SwaSan – My Shinning Star (Part-3)

hey guys we r back nd as promised today u will get swasan scenes but sorry for posting late, now enjoy it nd by mistake i gave the link of part 2 in previous one so here i m giving both the links for 1&2




swaragini was getting ready in their room
swara was wearing white sleeveless top with 3/4 th capery, her hair tied into ponytail with cap on.

ragini was wearing green anarkali with fish tail

swara- offo ragini, u have again wear this, u shud try something different. we r going to enjoy just feel free.

ragini – no swara i m comfortable in this.

swara- no u have to listen to me today, i know u r wearing it for dadi but today u will what i will give or else i will not talk to u. (acting to be angry)

ragini- accha ok fine nobody can win from u, give me the dress

swara- rrally ok wait.
she gives her a dress nd tells to change
ragini comes after changing
she was wearing lemon green full sleeve top with dark blue jeans.

swara- wow ragini u looking awsm but one thing is left

ragini gave a confused look

swara- one min

swara makes her stand near mirror nd frees her hair.

swara- now perfect

ragini- ok now lets leave


sanskar was wearing blue t-shirt nd black. pants. looking so cute.

laksh was wearing white shirt and black jeans

in hall

Dp calls shekhar

Dp : shekhar r you guys ready ??actually i thought that we all will go together. what say ???

Shekhar : wow!!! It’s superb !!! i will be so much fun

Dp : ok then come here with everyone we’ll go together! !!

shekhar – ya ok we will be there with an hour.

After an hour
whole gf reaches mm

Dp have booked volvo bus for them.
everyone was ready with their luggage nd keeping it in bus.

Swara was struggling with her luggage as it was heavy.

Laksh : uff!!! Swara come I’ll help you!!

Swara (attitude) thanks but i can manage
she leaves

laksh was smiling standing there – uff i love her attitude

he turned nd collided with ragini due to which all her belongings fell down

laksh was dumbstruck to see ragini.
ragini felt shy.

laksh- wohh is this u ragini, i must say u r looking good.

ragini was on cloud9 – thanks

laksh saw ragini strrugling with her luggage

laksh( sighs) – let me help as u always need me for help

Ragini : thanks laksh !!

Ragini was lost in his thoughts

Swara was going toward the bus and she was about to stumble due to heavey luaggage but at nic of time sanskar comes there and save her from falling

they have chotu sa eyelock

Sanskar : be carefull swara !!! What if something happened to you .come I’ll help you ok!!

Swara : ok !!

he lifts her luggage

sanskar – swara we r going their for somedays not to live their permanently.

swara- i also know it why r u telling me

sanskar- but ur luggage isn’t telling that, have u packed ur whole house in it. it’s so heavy

swara- what r u making my fun.

sanskar – samajhdaar ko ishara kafi h

swara- oh hello what u think of urself, leave it i will carry on my own

sanskar – arrey arrey relax i was joking.

swara- apologize

sanskar – ok fine i m sorry, now happy

swara- that’s better

after sometime all gets settled in the bus

laksh come and was about to sit with swara but dp calls him for some work nd he angrily left cursing Dp under his breath

that time sanskar came and sit with swara

swara made faces seeing him whereas he laughed looking at her antics

laksh comes there nd was in full rage seeing sanskar with swara, he was going to him but dp stoped him saying

dp- laksh what r u looking for settle fast we have to leave.

laksh sits with ragini as no other seat was empty.

journey started

sanskar – hey

swara… no respond

sanskar – what happened what did i do

swara…. still not responding

sanskar – arrey telllll……
Before sanskar could complete swara puts chocolate in his mouth

swara- eat this nd be quiet don’t disturb me.

sanskar – buttt…..

swara glares him nd signals him to be quiet sanskar nodes innocently like a child

swara smiles seeing him

sanskar – hey you smiled

swara-nope i didn’t

sanskar – no i saw

swara- do u want me to seal ur mouth, just be quiet

Swara gets busy in listening songs nd sanskar in admiring her.

Suddenly driver applies brake due to speed braker nd with a jerk swara was about to fall but Sanskar holds her?

they have a cute eyelock

Swara realize her position and moved away

Swara – thanks

Sanskar – mention not
he was continously smiling nd looking at her

swara- stop smiling

sanskar – why its my wish. if u have problem then close ur eyes

she turns her face nd again gets busy in listening music
(murmurs) akkdu

he listens

sanskar- did u said something

swara-did u listened something

he nodes in no

swara- then stop hallucinating

all this was noticed by laksh – i shud be there instead of sanskar but he always takes my place

Finally after sometimes they comes to farm house

it was evening so all goes to their rooms for freshning up
swasanraglak rooms were on first floor but swasan rooms were on one side nd raglak otherside nd in b/w the passage of stairs. swasan room were face to face.

after freshning up all were coming out for dinner.
swasan came out of their rooms at sametime nd collided with eachother.

as a result both fall down with swara on top of sanskar and and and she accidentally kisses him on cheeks.

swara eyes widened with shock nd sanskar was surprised

just then laksh comes there nd shocks to see them

he made a sound to divert their attention

swara hurriedly gets up nd runs down.
sanskar composes himself nd was about to leave but laksh stopped him

laksh- what was that

sanskar – what

laksh- u know about what i m talking. i m saying this for first nd last time stay away from swara. she is mine.

sanskar – shut up, she is not that type of girl whom u date. don’t think about her like that, or else i will not take a minute to tell this to badepapa

he leaves.
laksh in anger bangs his hand on wall due to which it started to bleed.
ragini comes their

ragini-laksh what r u doing here…
she stops seeing his hand bleeding

ragini-laksh what is this, come with me i will bandage it

laksh jerks her hand but ragini again holds nd take him with her to do bandage
(guys i don’t want to drag their scene)

laksh comes down nd sees sanskar sitting with swara.

he sit beside sanskar nd glares him nd sanskar glares back.

all were having dinner while our sanskar’s full focus was on swara.
suddenly sanskar choked nd start coughing badly.

swara immediately made him drink water nd rubbed her back.
she scolded him

swara- can’t u eat properly. where were u lost. if something wid have happened

sanskar smiles whereas swara realizes all were looking at her confused. she felt embarrassed.
swara- wo i mean u shud eat properly.

she tried to sound normal nd again started having her food to divert the topic. all became normal.

sanskar laughed at her nd she glared him.

laksh couldn’t take it nd leaves from there

laksh- i m done


precap- swasan moments nd a glimpse of twist

guys a twist is on the way don’t worry u will enjoy it
BTW how was today’s part, hope u liked it
tell us through ur comments

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