaye vo bhog lagaye wo lagat pyaro Kabse niharat aapki aur Ki aap hamari aur niharo
Radhe krishna hamare dham ko jani vrindawan dham padharo

Bhajan get over

she turns nd her face is revealed

she is none other than ragini
she was wearing full sleeves black nd yellow colour anarkali suit, her hair were tied into braid, with silver jhumkaas in her ear nd bangles in hand
she was looking simple yet elegant

she watches her maa nd papa coming there

Ragini : ma papa

she gives them prasad nd take their blessings

Sumi : i don’t have to worry about your future beta I’m so happy for you

Shekar : you r right mishti our daughter is perfect.

dadi nd dadaji comes there

dadi- u r correct shekhar she is just a diamond but where is shona i m sure she must be sleeping she can’t change.

dadaji : parvati u don’t start it again she will learn when time comes.

dadi :u always support her that’s why she is getting spoiled day by day

ragini : dadima leave it i will go nd wake her up.

Ragini enters a beautiful room its interior is in pink. whole room is filled with teddies.
a girl was sleeping covering her face with blanket.

ragini moves towards her

ragini – shona wake up it’s too late.

Ragini removes her blanket but she again takes the blanket and covers herself

Ragini : ufff !!! Plz wake up now. everyone is waiting for u

Ragini pulls that girl from the bed

her face is shown nd she our beautiful princess swara.

Swara : ufff ragu plz leave me i want to sleep.

saying this she lays down again

Ragini : uffo shona plz come and if u will not come i will not have breakfast nd if i will not have my breakfast then i will become ill nd if i will become ill then all will be worried nd if all will be worried then..

Shona(interrupts) – ufff stop it ? u r blackmailing me very bad?

Ragini : awww my drama queen ?

Swara : you are so bad ?but i love you ?

Swara hug ragini

ragini – ok now get ready fast

swara gets ready in a navy blue short jumpsuit with open hair nd curls at end. with diamond earings nd pearl bracelet
she was looking so cute

she comes down nd greets everyone

Swara : good morning mumma gud mrng papa

she hugs them both

Sumi shekhar :hmm good morning shona?

Swara : good morning s*xy

dadaji : good morning my doll

swara:gud mrng dadi

dadi – theek h theek h par kal se jaldi utha kar

dida- aaey marwaran don’t say anything to my shoru.
she hugs swara

Dadi : ha ha bangalan bigad(spoil) de isko

ragini – leave it dadima now have breakfast

Swara : hmm so mumma what’s today special

Sumi : hmmm so today your dadi had made special marwadi foods

Swara make faces

Swara : no? i don’t want to eat this

Dadi : chori kabhi toh yeh kha liya kar.

sumi- its ok maa shona tell me what u want to have

swara- hmm i want to eat ur special sandwich nd chocolate shake?

after sometime

Ragini : swara here is your special sandwich nd chocolate shake

Swara was still not eating

Shekar : now what happend my doll

Sumi : i know what happend to our doll bcz she want to eat it with my hands

Swara make a puppy face

Sumi start feeding her

Shekar : ok now listen all mr. khana has thrown a party tonight nd we all have to attend it.

Swara become so excited

Swara : wow !!!party ? i love parties I’ll be ready papa don’t worry ?
In fact we all will be ready ?

dadi – shekhar u all go it’s not our age to attend party.

shekhar – but ma..

dadaji – ya she is right u all go nd enjoy

shekhar- as u wish

Scene changes to Another Big Mansion

Everyone was seated at dining table

Dp : sujjata where is sankskar

just then a young guy wearing white shirt with black plants nd black coat, he was looking so handsome nd cute

sujju – see bhaisa he has come

sanskar comes nd wishes everyone nd takes there blessings

Dp : beta how are you ???

Sanku : I’m fine and good morning everyone

DP: AP where is laksh. is he still sleeping??

Ap(fumbles) : jii woo….

DP : he can’t change ever, ur love had spoiled him. now go nd get him down.

AP leaves

A big room is shown its all messy clothes r scattered here nd there, cupboard has been left open papers r scattered all around.

AP comes there nd sighs seeing the mess.

she goes towards the bed where a boy was sleeping.

Ap : laksh beta wake-up everyone is wating for you come

Laksh : mom how many times i have told you don’t call me laksh I’m lucky

Ap : laksh papa is so angry with you bcz of your behaviour plz can’t you see sanskar and learn something from him
Laksh get angry

Laksh : sanskar ! sanskar ! Sanskat enough is enough mom plz i don’t want hear about him bcz of him dad always get angry on me

ap : lucky pls don’t get us wrong it’s for ur own good

lucky: maa pls don’t start now. i will come down in few mints
AP leaves from there with sad face.

laksh comes down after getting ready, he was wearing blue shirt nd black. jeans

Dp : laksh

Laksh : what dad

Dp : where have you gone last night

laksh- dada wo…

Dp: don’t you dare to lie me bcz i know about you very well I’m sure you were with your friend’s and doing party

laksh: – – – –

Dp : Laksh how many times i have told you plz behave , learn something from sanskar, i can’t bear more insult just bcoz of u.

Now laksh is fuming with anger
Before laksh cud say something sanskar start speaking

Sanskar: plz calm done badepapa he’ll understand with time, let him enjoy his life now nd for now pls leave this.

laksh – pls bhai stop, i don’t need ur help

dp – laksh is this the way to talk, ask sorry

sanskar – its ok papa no need of sorry

laksh – bhai enough of ur drama i m done
nd he leaves frm there
sanskar feels bad but tries to be happy

dp – sanskar beta i m sorry on his behalf

sanskar -badepapa don’t say sorry he is my bro he has the right to scold me and i didn’t feel bad don’t worry

dp blesses him

dp – ok now tonight we have to attend a party thrown by mr. khanna so all be ready tonight.

all nodes

dp – nd ap tell laksh that i want him to attend the party nd also tell him to behave properly i don’t want to get insulted.

AP nodes worriedly.

Screen freezes on AP’s worried face



Swara gadodia (20 yrs) :younger daughter of gadodia family, jaan of her family, been pampered a lot. she have a very good bonding with her sister, can do anything for her. she is modern girl nd loves partying nd enjoys life to fullest, wears only western clothes

Ragini gadodia (20 yrs) :elder daughter of gadodia family. a very simple and very traditional girl who loves her family and her little sis a lot .

swaragini are twins

Shekar gadodia : A well reputated businessman and love his family a lot .he loves his both daughters so much ragini is his lado and swara is his shona

Sharmishtha gadodia : a very beautiful women who loves her family and daughters a lot .sharmisha and shekar loves each others so much .

Dadi : loves her grand daughters so much but always tries to make swara traditional like ragini.

Dadaji : same like dadi but pamper swara more nd always save her from dadi.

Dida : loves everyone and a sweet person loves swaragini equally.


Sanskar maheshwari (23 yrs) : son of RP nd Sujjata, a sweet and very decent boy in fact fully traditional type and he never disobey his family that’s why he is pampered a lot works with his bade papa in maheshwari company.

Laksh maheshwari (22 yrs): son of DP nd AP, a modern guy who’s loves partying and enjoying. studies in b. com. last year. he hate his bro bcz his father loves sanskar more than him.

Dp maheshwari : a businessman and loves his family, loves sanskar more than laksh bcoz he is responsible nd always wanted laksh to be like sanskar

Ap maheshwari : a very kind hearted women and loves everyone so much .

Rp maheshwari : brother of Dp, respect him lot nd proud of his son.

Sujatha maheshwari : a very good mother and she loves her son so much nd wants a traditional girl for him.

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