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Swara takes care of Sanskaar
Swara couldn’t believe Sanskaar was talking about his “bimbos” to her.
Swara (sharply) : I don’t want to listen to your amorous exploits.
Sanskaar (acting surprised) : That’s really funny. You used to love hearing about Mira and Jenny and Saanchi…
Swara : Stop! That was before…
Sanskaar (softly) : Before what?
Swara (equally soft) : Before this… Before everything.
Sanskaar : I really don’t understand what you mean, but don’t worry. Your mother won’t find anything suspicious in this visit of hers.
Swara : You’re ill Sanskaar!
Sanskaar : I am much better now. I’m sure I can dress up and meet your mother. (seeing Swara’s disbelieving look, he rolled his eyes) I mean it. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to change.
Swara stood rooted in her spot. Sanskaar smiled wickedly.
Sanskaar : Do you want to stay and watch me? You might swoon at the sight of my male prowess.
She fled.
Which puzzled him. The Swara he knew didn’t flee anything.
Nor, for that matter, would she have departed without at least making an attempt to get the last word.
Sharmishta never did visit Maheshwari Mansion. Adarsh, Sahil and their families had come to visit and Mishti was busy fawning over her grandchildren and her future grand child.
Then, later that evening, Annapurna and Sujata arrived in London, assuaging Mishti’s concerns about Swara and Sanskaar and their lack of a chaperone.
The mothers—as Swara and Sanskaar had long since taken to calling them—were thrilled at Sanskaar’s unexpected appearance, although one look at his sickly features propelled both of them into maternal heights of concern that had forced Sanskaar to take Swara aside and beg her not to leave him alone with either of the two ladies. In truth, the timing of their arrival was rather for­tunate, as Sanskaar had a comparatively healthy day in their presence before being struck by another fever.
The mothers were glad to keep the illness a secret. Else, Their hansome baccha might not get a fitting bride. And it was their ultimate mission to see his Mangalsutra and sindoor on a woman by this year.
Swara was actually relieved to sit back and listen to the mothers harangue him about getting married. At least it took their attention off of her. She had no idea how they would react to her own marital plans—she rather imag­ined they would be happy for her—but the last thing she wanted was two more matchmaking mothers attempting to pair her up with every poor pathetic bachelor she had the misfortune to meet.
Good heavens, she had enough to put up with, with her own mother, who was surely not going to be able to resist the temptation to meddle once Swara made clear her desire to find a husband this year.
And so Swara moved back to Maheshwari Mansion, and the entire household turned itself into a little co­coon, with Sanskaar declining all invitations with the prom­ise that he would be out and about once he settled in from his long journey. The three ladies did occasionally go out in society, and although Swara had expected questions about the new CEO, even she was unprepared for the vol­ume and frequency.
Everyone, it seemed, was mad for the Charming Casanova, es­pecially now that he’d shrouded himself with mystery.
Oh, and inherited an industry. Mustn’t forget that. Or the fortune that went with it.
Swara shook her head as she thought about it. Truly Julia Quinn herself couldn’t have devised a more perfect hero. It was going to be a madhouse once he was recovered.
And then, suddenly, he was.
It probably wasn’t that big a deal… He had been getting better and better, but one day he was resting in bed and the next, he was down for breakfast, looking all hale and hearty.
Swara : You look great.
Sanskaar (happily) : The medicine worked. I would happily take a spoonful of it everyday IF it didn’t taste blo*dy foul.
Sujata (chiding) : Language!
Sanskaar : Mom! Did you taste the medicine?
Sujata (shuddering) : Of course not! It smells atrocious.
Sanskaar (sweetly) : Taste it, and then we’ll see how your language compares.
Swara chuckled under her napkin.
Annapurna : I tasted it.
All eyes turned to her.
Swara : You did?
Even she hadn’t been so daring. The smell alone had been enough for her to keep the bottle firmly closed at all times.
Annapurna : Yes! I did. It’s awful.
Her heartfelt shudder brought another bout of chuckles.
Swara : You took the medicine as it is? Weren’t you supposed to mix it in water?
Annapurna : I mixed it in some gin.
Sujata : Gin? Why gin? If you had to taste the stuff, Shouldn’t you have taken a nice wine or maybe champagne?
Sanskaar (shaking his head) : Why would you want to spoil the amazing taste of wine?
Swara : I don’t know what surprises me. The fact that Ma tasted the medicine or the fact that we are discussing spirits and no one seems to care.
Everyone laughed.
Sujata : This is a very strange conversation, especially for breakfast.
Annapurna : I agree. (smiling at Sanskaar) Beta! It’s really good to see you so healthy and about.
He inclined his head, thanking her for the compliment. She dabbed the corners of her mouth daintily with her napkin and smiled triumphantly.
Annapurna : Now, You can take charge of all the responsibilities.
Sanskaar groaned.
Annapurna : Come on. Don’t be like that. I merely wanted to tell you about getting a new wardrobe and accept social invitations. Go visit some shops and get new evening wear, new coats, new sherwanis and tuxedos. Get everything.
Sanskaar (putting on a thinking face) : Let’s see. This morning at 10, I have a meeting with the investors about the new Bangalore project, then a lunch meeting with my correspondent in France, at 4 in the evening, a press conference and at 7, a meeting with the Maheshwari estate lawyers. When am I supposed to squeeze in time for clothes?
The three ladies were speechless.
Swara (finally finding her voice) : When on Earth did you make these appointments?
Sanskaar : Do you think I spent 8 days doing nothing in my bed?
In truth she didn’t know what she’d thought he’d been doing. Reading, she supposed. That’s what she would have done.
When no one said anything further, Sanskaar pushed back his chair.
Sanskaar : Excuse me, but I have to leave now.
But he’d not even risen from his seat before Sujata spoke quietly
Sujata : Sanskaar? The clothes?
He froze.
She smiled at him sweetly.
Sujata : Tomorrow would be per­fectly acceptable.“
Swara rather thought she heard his teeth grind. Annapurna just tilted her head ever so slightly to the side.
Annapurna : You need new suits. Surely you’re planning to attend Mishti’s birthday bash?
Swara quickly forked a bite of eggs into her mouth so that he wouldn’t catch her grinning. Ma was devious in the extreme. Her mother’s birthday party was the one event that Sanskaar would feel positively obligated to at­tend. Anything else he could shrug off without a care.
But his Mishti aunty?
Swara didn’t think so. Sanskaar sighed in defeat.
Sanskaar : When is it?
Swara : In 3 days, March 28th. Everyone will be there.
Sanskaar : Everyone?
Swara : The entire Gadodia parivaar.
Sanskaar brightened. The Gadodias were wonderful people.
Swara (sweetly) : Plus everyone else.
Sanskaar : What does that mean?
Swara (smirking) : Everyone. Every single acquaintance, every single businessman, Adarsh’s colleagues, Sahil’s clients, Ma’s society friends. EVERYONE.
Sanskaar (groaning) : And I can’t escape?
Sujata : You have managed to escape. For 4 years, in fact, plus your bout of dengue.
Sanskaar : I should never have looked forward to being healthy again.
Annapurna (patting him on the back) : Don’t worry beta! It won’t be as bad as you think it is. You will have a fine time, I’m sure.
Sujata (happily) : And perhaps meet a lovely lady.
Sanskaar (nodding) : Ah! My purpose in life, Is it not?
He sounded so sarcastic that the three women had to laugh.
Swara : It’s not such a bad purpose.
Sanskaar swung his face around to face her.
Sanskaar (drawling) : Really?
His eyes settled on hers with startling accuracy, leaving Swara with the extremely unpleasant sensa­tion that perhaps she shouldn’t have provoked him.
Swara : Umm… Yes?
Sanskaar (politely) : And what is your purpose in life, Dear dear Swara?
Out of the corner of her eye, Swara could see Ma and Chachi watching the exchange with uncon­cealed curiosity.
Swara (lightly) : Right now, It’s breakfast. It is very satisfying.
Sanskaar (raising an eyebrow) : Parathas with a side dish of meddling mothers?
Swara : And me, Of course. Don’t forget me.
Swara kicked herself under the table as soon as the words left her lips. Everything about his stance screamed not to provoke him, but she just couldn’t help it.
There was little in this world she enjoyed more than provoking Sanskaar Maheshwari, and moments like this were simply too delicious to resist.
Sanskaar : What are your other purposes?
Swara : I guess, my mother’s birthday bash.
Sanskaar : What do you plan to do there?
Swara : Wish her, Of course.
Sanskaar (pressing on) : That’s all?
Swara (seemingly confused) : What else do you expect me to do?
All three ladies turned to Sanskaar with identical expec­tant expressions. It was his turn to speak, after all.
Sanskaar (getting up) : I’m leaving.
Swara opened her mouth to say something provok­ing, since it was always her first inclination to tease him when he was in such a state, but she found herself without words.
Sanskaar had changed.
It wasn’t that he’d been irresponsible before. It was just that he’d been without responsibilities. And it hadn’t re­ally occurred to her how well he might rise to the occa­sion once he returned.
She quietly wiped her hands and followed him out. He was wearing his coat. She placed a hand on his shoulder and he turned.
Swara (softly) : Good luck for all your ventures.
His eyes caught hers, and something flashed there. A hint of appreciation, maybe of gratitude.
Or maybe it was nothing so precise. Maybe it was just a wordless moment of understanding.
The sort she’d had with Laksh.
Swara swallowed, uncomfortable with this sudden realization. She reached for her tea with a slow and delib­erate movement, as if her control over her body might ex­tend to her mind as well.
What had just happened?
He was just Sanskaar, wasn’t he?
Just her friend, just her longtime confidant.
Wasn’t that all?
Wasn’t it?
PRECAP : Mishti’s birthday
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