SwaSan Series Shots- Mine..?? Yours (part 1) {by ridhima}

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Mine..?? Yours.

Today she was supposed to confess her feelings to him, she was about to shout that she love him like an insane, may be as much as he does if not more. She is Sorry for whatever she did and said to him but everything changed, just in few minutes.

She was about to save Durga Prasad Maheshwari from the evil plans of her sister, Ragini and her dadi, Parvati. She was about to prove that he didnt killed the person about whose murder they were accusing him, the person was alive.

But little did she knew that, his innocence will bring a storm in her life.

She brought the person in the mansion when Ragini was accusing Dp for the death along with her Dadi.
She thought now their drama will end soon but with the entry of a person, A new drama begins.

The person is revealed to be none other than Kavita, the girl whom her husband loved like anything, for whom he was ready to take revenge from his own family.

Ofcourse he said he loved her(Swara), confessed his love for her in front of everyone.

But will he still love her even after the entry of his first love?

He looked happy when she arrived.

The moment they hugged, she felt her whole world coming upside down.

She stumbled a little but still her eyes were on his man, thinking he will look at her once. But he didn’t.
In all this, he forgot to recognize her presence.

She was about to leave the mansion but Sujata stopped her and said she is the DIL of the house and she wont let her go anywhere. She unwantedly accepted her wish but will she be able to see him with another woman?

She was thinking all this keeping her head in the lap of Sujata.

Sujata was caressing her head while silent tears were flowing down her tears.

“Na chori ro mat. Mahra chora tujjse pyar kre hai. Aur tu hi uski bindni hai aur koi na.” Said Sujata caressing her hairs.

She nodded but still the feeling of insecurity was rising in her heart.
He didnt even once tried to check on her.. how can she keep the hope alive?

“Dont give up on him, Swara. Kavita is not what she pretend to be. I always doubted her intentions. Dont push my son and your husband in hell. Help him to come out. Pleaseeee..” Sujata pleaded in the end..

Her mind caught Sujata’s words.
‘She is not what she pretend to be.’

Her hopes in the heart rises and she smiled in teary eyes and nodded her head understandimg Sujata.
Sujata breathed in relief and now she know that Swara will not leave him and that Kavita.

She the made her lye properly on the bed and covered her with blankets and left the room kissing her forhead.
Her eyes filled up seeing Sujata loving and caring for her so much.

Now her mind was revolving around her words and she was battling what to belive or not?

‘Sanskar loved her like a insane, he must have known about her more, if he does and was still with her that means she is not wrong but Sanskar is naive to understand the people around him, isnt he? And he trusts the people whom he loved blindly.’ She thought.

He trusted her too but she was not able to trust him back and broke him.
Suddenly a feeling of guilt wash over heart making her eyes more wet.

She came back to her senses when someone knocked her door.

She checked the time and it was 11:00 p.m. Who could be at this time?
She thought.

Then removing the blanket, she made her way to the door and opened it only to see a smiling Kavita standing at her doorstep.

She smiled back her lightly.

Kavita hugged her tightly and thanked her.

“Thank you thank you thank you so much Swara. You dont know what you have given me. You have given my life, MY SANSKAR. Back to me… I will do anything for your favour.” She exclamied happily.

Her eyes filled up again listening her words, specially ‘My Sanskar’ from her mouth.

How much she wanted to scream on the top of her lungs that he is not her’s but mine? But is he really her’s.

She fighting back the tears in her eyes looked at the figure of Sanskar who was standing by the side of Kavita.

She wanted to know what he feels for her now..
The moment he looked in her eyes, the very moment Kavita pulled out of the hug and then her eyes widened on seeing Mangalsutra and Sindoor on her.

She happily asked that who is her husband? Why is she living here?

Hearing her question, she looked at him for the answers but he chose to stay quiet. Now what was she supposed to answer the lady?

Before she could answer her, he replied making both of them startled.

“She is my wife, Kavita.” He said looking at Swara.

‘MY WIFE’ sounded so magical from his mouth.

Kavita was the one who got shocked now. She stumbled but he held her.

Damn where were you when I was about to fall?  She questioned herself

But she knew that none can answer it as he was so busy with his first love.

“What does that mean? You moved on, Sanskar. You forgot me and married her. Why?” She questioned her eyes started to fill with the tears.

Then he told her the whole past story.

Why was she supposed to know something personal? Again a question made its way from her mind but she remain quite.

Hearing the whole truth, wait not whole, he skipped telling her that he loved her, her mouth turned into ‘O’ shape and she instantly hugged him.

Swara closed her eyes not wanting to see any intimacy between them.

“Swara..” she called out for her.

She opened her eyes and looked at her. Kavita was again smiling at her.

“Thank you, Swara. I know what he did with you was wrong but he did everything for me, for our love. I am glad you understood him and make him come back from the wrong path.” She said engulfing her into a hug again.

“I will make sure that you both get out of this unwanted relation soon.” She said and pulled away and left the place.

Yes, their relation was unwanted at first but now they made up a strong bond. Didnt they?

She looked at him with various questions in her eyes and he looked at her with a pain.
They had a painful eyelock.

She wanted him to say a word to her. Any word, atleast her name and she will readily break down in his arms.

But may be she expected much more?

He muttered a good night and left the place.

Just a Good Night. This night was anything but good?

She turned and entered the room and after closing the door sat down sliding the door.

Her silent cries turned into sobs and sobs into louder ones.

Why everytime her? When something good was suppose to happen in her life, why the hell situations become this much worse.
She cried, cried and cried but no one was there to console her.


Sanskar entered his room after leaving her room and bolted his door.

He went and stood near the window, gazing out at the empty sky.

The sky looked as empty as his life, no stars and the main moon was missing.

He didnt failed to read the questions in her eyes and the look on her face, but he was confused if he is thinking too much. This is not truth. May be it meant something different.

Struggling with his thoughts, all the events of today came running to his mind.

Swara missing, Ragini humiliating his family, Ragini blaming his Bp for murder, Swara bringing the person who was supposed to be dead back and the person was KAVITA..

5 years, 5 f**king years, he thought he lost her, she is dead and was living in the pain and was hating his family for it, came to take revenge on them, almost destroyed everyone’s life and when he moved on in his life. He started to live and love again. She came back.

First he was happy to see her back, after all she was his friend.

He happily hugged her forgetting everything then suddenly Swara’s thought striked his mind..

He felt happy as Kavita is back but he didnt felt any more feelings to it. It felt as if he never loved her. May be it was a mere stupid teenage crush whom he thought to be love.

But the feelings he had for Swara are different. Everywhere, everytime her thoughts invades his mind. It never happened when he was with Kavita.
Even when she died or was assumed, he didnt felt as he is at loss… he felt angry on dp for killing someone more than pain.

Was he ever in love with her?

Noooo.. his heart shouted.

He closed her eyes and Swara’s face came back running to his memories.. her hurt look and expectations in her eyes.

He know he loved her more than anything, even more than himself.

But a question arrises,

Does she loves him?
The answer is still unknown but a part of him says that yes she loves him as much as he does.

But she hurted him? She didnt trusted him?
‘The things you did to her before, do you think it was easy for her to trust you again. Anyone could have done the same and even you yourself.’ His conscience replied to which he agreed.

“I will never leave you, Swara. I will always love you. I dont know if you love me or not. But if you do I will make you mine and if you dont then I will be living happily with our memories. I need to tell Kavita everything. I cant keep her in false hopes.” He thought and left to her room.

He knocked the door twice before she opened the door lazily.

She smiled seeing him and he entered once she asked him.

“What happened, Sanskar? You look disturbed.” She asked worriedly.

To which he hesitantly told her his condition and love for Swara and also that they cant be together.

“No this is not possible. You just cant do this to me. Where will I go. I know you love me… it is jst your attraction towards Swara which you developed in few days. I know that you can never get over me. I know how much you love me and I LOVE YOU TOO..” she said all this in a trauma not been able to take up his words..

“Listen Kavita. 5 years is a long time. I didnt have a attraction towards Swara. It was towards you. I love her, really love her. I know it is hard for you but this is truth. You have to accept it later or now. I promise I will take care of your needs and will help you to settle down once. But please try to understand me. I dont want to keep you in dark. I love her not you.” He said trying his best making her understand.

“I need time to digest the things. Will you give me that?” She replied and asked still in the trauma.

“Take as much as time you want.” He replied.

And she hugged him and he hugged her back.

After few moments, they broke the hug and he left the room not before saying a good night to her.

But to his bad luck,

Swara came out of the room to fill up the water in the jug kept in her room.
And she heard her saying ‘I LOVE YOU TOO.’ to him..

She ran from there as fast as possible and after moments came back filling the jug came back and saw them hugging.

She left the place and came to her room hurridely and cried her heart out.

On the other side, a relief washed over his heart after telling Kavita the truth, now he was waiting to tell this to Swara.

He was about to go to her room, when he noticed the time and he remembered she was about to sleep when they disturbed her few minutes back. Not wanting to do so. He left to his room.

He was standing and watching at the sky where slowly moon started to come up behind the clouds.

He smiled as how he related this moon to her Swara. But in reality this moon is nothing infront of her.

Then he saw it again hiding behind the clouds and became sad, at the moment his eyes felt on someone’s figure outside near the gate.

Not recongnizing the person completely as it is complete dark, he thought to have a check.

“Is the person Swara?” Asked his heart suddenly but he shrugged his thoughts and went downstairs.


The time she entered in her room, everything started to come back to her head. How much she try to push it but nothing seems to be of use right now.

She cried palming her mouth remembering the confession.

‘I LOVE YOU TOO..’ which means he said her that he loved her.

Which means the feelings he have for her(Swara) are no more?
This broke her completely.

She cried more and more.

Eventually not able to take more.

She packed her bags and thought to left the house once and forever.
If he is happy with her then she will not interfere.

She checked and found everyone sleeping and it was dark enough. She made her way outside silently but screamed a little out of shock when someone puller her by her wrist and immediately palmed her mouth.

She closed her eyes in fear, but on feeling a familiar touch she opened her eyes to see Sanskar standing there right in front of her.

Tears started to flow down her eyes yet again.

He cupped her face and wiped her tears with his thumb.

“What were you doing?” He asked once he left her calming down.

“I dont want to create more trouble in your life. I know you love her so much, she is back. I am so happy for you. But I need to go.” She said trying to be happy but her eyes said other story.

“I am glad you are happy to see me and her.” He said gritting his teeth.
“But why are going in night, you could have left in the morning ?” He asked playing smart.

“Woh I.. I that..t.” she stammered with the words.

“What happened?” He asked but she looked down.

“Its just that my work is over and you are happy and you got your love so I thought of leaving otherwise anyone would have not let me go.” She said still looking down.

“Is it?” He held her and pushed her against the wall lightly not hurting her and caged her in between his hands.

He made her look at him holding her chin..

“You are doing this for my happiness. Do you think? I am happy? I love her?” He asked looking straight in her eyes.

She found some sort of pain and hurt in his eyes but she didnt want to say anything and prove herself wrong.. she wont be able to control for more time.

“You love me right? Dont you?” He asked her, she became shocked on his direct question.

“Noo.” She managed to say looking away.

He brought his face close to her and placed a wet kiss on her cheek, she shivered at it.

“Does it affect you?” He asked but she was stubborn enough and nodded in a NO.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breathe calming himself down before opening them again.

“Does it affect you if I hug her, touch her?” He asked, she was hurt with the words she cant even think of another woman near him and it kills her but still she nodded in a No, tears rolling down her eyes.

“Stubborn woman.” He murmured gritting his teeth.

“Will it affect you if I will kiss her, or sleep with her?” He said coming close to her eyes, her heart sank down listening to his words. But she was not in the state of think straight and his words were killing her more.

His state was not less, saying all this, for another woman while he just wanted to hold Swara, his Swara in his arms. Nothing more. But he was getting pissed because of her stubborn nature. Why cant she just get it what is he trying to say? Why does he have to explain himself always.

“Do you think I love her?” He asked again this time with a calm voice, not wanting to give any answer she just pushed him away dropping her bags and ran from there while crying.

He moved his hand in his hairs and ran behind her.

She was running on the road without seeing anything and it was dark night with no one around, tears falling down her face. She was running suddenly she got hit with a stone and fell down and a truck was approaching towards her.

He came just in time and his heart sank in the deep pit of his stomach seeing the scene.

He ran at the speed of light and pulled her just when the truck was about to hit her.

He held her tight in his arms while she wiggled to move away.

“What the hell? Do you think you were doing? Stupid woman. Cant you see the truck?” He shouted at her and then she realised and look back at the truck over her shoulder which was moving past them.

She instead of thanking him.

“Why did you save me? It would have been good if I had died. Nothing matters now. Let me go.” She said and tried to free herself.

Listening to her words, his blood boiled and he pushed her away.

“Ya. Nothing matters to you. Why you have always to think of your self? You know what you are the most selfish creature I have ever seen.” He shouted at her.
“Here I felt like my whole world came crashing down and you didnt care, you wanted to die.” He roared.

Her eyes softens and she realised what all was happening with her till now. She realised that he was saying indirectly that he still loved her not Kavita.

But what about Kavita? The thought crossed her mind.

But he was damn angry to read anything or to notice her expressions.

“You know what for you I said to Kavita that we are no more together. I dont love her. But you cared least about it. (Then he told the incident in the room and her eyes started to water again thinking that once again she directly came to conclusion and have not thought of him and she cursed herself.) You know what now I blo*dy dont care if you die or live. I dont care.” He said and pushed her and moved away.

He was hurt. Her actions. Her tears. Her words. Her silence. Her distrust. Her conclusions. Everything was hurting him to death.

He left towards a unknown direction trying to stay alone and get some relief.

She realised her mistakes and smiled knowing that he was still her’s..

Her smiled widened.

‘I will seek your forgiveness Sanskar. I know I hurted you again. I am sorry. But now I will not give up on him. I love you Sanskar. I love you so much.’ She thought to herself and smiled and moved back to mansion wiping her tears with the back of her hands.


At 4,

He returned back to the house and his heart again started to beat faster thinking If she left him? How much he deny but the fact is he love her and care for her more than anything.

He moved towards her room with slow steps and his heart started to beat fast with every stop closer.

He slowly opened the door and saw a sleeping figure on the bed, he moved forward and sighed seeing her sleeping peacefully.

He sat down beside her and moved his hand caressing her hairs gently.

“Thank God ! She is here. I was so worried if she would have left me then.. No No No. She is with me. I love her. But her stubborn nature. I will show what is Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari. Just wait and watch wifey.” He murmured to her sleeping figure and giving a last stroke moved away kissing her head lovingly.

As soon as he left the room. She opened her eyes completely and broke down into a smile. She was waiting for him to return back standing on the window and was playing with her Mangalsutra and was wishing for his welfare. Suddenly she saw her coming safe and she breathed in relief. Then she saw him coming towards her room and she immediately jumped on the bed under the covers.

“I love you too. I am ready to bear anything. But I will also show who is Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheshwari. Waiting Hubby.” She whispered to herself and blushed and dug her face into the pillow.

They both smiled and slept with a satisfaction in a heart but Sanskar thought to teach her a lesson while Swara being a naughty student was thinking to skip the lesson and pass with some other ways?.


Next morning

Sanskar came out of the washroom taking a shower bare chested wrapping a towel around his neck.
When someone knocked the door.

He went towards and opened it and was shocked seeing Swara early in the morning with her luggage standing at the door smiling at him. For once he was lost in her but then realised that he was angry and seeing the bag in her hands many thoughts crossed his mind.

“What are you doing here?” He asked in a harsh tone but fearing inside if she will leave him..

“What sort of question is this? Ofcourse I am back in my room. You know sleeping in guest room is so bad if I have my own room. Now get aside and let me in.” She said and lightly pushed him making her way in.

He first was shocked at her words then smiled and passed his hand in his hairs but again made a angry face.

He is not going to melt soon.

He was about to close the door when he saw Kavita passing by. She smiled seeing him and was coming towards him but stopped and turned away when she saw Swara hugging him and left the place.

Sanskar body tensed when he felt her hugging him.

“What are you doing?” He questioned turning towards her..

“I am closing the door, as you are standing in the middle so I did this. What were you thinking?” She asked raising her eye brows.

“Nothing.” He said and moved away.

“Okk.” She said and moved away doing her incomplete work placing the clothes back in the wardrobe.

She was placing the clothes and thinking that how she saw Kavita coming towards their room and her eyes widened realising Sanskar was half naked so to ignore her, she intentionally went and hugged him from behind. When Kavita turned her way, she smirked and then gave a innocent answer to Sanskar.

Her breathe struck in her throat when she felt him standing just behind her, his bare chest touching her back, she shivered and her breathing shallowed.

He smirked seeing the effect on her and moved his hand on her hand.

“Sanskaaar…” she tried to call him but it came as a moan from her mouth.

“What Swara? Get aside. I need to pick my shirt.” He smirked and thought ‘tit-for-tat’ wifey.

She fastly moved away and left the room leaving a smirking Sanskar behind.

‘What you thought it is easy to play with Sanskar Maheshwari, then you are wrong wifey. Till the time you admit your feelings I will be making it hard for you. Very Hard.’ He thought.

While as soon as Swara left she met Kavita in the corridor.

They wished each other ‘good morning’ while they wanted to rip each other’s head off the body.

As she saw Swara leaving, she made her way to SwaSan’s room.

Swara saw her going in and murmurmed ‘chipkali’ under her breathe and then calming herself down make her way to kitchen to face another woman, who call herself their ‘malkin’. She sighed thinking about her life and moved away trusting Sanskar to deal with Chipkali.

As soon as Kavita entered the room, Sanskar’s face dropped as he was expecting someone else but still he smiled and let her in.

“I understand you Sanskar. I will not trouble and All the Best for your life ahead. But we will be friends right?” She said all this smilingly.

“Ofcourse. We will be friends, forever.” Said Sanskar and they hugged.


Now Swara to irritate Sanskar with innocent yet cute words and antics.
He showed it really pissed him off but he enjoys it deep inside, after all what she pouts and he just wanted to grab her pout and kiss her endlessly, but he tried to control himself and end up taking cold showers.

He was still admanant to hear her feelings from her slipping down her own tongue, so even knowing it that she loved him which her actions showed. He remained quite.

Two days later.

They all were sitting on the dining table and having lunch when Sanskar spoke up.

“Kavita I have found a flat where you can live and then settle down.” He said eating his food.

“Ok Sanskar. But I wanted to stay here for sometime more as I feel like a family here just few days more if thats ok with you all.” She said unsure of her words.

Swara’s head snapped up and she gave her a glare which was unnoticed by everyone except Sanskar.

He smiled mischeviously.

“Kavita. Dont be formal. You can stay here as long as you want.” He said assuring her and she inreturn hugged him tight.

Swara almost choked her food which she was eating.

“I will bring water.” She said coughing in between and left the place.

She was pouring herself a glass of water murmuring curses to both Sanskar and Kavita.

“This chipku chipkali what she think of herself, she hugged my Sanskar that to in front of everyone.. Arggghhhh.. and that idiot also was just smiling, cant he see his wife is also present. Vaise bhi I dont get any good vibes from that chipku… huhhhh” she was murmuring and was so lost that she failed to hear the food steps approaching her.

“Who Chipku?” Whispered Sanskar in her ear.

Swara almost jumped on her place as he spoke all of the sudden.

“You idiot. Donkey. Who comes like this? Do you want to see me dead?” She said calming down her heavy breathing holding the side of her chest.

“Dont speak something like this?” He roared.

“Why? Why do you care know? That night toh someone was saying ki now i blo*dy dont care if you are alive or dead?” She said imitating him and still breathing fast.

His eyes turned red.

“You only listen what you want to listen na. Rest all is heard by walls around you. I dont know why I am expecting that to from you. Stupid woman.” Saying this he left the place.

Her mouth turned to ‘O’ shape.

‘Did he just said I am stupid? You idiot, donkey, monkey I will not leave you..’ she cursed and went behind him.

She went behind him and saw him sitting beside Kavita on the sofa in the centre of hall smiling and laughing wholeheartedly.

A feeling of insecurity again passed through her heart.
She saw them with hurt eyes, ofcourse they are friends but they were lovers first.

She without saying another word left to her room and started to fold the clothes thinking again. If she is doing right by staying here? Does he really love her or need her? Is she assuming things?

She shook her head and ‘No. NO. NO.. I trust him. I know he love me and I love him too. He is just trying to make me jealous. Mr. Maheshwari Now just wait and watch.’ She thought and smirked.

Sanskar came out of the kitchen and sat down on couch. Kavita came and sat down beside him. She was clinging to him and then he saw Swara coming from his side of eyes and started to talk to Kavita.

But when she without saying anything left the place with blank expressions, he started to panick.

He excused himself from her and went behind Swara leaving a fuming Kavita. He was about to enter inside but saw her smirking and became confused.

….to be continued..

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