Swasan- Shaadi Ke Side Effects(shot-1)

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Shaadi Ke Side Effects

Shot -1

Let’s start

Sanskar Maheswari-a 26 years old ,Business man very famous known as SM ,but wants to live a simple life .So didn’t reveal his identity .No one knows he is SM .He belongs to a  Marwari family .He is married to the love of his life Swara Bose .

Swara bose/Sanskar Maheswari-a 24 years old girl very beautiful .She belong to Bengali family .She is happily married to Sanskar .She is also working woman

They both love each other but both belong to different castes.After convincing their parents they got married now they both live in Mumbai .This story depicts their nhok-jhoks and what are the things happening in their daily life

At Mumbai

Elite Apartments

At night

Swara  is shown cutting the vegetables that’s when sanskar enter the home

Sanskar:you came early today?

Swara:yes meeting was over quickly

Sanskar(handing over his lunch box):okay

Swara  (after getting it):you didn’t eat your lunch today?why?

Sanskar:actually there was our school friends reunion so had the lunch there itself and the lunch is very tasty

Swara(little angry):so you could have said it before right

Sanskar:sorry  I forget it

After some time

At dinning table:

Swara is serving food to sanskar  and  sanskar is shown talking in phone

Swara :sanskar

Sanskar (taking on the phone):hmm

Swara(showing sign languages):how is the food?

Sanskar(on phone):I’ll call you later

Sanskar:what swara?

Swara:how is the food sanskar?

Sanskar:you could have added some salt and why did you add vegetables to it?

Swara (is looking at him confusingly and asked):what?

Sanskar:my mother always make vermicelli khichdi like that only swara

Swara(got angry):this is pulav

Sanskar:is  it  pulav?

Sanskar (after tasting one spoon again):hmm yes .does taste like pulav only


Swara:in office, today,I  had a four hour presentation .didn’t get time to sit for even a minute.i got back home tired ,with an headache.i didn’t even have a coffee.why?i wanted to make sure dinner would be ready for you and hurried up to do the same .and look at you.one word,is there even a single word of appreciation?

Sanskar(to himself):started again

Swara:not just today,anyday .have you ever had anuthing good to say about my cooking?it’s always “my mother cooks better “,”my sister cooks better”,everytime always  comparasion only but not even a single compliment

You don’t need a wife who cooks for you with love .you need a servant who cooks for money

Saying this swara went to their room

Sanskar(to himself):now what did I say that she is making such a song and a dance?saying this he is eating that khichdi for him but pulav for her

Next morning:

The sun rays get into their room

Sanskar was turning and there was something stuck on his head like a paper..he gets up and goes to wasroom lazily before entering

Sanskar:swara coffee

After brushing his teeth .he saw his face in the mirror and got shocked as there was something stuck in his forehead .he took it and saw there it was written


At hall

Swara is seen working on the laptop and there comes our sanskar angrily

Sanskar:hey what is it swara?strike, is it?

Swara: better than cooking for you

Sanskar(interrupted her):might as well cook for the street dogs right?this what you are going to say right?

Swara:I didn’t say that .you told it

Sanskar(high pitch):look before I get angry you go and make some coffee for me.

Swara(with same pitch):one more time you speak in that hitler tone ,then I’ll slit your throat

Sanskar(liitle scared but not showing outside):haha .you thought I would get scared if you threaten me like this?keep all this threatening business to your Bengal itself.i’m survivor ,not dependant on you.do you want to see?today I’m going to cook for you too.better than your silly pulav that you made!!!

Saying this he went doing some funny steps towards the fridge he opened the fridge and got shocked that there is nothing inside the fridge it was so clean

Sanskar(to himself)blo*dy hell!!!there is nothing ,it seems that she have planned itand cleaned up everything!

Swara was  giving a attitude look to him

Then sanskar goes inside the kitchen and open the doors .first  rack was filled with cup and saucer.then he opened the second drawer it was cups and plates

Sanskar(to himself):oh! I don’t even know what is where?now what should I cook ?idea .youtube!!

Swara in her room with her teddy and talking to it,teddy-the man who doesn’t even where the kitchen is in his own house is going to cook today!.let’s see how long does this drama go on for,let’s see .saying this she laughs

Sanskar on the other hand is seen watching youtube from his i-pad

“How to make roti and dal “,the lady says some incredients for it

Sanskar goes to take this ,so he open the cupboard and saw boxes but he got shocked

Sanskar(to himself):dam,she has written everything in Bengali .now what is what I don’t know it

At that swara is coming outside surfing her phone

Sanskar:swara why have you written everything in Bengali

Swara:then write it in English if you can

Sanskar:now I need to make roti and dal

Swara:then write after you finish cooking?

Sanskar:today no athma can stop my cooking not even your durga ma .just look!

Swara(getting angry):haannnn


Sanskar is seen cooking omelette for him  in kitchen and swara is taking his video secretlybut when he sees she turns someother side

When omelette is finished he kept it in plate at that time there was a video call in his phone

Sanskar(to himself):aha.so now you will come only in video  calls?


Sanskar:ha mom?

Sujatha:sanskar what are you doing?

Sanskar:nothing ma saying he hides his plate but als it was too late

Sujatha(unbelievable look) :what you are going to eat omelette ?hey what happened see that Bengali girl made my son to eat egg also .so now what are the other things you are eating ?

Sanskar:mom it’s nothing like that .i have started it in college only.so pls stop this

Sujatha:okay throw it in the dustbin now itself if you love love!

Sanskar:mom !okay I’ll throw it

Sujatha:now in front of my eyes!

Sanskar:okay .now they made egg as vegetarian mom

Sujatha:Krishna ji pls forgive my son!!

Sanskar:enough?now hang up!you have problem with everything I do?

Swara  was standing at the back of him and she let out a sarcastic laugh and said hey durga ma and went away

Sanskar:these days if you order food they literallycome home and feed you!

Sanskar is calling in his phone to order some food  but no one is picking up the call .he gets irritated and gets up to have food in the restaurant

Swara is watching tv in the hall and sanskar comes out of the room talking in phone with his friend

Sanskar:hey aman today will join me in the lunch  man?

Swara suddenly changed the tv channel to news channel and kept it in a high volume ,sanskar gets irritated of it and sees the tv news  and saw that


This was a thunderstrom to him

Sanskar:that’s  why they didn’t pick up the call

Swara suddenly changes the tv channel and she sees  the chef sanjeev kapoor on tv  in his show “khana khazana”

Sanskar seing him got an idea and decided to call him as they met in some parties and bcame friends so he has his number

Before calling he kept some things in the table which are

1.water 2.garlic 3.pickle 4.bannana 5.chilli powder 6.tomato 7.sauce 8.ginger 9.oil

Sanskar(tohimself)I only know these names

Sanskar(on phone):hello chef

Sanjeev kapoor:hi sanskar tell me

Sanskar:sir tell me do you have any pen and paper nearby ?


Sanskar:a challenge for your talent sir!

Sanjeev”okay tell me

Sanskar:I’ll say some items you write these things sir,


Sanskar : 1.water 2.garlic 3.pickle 4.bannana 5.chilli powder 6.tomato 7.sauce 8.ginger 9.oil and there seems to be some peeled tree pieces in a bottle sir(he is saying cinnamon like that)

Sanskar:now with all these things tell me how to make something tasty for a hearty afternoon meal sir.what can I cook?

Sanjeev:you can cook anything but you can’t eat that

Sanskar:sir what sir,such a famous chef,you are saying like this!

Sanjeev:what,had a fight ?

Sanskar:yes sir

Sanjeev:has swara said that she won’t cook?

Sanskar:yes sir!

Sanjeev:hotel strike ,no food outside ,she has planned it well!

Sanskar(whined like a child ):haan

Sanjeev:where is swara now?

Sanskar:she is in the room sir

Sanjeev:so are you in the kitchen?

Sanskar:how did you guessed it correctly sir?

Sanjeev:anybody in the house else?

Sanskar:nobody else sir

Sanjeev(while laughing):is the main door locked?

Sanskar:yes sir

Sanjeev:go to the room where swara is?and then

Sanskar:and then

Sanjeev:just fall at her feet and say sorry!

Sanskar:that’s  only always happening sir okay bye

Saying this he cut the call

Sanskar is shown sitting in the room and thinking how to say sorry .after a lot of struggling he came out and saw swara sitting in the swing reading the newspaper

Sanskar also goes and sits down at the floor near swara ans starts reading the newspaper

Sanskar(to himself):looks like I have to give in always.this time let’s do something differently

Sanskar:swara where is your payal ?where are they ?lost?

Swara uniterestedly seeing him and again goes for reading before she could do sanskar snatched the paper

Sanskar:bingo here they are.you seems to have removed themin the shower and forgotten them there I kept them safely

Swara was showing her hand to give it to her

Sanskar:no no,I’m going to put it for you

Saying this he is making to wear the payal and rub her legs and say sorry honey

But before he could complete swara shows him another leg.she is hardly controlling her laughhe rubs her leg and says so beautiful ,so cute .she is getting laughing on his action

Sanskar starts to tickle in toes and she laughs wole heartedly

Sanskar(puppy face):sorry swara pls forgive me

Swara(still laughing ):aww my cutie pie it’s okay

Sanskar(smiles):thank you

Swara(strict voice):it doesn’t mean that you can say something about my food okay

Sanskar(salutes her):okay boss

After sometime sanskar was sitting in the swing and swara is in his lap and feeding him.

After that swara went to room

Sanskar:today’s drama is over .definitely need to write a book called

“the ways to make your wife forgive you easily”

Saying this he went to room where swara is arranging the bed

Sanskar back hug and nuzzles his face in neck

Swara:what  today you are in a good mood ?

Sanskar:mood is always there only,but you always start some new fight and spoil my mood

Swara:what do you mean I alays start the fight ?

Sanskar:no it’s not like what you think!

Swara:I got to what do you think about me?

Before swara could speak ,sanskar placed his lips on her and started kissing her

After some minutes when they are unable to breathe they left

Before swara could speak sanskar lift her in his arms and moved towards the bed saying .today’s quota of fight is over .tomorrow we’ll see

And from now onwards no speaking only actions sayng this he closed them under a bedsheet and started doing their work


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