Swasan Series Shots – Mine? Yours. (chapter 2) {by ridhima}

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Mine..?? Yours.
(Part 2)

Sanskar came in the room and became confused on seeing her smirking.

‘What is going in her mind? Is she thinking of making me jealous like I did with her using Kavita. Then You are wrong Mrs. Sanskar. I am smart enough to fall in your traps.’ He thought and move towards her.

He placed her hand on her shoulder.

“Badi Maa is calling you.” He said and she without saying a word left the place with a straight face.

He became confused. He thought atleast she will say a word but now he is more scared because he came to know she is planning something very big.

He prayed to God for the safety of everyone and specially him and then sat on the couch became busy with his work.


Swara went to Ap and she said her to go to Market to bring some things.

Swara nodded and left the house.

While going she thought how she saw a smile on his face when he entered the room making her aware that may be he read her facial expressions. She calmed herself down and then making a straight face left to meet Ap.

She came back to her senses when the car stop with a jerk.

She looked up and saw it is a signal and she sighed and looked outside. Her eyes fell on a car in which Kavita was seated, her face was pale and eyes swollen maybe she cried recently.

A feeling of guilt formed in her heart seeing her in this state.

‘What was here fault? She was been kidnapped on her wedding day.. if that would have not happened then maybe Sanskar and Kavita would have been living happily and in love. She is suffering too much because of the reasons she was never at fault at?’ She thought and felt bad for her.

Her heart ached to think that once Sanskar loved Kavita. But this is also truth that now he dont and he loves her, so if they will be in relation it will only destroy 3 lifes. She thought finding someone perfect for her who will love her and with whom she can move on and live happily coming from the dark shade of the past.

By the time, signal got cleared and the car made its way to the market.


At night

Sanskar was sitting on the bed laying his head on the headboard.

Swara entered the room looking exhausted and tensed, she without saying a word or looking at him went towards her side of bed and slept taking blanket leaving a shocked Sanskar behind.

Sanskar opened his eyes feeling someone opening the door, he from the corner of his gazes at her and looked at her tensed face.

‘Now what is going in the her mind? Always in the mood to play CID CID. I sometimes feel she is daughter of ACP Pradyuman instead of Shekar Uncle.’ He thought seeing her so lost and he became shocked seeing her lying down beside him without a word.

His eyes grew wide and mouth hung open but didnt said a word and slept on his side.


Next day

Everyone left the house for Ap’s sister’s daughter marriage along except SwaSan.

Ragini showed her tantrums but later agreed as Laksh asked her. Sujata and Uttara convinced everyone somehow to take Kavita as well leaving SwaSan alone as Sanskar have work and Swara can take his care.

Swara smiled listening to this and again smirked seeing Sanskar which make Sanskar more worried about her plans.

Sanskar was lost in his thoughts.

Swara went inside the kitchen while Sanskar left for office.

‘What is she upto? Is she planning to do something to me? No one is at home if she try to attack on my dignity. O god! How will I save myself? But why will I save myself?. But if she will leave me or me him then.’ Sanskar thought while coming back to home all exhausted.

He came and sat down on the sofa in the tie loosening his tie and rolling up his sleeves. He looked all around the house but find none. He became scared at the thought of her leaving him but deep inside he know that she will not do this stupidity again.

While he was lost in the thoughts, he listened the voice of anklets and immediately opened his eyes.

She never wore anklets but now? Is it her’s.

Thinking this he looked around but found none.

He stood up and was about to move towards the kitchen but stopped in the track seeing something because of which his jaw touched the ground.

There Swara was standing in front of him in marwari getup  (think of same as when they went to Abhimanyu’s house) with a glass of water in her hand.

‘Ji yeh li jiye.’ She said and handed him the glass of water acting shy.

He held the glass without blinking his eyes trying to register her look and the way she called him and is acting.

What is she doing? What the hell is this getup for?
He was thinking all this sipping water still gazing her while she was looking down and was playing with the edge of her duppata.

“Ji do you want anything?” Asked Swara once taking the glass back from him, but he stood still.

‘I think I am dreaming, huhh she cant be Swara.’ Thinking this he pinched himself and then shouted a little in pain.

“Ji what you did? Is it paining? I am Swara only.’ She said showing concern and rubbing his arm.

“I.. I am.. fine..” he stammered with the words.

Nodding she left the place.

Whatever this drama maybe. But please god keep me safe, dont know what this girl thinks and from where? He thought rubbing his back of head and left to his room.

On the other side, Swara started to laugh once entering in the kitchen thinking about his facial expressions.

‘What you thought patidev? You will irritate me with that chipku chipkali. But you forgot I am Swara Sanskar Maheshwari, name and brain both bigger than you?. I will tell you how to irritate. Get ready to face your sweet innocent wife.’ She thought and chuckled.

After that they had their dinner and slept.

Next day

Sanskar after having breakfast was about to leave for office but stopped when he heard her voice.

“Aa ji suniye toh” called Swara from behind.

Sanskar’s prayed for his welfare and turned around and looked puzzled when Swara came near him.

“Wo ji apka dabba (your lunchbox). You should take this with you otherwise eating the food from outside your stomach will get upset.” Saying this she handed over almost 2 feet lunchbox to him, he choked on his saliva seeing this.

He gave her ‘Are-you-serious-look’ but she just shrugged her shoulders and forcefully handed him the tiffin.

He shook his head and turned around was about to leave but she called him again.

“Ji suniye” he turned around again and sighed but she kissed his cheek and left from there hiding her face in her palms.

It took a minute for him to realise but then he smiled brightly and happily left to office.

In afternoon.

‘Awww. Sanskar. I am missing you so much. Come soon na and also I want to tell you something important. Dont know you will belive me or not.’ She was thinking all this while sitting, at that time Shomi called her and both get engaged in talking.

On the other side,
Sanskar was all the time smiling remembering about the kiss. He is sure now that she will confess her love soon for him. He is waiting for that moment dearly and promised himself to hear those magical words in next 3 days from her mouth.❤.

He was about to open the lunch box but was called for a important meeting, he looked at it with puppy eyes.

‘Huh. My Swara gave me this with so much love but this meeting.(to lunchbox). Wait here!! I will be back soon.’ After this he left for the meeting.

At night

Sanskar came back home with the uneaten lunchbox as he didnt get time whole day, something or other kept on disturbing him.

Swara again came with the glass of water. Handling him the glass, she take the box from him.

“How was the food? Did you liked?” She asked happily.

“Huh. I didnt eat. Who can eat this much and so oily food?” He said back rudely teasing her.

Her mouth turned ‘O- Shape’ listening to his words.

“Oily?” She asked, he nodded.

“Make something good for dinner. I need to manage my physique cant eat all these and get fat as you.” He said and left the place making her angry.

“Idiot. Donkey. My food is oily and I am fat. I will kill you Sanskar. Katti. Huhh.” She said to herself and left to kitchen.

After sometime, he came down and sat on dining table.

He take the food in the plate, oil was dripping down the chappties and he gulped seeing this, even the vegetables look like they are made in oil instead of water.

He was about to get up from the chair but Swara came to him.

“Ji khaiye na khana. I am sorry. I only know this type of food. So you have to manage for next few days.” She said coming and placing 3 chappatis in his plate.

‘What? O god! What will happen to me in these days? Why Sanskar beta Why? How can you forgot that ‘biwi se panga is not changa’ now this..’ Sanskar looked at his plate with worried expressions, she chuckled within seeing his expressions.

“Swara. Woh. I am not..” he was about to say but stopped in middle as he saw Swara standing in front of him with rolling pin in her hands, he gulped seeing her.

“What are you saying g? Complete it na.” She said moving rolling pin in her hands.

“Nothing. I am eating.” Said Sanskar and somehow ate the food looking at Swara and making faces after that left towards his room.

‘Tch tch tch. Poor Patidev. I think I did more.?.’ She thought and then went behind him taking kheer for him..

(Aaj toh khila khila ke maregi??).

(On the demand of RoseyBloom4 , hope you will like it??)

“Aa ji..” she said entering the room.
But found him no where.

She heard the shower sound and then moved towards the washroom door.

“Aa ji suniye aap andar hai.. (are you inside)?” Asked Swara even after knowing the answer.

Sanskar made faces hearing his voice.

‘Now what is she planning to do?’ He thought making a cute crying puppy face.

“Yes Swara. Shitt..!!!”

“What happened Jiii?”

“Swara, Can you please pass my shampoo? Yeh khatam ho gya.”

“Jiii rukiye.”

She take out the new shampoo moved towards the washroom door.

She knocked the door.

‘Swara. Door is open please give me. I am in the shower.’

She blushed listening his words and moved inside looking down.

Sanskar forwarded his hand for shampoo.

(he is still in his boxers, zyada mat sochna?)

She gave him and turned immediately blushing such that she step on soap and looses her balance.

Sanskar immediately caught her and pulled her towards himself, she blushed more and he smiled seeing her blushing face.

Water drops started to fall on both of them making them drench.
He slightly moved his finger on her hand making her shiver and breath heavily.

He cagged her waist with his one arm and pull her close, she looked in his eyes and found immense LOVE for her and he found the same in her eyes.

He gently kissed her forhead then cheeks, moving his hand on her bare waist. She held his arm tightly because of his sweet torchers and blushed profusely.

He dug his face in her crook of neck and started to suck the water droplets from the shower and she tighten her grip on his bicep.
He smiled and bite her neck, she hissed in pain and dug her nails in his back. He then licked the area to soothen her pain and she moaned his name making him go more crazy and he started to place many hickeys on her neck and shoulders pressing her waist more and more.

He departed from her neck and saw her eyes which were now closed due to pleasure, mouth open after moaning and chest rising and falling making his desires rise more.

He leaned forward and was about to capture her lips but instead left her waist and moved back.

“Thank you.” He said making her come out of trance and she being embarrased ran from there..

‘Shit Sanskar. How can you loose your control? You have to wait till she confess herself. But she is so attractive. O God!! Give me strength otherwise I will go mad in her love. I LOVE YOU SWARA.’ he thought and take a long cold shower again to supress his desires.


Swara ran outside and stood in front of mirror breathing heavily and blushing and looking down but

‘Why Sanskar stopped? Didnt he find me attractive? I am not good? No No Swara. I guess I should confess him as soon as possible. I will tell you tomorrow Sanskar. I know you want to listen it from my mouth. I LOVE YOU SANSKAR.’

To be continued…

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