Swasan – shadi karke phas gaya (part-1)


Part -1
All maheshwary family leaves swara to Sanskar room .She shyly enter into room and sat on bed ,full bed covered with red and pink rose flower and with jasmine flower set as curtain on bed ???.
Swara POV
I’m too nervous what if he kiss me ?? no no if he kiss me I become pregnant and what all say I do all in first night.
What should I do now and what talk I do with him ?? .
Swara POV ends
Other side
All r teasing sanskar
Lucky – oye hoye bhai what ur plan today ??
Adarsh- no way its already 5:30am so Jo bhi yoga @night hoga??
Sanskar just blushing listening to their talks his harmons now activated he wants to meet his love (love at first sight or we can say photo vala love ??)
Lucky- ohkk yrrr now go and enjoy ???
Finally sanskar come into room with the door movement swara become more nervous and feels shy with nervousness she wide her eyes .Her big eyes look more more big Sanskar awestruck to see beauty ???? he locked door and come toward ssanskar????
he flower curtains to see clear face of his love .
Sanskar forward his hand for handshake and says – hii I’m sanskar
Swara also do handshake with shake hand and say – s.s.swara (she says soo smoothly that sanskar wants to listen one more time )
Sanskar come and sit near swara .His eyes fall on her pout lips which he wants to suck .His inner feel wants he remove her lipstick by his lips .
Swara – I want to change to my clothes can I (she says in soo slow voice that sanskar come close to listen her words )
His closeness make her nervous she Dont want kiss ?? so she immediately takes back but still she is on sitting position with her this movement sanskar lost his balance and his face dug into her br*ast ?? because of nervousness her br*ast rise and fall this act clearly feel by sanskar .This makes him hard he closed his eye and opens his mouth for bite her nipples over blouse before this swara jerks his face ???
Swara- (slowly ) I think u wants to sleep then sleep on bed properly ??
Sanskar – no I Dont want sleep
Swara – but u yawing naa ????
Sanskar- noughty girl ?? nice joke
But there talk disturbed by door knocking
Sanskar – wth??? who distrub us this time ??
Sujata- chora its me Dont angry come for pooja soon and haan remaining work at night ?? abb chalo within 30 mins both come in pooja house
Sanskar- huhhh????????
After 30 mins both goes to pooja hall .
Swara do aarti and make sweet everyone praised her
After then muh dekhayi rasam starts each and everyone praise swara beauty which increase temper of sanskar
Finally night come which sanskar wants ???? swara again nervous only thinking about kiss

Precap – sanskar come close to swara and remove her pallu swara slaps hard sanskar????


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