SwaSan – My Shinning Star (Part-1 )


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GF enters

Swara was wearing black gown with open back which was perfectly fitting her body, with open straight hairs, she had done light makeup nd red lips she was looking stunning.

Ragini was wearing a baby pink ankle lenght anarkali suit with pearl work on it, she had made a side bun. she was looking damm pretty.

swara – wow !!! ragini it’s so cool I’m so excited?

ragini- swara control urself all r watching u

swara – arrey leave it lets go inside?

they leaves

other side MF family enters

Sanskar was wearing white shirt, white pant with light blue colour coat. he was having that killer smile on his face.

laksh was wearing black shirt with black pant nd grey coat he was looking dashing

lakah- mom why have u brought me here i was enjoying with my frnds??

AP- laksh just be quiet or ur dad will listen?

they enders inside while laksh was making faces

swaragini were standing at a corner having juice whereas swara was getting boared

swara – ragini its so boaring yaar?? i thought it wud be so fun ?? but look here ??

Ragini – u r right swara these business parties r so boaring

swara – accha wait i just come

she leaves

on the way she dashes with a guy nd was abt to fall but that guy saves her.

the guy was lost in her eyes while swara was just strrugling to get out of his grip

swara- hey you leave me?

the guy was just lost in her beauty he was not in his senses

swara pinches him to bring back to his senses

the guy comes back to his senses nd makes her stand

man- i m sorry did u get hurt?

swara(not interested) – no i m alright?

she starts to leave

but he stops him

guy – hey BTW I’m lucky?
( what u guys thought it wud be sanskar ??)

Swara – hello ( not interested look)
she leaves frm there

Laksh thinks – wow!!! What a beauty ?

shekhar nd sumi were talking to mr. khanna

shekhar-mr khana how r u

mr. khana- i m fine nd hope u r enjoying the party

shekar- ya its wonderfull !!!

Mr. Khanna – Mr. Shekar come with me I will introduce you to my new business partner

Shekar – sure !!!

Shekar leaves with mr. Khanna

they move towards a man who was standing with his back facing towards them

Mr . Khanna – Mr. DP

the man towards them

Dp – yes mr. khanna
then he looks towards shekhar
Dp- shekhar?

Shekhar – durga ?

they hugged each other

Dp : after long time man how r u???

Shekar – yup !!! After so long time I’m fine what about you

Dp – i m too fine

mr. khanna- u both know eachother

shekhar- we were best buddies in college

Dp- but unfortunately i have to leave city due to some personal reasons nd then we lost contact with eachother

Shekhar- yes nd now we r meeting after so long

Dp- come i will introduce u with my family

Shekhar – sure

Dp come with shekar to his family

Dp – you already know na about my bro ram
Rp- hello

Shekhar – hello
they hugged eachother

Dp- meet my wife ap

Ap- ji namaste

Shekhar- namaste

Dp- and she’s my bro’s wife sujjata



Dp- and she’s uttara ram’s daughter
(sorry guys hum uttara ka intro dena bhool gye the
Uttara- younger sister of sanskar, naughty bubbly girl)

Dp – he’s shekhar my best friend

Shekar – it’s so good to meet you all

Dp- Ap where is sanskar nd laksh

Uttara- badepapa i will see
she leaves frm there

Shekar – let me call my family

shekhar calls shomi nd tells her to come with swaragini

Sumi – ragu where is swara ???

Ragini – she was here few minutes ago !!!

Sumi – this girl na ok let’s go and find her papa is waiting for us

Other Side

Swara was passing by stairs
there she notice a little girl who was playing with her toys was about fall from stairs
she ran towards her
she catch her before falling but then she notice two more hands holding the girl in order to protect her
she looks above nd found a guy holding the girl
the guy also look towards her nd there eyes met
swara brokes the eyelock
swara(making the girl stand) – beta r u alright, you didn’t got hurt na

girl- no i m fine didi

guy – r u sure

Swara : she’s alright. But you shouldn’t have left her ! What if she got hurt ???

guy : what??? ?what are you saying??? Not me you should have been more careful and look at her she got scared also

Swara : oh !!! What ??? ? excuse me ! You are her dad so obviously I’ll tell this to you

guy : what dad !!!??

swara keeps on shouting at him nd he tries to explain his situation at last the girl shouts

Girl : enough!!! did he’s not my dad my mom dad r there

swara was shocked nd was awkwardly looking at him

swara- sorry

guy- its ok

girl – didi!!! bhaiya !!! Come here

both bends down to her level

That girl kiss their cheeks

Girl – thank you so much for saving me

Now they both were about to kiss her but suddenly she went to her mom. they both were about to kiss eachother but then realizes their position nd moves away

they were feeling shy to look at eachother

guy(forwardind his hand) – hi i m sanskar

swara-swara (shaking hands)

sanskar- nice to meet u

swara- same here, i shud leave now

sanskar – sure

swara leaves frm there

sanskar was lost in her thoughts which were interrupted by uttara

uttara- bhai where r u lost

sanskar- nothing, u tell what r u doing here

uttara- vo bade papa is calling u

sanskar- ok chal

they leave

otherside sumi nd rags find swara

Sumi – shona what are doing here come with me ?

Swara – ufff !!! Mumma what i will do in this stupid boring party?

Sumi – now come with me dad has called us .come let’s go

Sumi ,ragini and swara went to shekar where dp and all were present

Shekar – dp here they come .meet my wife sharmishtha and my daughters swara and ragini

Swaragini take blessing from elders

Ap – such a lovely daughter shekar ji .both are so beautiful ?

Sujatha – haa jijii

sujju(murmurring) – jiju ragini is so beautiful but look at this swara she has no shame look at her clothes

AP- sujjata be quiet

just then sanlakuttu also comes there

Swasan saw each others and smile

shekhar- u all youngsters enjoy the party, we will come

all the elders leave from there
there was silence there

sanlak was looking at swara, ragini was looking at laksh but our princess swara was busy in her phone??

uttara breaks the silence

Uttara – hi !! I’m uttara

Ragini – namasthe !!!

Swara shake hands with her

Swara – hey hi !! I’m swara

Laksh – hey beautiful

Swara gave him a fake smile

swara notices ragini looking at laksh

Swara(pokes at her stomach) – ragini?

ragini- ha swara

swara(teasingly) – in whose dream u r

ragini-swara shut up, i just come i have an important call to make
she leaves

ragini came out to make a call

there were two guys who were fully drunk nd out of their senses, they were looking towards ragini in bad way
ragini saw them nd was scared so she started to leave from there but those guys block her way

guy 1- hello pretty lady

guy 2- where r u going

Ragini – plz leave me
she tried to leave but one of them hold her hand

guy 1- ok I’ll leave you but after sometime let me enjoy

That guy was about to touch her face but suddenly stopped him by holding his hands
ragini was happy to see laksh there

guy 2-who u r get lost frm here

laksh punced him hard. he beat those guys brutally

Laksh – get lost !!! Don’t even try to cross your limits ok
guys ran away

Laksh to ragini

Laksh – are you ok ???

Suddenly ragini hug him nd start crying

Laksh – hey !!! Just relax and chill now you’re safe ok.

Ragini break the hug and was staring at him.

Laksh – hello !!! Are you ok !!!

Ragini – yeah !!! And thanks thank you so much !!!

Laksh – hmmm…ok let’s go now

laksh was abt to leave but ragini stop him by holding his hand

laksh looks towards her nd then at his hand, ragini realizes what she has done nd leaves his hand

ragini- wo i was saying ki don’t tell abt this to anyone or they will be worried
laksh nodes nd they leaves

Here swara was waiting for ragini then she sees her coming with laksh

Swara – ragini where were u why have u taken so much time ???

Ragini – sorry swara actually I’m not feeling well so that’s why i went and now I’m ok

Swara – r u sure

ragini – ya i m fine

all elders come there

Shekhar – Dp we will leave now, we will meet again soon

Dp- ya sure

they all bid bye to eachother nd leaves frm there

precap- family picnic

so here we r ending this part hope u like it
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