Swasan – She’s Not For Me CHAPTER 2


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Swalak discuss about their anniversary… Sanskaar’s intro

As Swara walked to the market with Sanskaar, She couldn’t help but think of how he was the dearest man she knew.
He was a horrible flirt (she’d seen him in action, and even she had to admit that otherwise intelligent women lost all measure of sense when he chose to be charming), and he certainly didn’t approach his life with the gravity that she and Sanskaar would have liked him to, but even with all that, she couldn’t help but love him.
He was Laksh’s brother but more than that, his best friend and his closest confidante, until Laksh had met her, Ofcourse. Soon, Sanskaar had become one of her closest friends as well, which surprised her.
Who would have thought she’d have counted a man as one of her closest friends? She was not uncomfortable around men; two brothers tended to wring the delicacy out of even the most femi­nine of creatures.
With Adarsh, Sahil and Ragini as siblings, The Gadodia Parivaar was always boisterous and rambunctious. And Swara loved them. Her parents, her brothers, her Parineeta bhabhi and Ragini. She loved them all.
But, Where the rest of her family was outgoing, she was… not shy, precisely, but a bit more reserved, more careful with her words. She’d developed a reputation for irony and wit, and she had to admit, she could rarely resist the opportunity to needle her siblings with a dry remark.
It was the way of her family. They laughed, they teased, they bickered. Swara’s contributions to the din were simply a touch quieter than the rest, a bit more sly and subversive.
She often wondered if part of her attraction to Laksh had been the simple fact that he removed her from the chaos that was so often the Gadodia household. Not that she didn’t love him; she did. She adored him with every last breath in her body. He was her kindred spirit, so like her in so many ways. But it had, in a strange sort of fashion, been a relief to exit her mother’s home, to es­cape to a more serene existence with Laksh, whose sense of humor was precisely like hers.
He understood her, he anticipated her.
He completed her.

It had been the oddest sensation when she’d met him, almost as if she were a jagged puzzle piece finally finding its mate. Their first meeting hadn’t been one of over­whelming love or passion, but rather filled with the most bizarre sense that she’d finally found the one person with whom she could completely be herself.
It had been instant. It had been sudden. She couldn’t remember just what it was he’d said to her, but from the moment words first left his lips, she had felt at home.
And with him had come Sanskaar, his cousin—although truth be told, the two men were much more like brothers. They’d been raised together, and they were so close in age that they’d shared everything.
Well, not everything.
Laksh had inherited the Maheshwari Empire while Sanskaar was just his cousin. But while the society treated them differently, Swara had heard that the family had always loved them in equal measure.
Maybe that was why Sanskaar was always happy and carefree. Without any malice for his brother.
Sanskaar was the older brother. Yet he didn’t begrudge his younger cousin his good luck. He didn’t envy him. It was amazing to her.

That was the main reason she loved him. Sanskaar would surely scoff if she tried to praise him for it, and she was quite certain that he would point to his many crimes and other amorous activities to prove that his soul was black and he was a scoundrel through and through—but the truth of the mat­ter was that Sanskaar Maheshwari possessed a generosity of spirit and a capability for love that was unmatched among men.
And if she didn’t find a wife for him soon, she was go­ing to go mad.
Swara (abruptly) : Sanskaar! What is wrong with Ragini?
Sanskaar (a touch of irritation, but mostly amused) : Swara! I am not going to marry your sister!
Swara : I never said you had to marry her.
Sanskaar : You didn’t have to. I could read it on your face.
Swara : But…. But you weren’t even looking at me.
Sanskaar (defensively) : Of course I was. And even if I had not… I know you Swara!
He was right, and it scared her. Sometimes she worried that he understood her as well as Laksh did.
Swara : You… My dear man, need a wife.
Sanskaar : For God’s sake, Aren’t you ever going to leave that topic alone?
Swara : Until you get one, I’m not!
Sanskaar (beleagured) : Of course!
She laughed. He could always make her laugh.
Sanskaar : My brother told you to not bring this topic again. Aren’t wives supposed to follow their husbands’ wishes?
Swara (scornfully) : You want a wife who will accede to your every wish? If I found such a wife for you, It would be a great disaster.

He turned and gazed down at her with a vaguely pater­nalistic expression. Swara sighed inwardly. Sanskaar might be irresponsible and carefree, but when he looked at a person like that, He might have well been the president of India.
Sanskaar : As the CEO of Maheshwari Industries’s wife, You may have many responsibilities and duties.. But they do not include finding me a wife.
Swara : Well, They should.
He laughed, which delighted her. She could always make him laugh.
Swara : Fine… I’m giving up for now! But don’t you think I’ve forgotten about this.
Sanskaar (dramatically) : Don’t worry, My dear! I will strive to remember the fate you’ve got in store for me.
They chuckled and strolled along the Market road. Soon they were done with the shopping.
Sanskaar (gallantly) : Shall I carry the bags for you, My dear?
Swara : Of Course, Dear Man!
They began walking back.

Swara : See? You would make an excellent husband! You are kind, considerate….
Sanskaar (in a slight warning tone) : Swara! That’s enough.
Swara (ignoring him) : You’re also the perfect son, the best brother and most of all, a wonderful person. Any girl would be lucky to have you.
Sanskaar glanced at her sideways but said nothing.
Swara (softly) : I know you think of yourself as some sort of loafer but the truth is thet you’re perfect Sanskaar! We just have to find some sort of career for you.
She impulsively squeezed his arm. He turned and looked at her, his hazel eyes catching hers with an intensity she knew he didn’t often allow to rise to the face.
And then it was gone, and he was himself again, except she suspected that Sanskaar Maheshwari wasn’t at all the man he wished people to believe him to be.
Even, sometimes, her.
Sanskaar : We should probably go home! It is cold outside and if you get sick, Laksh will kill me. (teasing glint) Who can stand an ill Swara?
Swara : Well, I am going to be very magnaminous and not take offense. But, I’m sure you know that Laksh would blame me for my foolishness. So you don’t have to worry. You just want to go early so that you can go on another date probably.
He turned to her and grinned. It was wicked and dev­ilish, and she understood why the female half, fancied themselves in love with him, even with no fortune to his name.

Swara : Well, You can enjoy your date as soon as you drop me.
Sanskaar : Ofcourse Swara!
Swara : I think I’m the only girl invulnerable to your charms.
Sanskaar : Is that so?
Swara smiled at the laughter in his voice.
Swara : Yes. I love your brother. Laksh will never have any reason to be worried.
She thought he might not reply, but when he did, his voice was grave and serious.
Sanskaar : I know.
She was walking looking ahead, but at his voice, she had to look at him.
Sanskaar : You’re the only woman I know who would never stray. I admire you so much for that.
He put an arm around her.
Swara (whispering) : I love Laksh!
Sanskaar : I know!

He looked so handsome in the moonlight, and so un-bearably in need of love, that her heart nearly broke. Surely there was no woman who could resist him, not with that perfect face and tall, muscular body. And any­one who took the time to explore what was underneath would come to know him as she did—as a kindhearted man, loyal and true.
With a hint of the devil, of course, but Swara sup­posed that was what would attract the ladies in the first place.
Sanskaar : Shall we continue?
Swara nodded and they continued down the road.
Swara : It feels so nice to be out. I’ve felt cooped up at home ever since returning from Mumbai yesterday.
Sanskaar : I’m happy to have helped.
She smiled and they entered the gates of Maheshwari Mansion.

Swara : It will feel so nice when Ma and Chachi come back. Sanskaar, Wil you come in for another drink? Or dinner?
Sanskaar : I think not! I do have to go outside. But if Laksh is still there, I wanted to talk to him.
Swara nodded.
Swara : I’ll go see if he’s there or not. Oh! Gopal bhaiya! Has Laksh left yet?
Gopal : Madame ji! I think Saab is still sleeping!
Swara (frowning) : Still? Maybe he’s worn out. I’ll go check. Thank you Gopal Bhaiyya!
She nodded her leave at Sanskaar and hurried up the stairs, leaving Sanskaar with nothing to do but hum under his breath as he idly paced along hall.

And then she screamed.
Sanskaar had no recollection of running up the stairs, but somehow there he was, in Laksh’s and Swara’s bed­room, the one room in the house he never invaded.
Sanskaar (panicked) : Swara! What’s wrong?
She was sitting next to the bed, clutching Laksh’s fore­arm, which was dangling over the side.
Swara (sobbing) : Sanskaar! Wake him up! Wake him up, Please…
Sanskaar felt his world slip away. The bed was across the room, a good twelve feet away, but he knew.
No one knew Laksh as well as he did. No one.
And Laksh wasn’t there in the room. He was gone. What was on the bed—
It wasn’t Laksh.

Sanskaar (moving slowly towards her though his limbs felt sluggish) : Swara! He…
And all he could do was stand there as she beat her fists against his chest, stand there as she grabbed his shirt collar and shook and yanked until he was gasping for breath. He couldn’t even embrace her, couldn’t offer her comfort, because he was every bit as devastated and confused.
And then suddenly the fire left her, and she collapsed in his arms, her tears soaking his shirt.
And she looked broken.
Swara : Laksh…. He had a…… headache. Just a headache.
She fell down on the floor and though Sanskaar knew he should stay and comfort her, he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

His brother was dead and all he could think of was
He didn’t even have the strength to stand, and together the two of them sank to the carpet, leaning against the side of the bed.
He stared sightlessly at the far wall, wondering why he wasn’t crying. He was numb, and his body felt heavy, and he couldn’t shake the feeling that his very soul had been ripped from his body.
Not Laksh.
And as he sat there, dimly aware of the servants gath­ering just outside the open door, it occurred to him that Swara was whimpering those very same words.
Swara : Not Laksh…. Why…. Why?
Well, It’s me! Sorry for making you all wonder so much…
I started this story because I may not be able to upload MMAI until after 2 weeks. I’m so sorry for that. I’ll do my best to upload soon. Till then, I’ll be uploading this story as often as I can!
Please do tell me how this story is 🙂 🙂

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