Swasan Series Shots – Mine? Yours. (chapter 3) {by ridhima}

Mine? Yours.
(Part 3)

Next day

Sanskar was getting ready in his room for going to office, same time Swara entered the room and was mesmerised seeing him standing looking hot in a black colored business suit with white shirt and perfectly gelled hair, he was trying to knot his tie but was unable to do so.

Unknowingly, she moved forward towards him and took the tie from his hand and started to help him in wearing it while he placed his hands on her bare waist making her shiver at her place and a blush crept on her cheeks, he placed his one hand on her cheek and started to move his thumb seductively on it making her breathe hitch, her hands stop making tie she was numb with his actions but she closed her eyes took a deep breathe and again started her work.
While he smiled seeing his effect on her.


Sanskar was standing and tying the know of his tie around his neck but then he heard the voice of her anklets coming near to him. He smiled to himself and acted as if he is unable to make a knot. She came inside and was lost in him. He looked at her every expressions from the mirror and vowed to make it more difficult for her to hide her feelings for him and make her confess it fast as he is dying to listen those words from her mouth.

She came towards him and took his tie in her hands, the way her hands were touching his bare neck and hands, it increased the raging of his hormones and his heart started to pound fastly in his rib-cage but he didnt showed it and kept his hands on her bare waist, he smirked in his mind when she shivered on the slightest touch of him on her bare skin and a blush on her face, he felt proud of himself seeing the effect hw had on her lady love. Even in this attire of her, she looked super cute and most beautiful lady to his eyes and she still have the power to make his heart dance on her tones. He at this moment wanted to gooble her cheeks, he placed his hands on her chubby cheeks and moved his thumb seductively over it making her breathe hitch and his eyes turned into a dark shade showing the love and passion he have for her.

She moved back when she was done making his tie, he murmered a ‘thank-you’ taking his lips near her ears slightly touching it making her feel several butterflies in her stomach.
She just nodded her head and left the room quickly, all blushing while he moved his hand in his hair with a stupid wide grin plastered to his mouth.


After some time,

In the hall.

Sanskar was about to leave the house when again she called him from behind with her famous dialogue ‘Suniye jii.’  He stopped in his tracks and turned around and looked at her playing with the edge of her dupatta but this time nervously. He get engrossed in his thoughts that what happened to her.

“What happened Swara? Do you need something?” Sanskar asked reading her face and moved forward towards her.

“Woh g, I want to go to shopping.” She said stammering with words, Sanskar found it unusual but shrugged his shoulders.

“Ok. I will come 5, be ready then we will leave for shopping.” He replied smilingly wanting to spend more time with her as his project work is almost finished.

Swara snapped her head up listening to her words and gave a whole close-up ad and nodded her head with twinkling eyes.

Sanskar was about to turn but

“Ji suniye.” She called again, he turned and gave ‘now-what’ expressions.

She came forward and murmered a ‘thank you’ and 143 and left ran after pecking his cheek hiding her face in her palms blushing leaving a confused Sanskar behind.

He left the house being confused with her words and kept on thinking what does 143 means.

He stopped in the way near the garden.

‘Was she saying to take 143 lakhs with me for shopping? (His eyes widened) I guess I will become one of the monks on Himalaya.’ He thought scared and almost planned to go there. He moved further.

‘See how Sanskari is he?’ Came the voice from the idol of god placed near it. Sanskar heard it and reversed his steps and stood near the idol confused.

‘He said I am Sanskari, means I have to think something else.’ He thought and started to think.

After a minute, his eyes widened more, mouth hung open and he placed his hands on his mouth and left blushing.

‘O. Swara tum hhi na.’ Saying this he went away taking a shy walk.

‘Did I just said him ‘Sanskari’? What was I thinking before making him? I should go and take bath with ganga jal.’ Thought the idol of God and it disappears.

Sanskar came back again.

‘Was there any idol here?’ Thought he and left the house finally thinking.


Sanskar came back home exactly at 5 as he promised. Hearing the horn of his car, Swara came out of kitchen and gave him a glass of water.

He smiled and took it and gulped it.

“Shall we leave?” He asked

“You take some rest then we will go.” She replied smiling to him taking the glass from his hand.

He smiled at her concern.

“I am fine and I didnt have much work in office so I will get fresh than we will leave.” He said, she nodded.

After some time,

He came back and saw Swara standing there in a suit finally changing her attire and coming back to normal.

He sighed in relief as once he thought she will go in the same attire but now he is happy to see her normal.

“Chalein.?” He asked coming near to her, she just nodded and both left for shopping.


It have been an hour, since they are standing at a shop, Sanskar looked pissed off but Swara is fighting with salesman related some piece of cloth.

“Swara yaar, lets go we are here from an hour but still you have not chose a single dress.” He said feeling pain in his feet and most important irritatedly as he thought to spend time with her but she instead of him was spending more time with the salesman and he time to time was passing glare to the poor soul?.

She turned and looked towards him finally recognising his presence.

“Sorry. You go, I will come back after finishing it.” She said feeling bad for him.

“No we will go together. You carry on.”

“But you looked tired. You should rest.”

“No I am fine. Its just that I am hungry. Shall we go and eat something and then conitunue?” He asked hoping he will be able to spend time with her.
His eyes sparkled when she nodded her head after that without waiting a minute, he dragged her to food corner. (Desperate soul?)

He made her sit on one of the corner table’s and went to place a order.

He came back almost after a minute, and saw her looking outside the mirror wall and thinking something deeply.

‘Is she thinking to irritate me with another plan?’ He thought and pouted.

He made her way towards her and snapped his fingers in front of her making her come back to original world.

‘Where are you lost?’ He asked.

‘Nothing jii.’ She replied shying fakely.

He sighed looking at her never ending drama. She looked at his irritated face and chuckled seeing him.

‘Lol, I am feeling pity for my dear husband. I want to spend time with Sanskar so thought to go for shopping but he look more cute with angry irritated face so I was fighting with salesman for stupid reasons glancing him time to time and saw him glaring the man, I felt real bad for that man but Love for my man increased in my heart❤, even after irritating him so much he didnt said a word to me and is still trying to spend time with me. I am indeed very lucky. Now I just wanted to shout that ‘I LOVE HIM’. I love this man soo much but I want to make the moments special so wait Swara wait.’ She thought to herself and smiled. She felt his hand over her gently caressing it but lovingly making her feel goosebumps.
She looked up and saw him waiting for the order and it was unintentional by his side but she was loving it.

Their number was announced, Sanskar went and took their order and they had it with Sanskar talking and Swara blushing and irritating him. But both were loving it so much, ofcourse they will because they are with each other which matters the most?.

Sanskar looked at her and started to laugh while she made a confused face.

“What?” She asked angrily as he was laughing continously seeing her as if she was an alien.

He opened the front camera of his phone and make her see her face which have sauce spread all over her lips.

Swara angrily glared at him and was about to remove it from her mouth but he held her hand and with another hand of his removed the sauce from her lips, making his fingers linger at her rosey lips for more time than needed making her smile shyly and him naughtily.
He sucked his finger making sound making her turn into a tomato seeing his actions?.

She stood up fastly and he did the same after him and then both again went to shopping.

While Swara was busy with Salesman and Sanskar was looking at them with puppy eyes?.

He tried to call her but every time she shoo him away, he became angry and moved back and stood taking support of the table behind folding his arms.

He looked around the shop and saw two man looking at the a direction and passing weird expressions.

He looked at the direction and saw them looking at Swara lustfully, his blood boiled seeing it and he became more angry when he saw the zipper of her dress down revealing his bare back a little and saw the man passing filthy comments.

He fisted his hands in anger and moved towards her hiding her back and tried to call her but she avoided him, it increased his temper more and he held her from her elbow and pulled her towards the trial room making sure to hide her naked back passing a death glare to boys.

The man being scared seeing his red eyes ran from there understanding the warning in it.

He pushed her in the trial room and bolted it once entering it.

Swara looked at him horrified and became more scared seeing his red face.

“Whaa..at. happeene.d..?” She asked stammering scared from him.

“What happened? Are you asking this from me? Seriously.” He shouted at her making her jump on her place, holding her from shoulder turned her back towards the mirror and make her look at it. She looked at it first and became shocked seeing the zip open.

She looked at him and saw him angry.

“I didnt knew about this.”

“Ofcourse how would you? You are so busy in doing drama’s?” He said angrily, his tone brought tears in her eyes, he saw the tears in her eyes and immeditely cooled down his anger down and cursed himself for being so much of short tempered.

He held her from shoulders.

“Sorry Swara. I didnt want to shout of you. Its just that seeing those men commenting on you and eying you, I lost my senses. I am sorry.” He said cupping her face.

She looked at him and nodded her head understanding him and hugged him tight.

“I am sorry.” She said cutely, he smiled and patted her back, his hand touched her bare back making current pass through both of them.

She looked up at him and he started to move his hand on her back caressing it looking in her eyes, making sure she is comfortable. She looked back in his making him know she can never be more comfortable with anyone else than him.

His hand stopped on the zip and pulled it more down and turned her immediately and looked at her back with hunger. Her front collided with wall while he was giving innumberable open mouth kisses on her back. He unhooked her bra making her whole back visible to him, his hormones started to ditch him and he increased his pace while she was breathing heavily and closed her eyes in pleasure. He bit her skin leaving a mark and she moaned his name feeling it. He came in his senses and stepped back and zipped her dress leaving her panting.

He closed his eyes and cursed himself for loosing control again. He knew if she would have not moaned his name then he would have taken her right now, she saved him because he wanted to make their first a memorable one.?.

To be continued…

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