Swasan-an separatable couples (Episode 1)

Story starts with small girl of 6 who is taken care by her mother. …girl always ask to her mother when she was 5 yrs old u never allow her to do any work but know she is teaching her every thing and making her work why
Mother-shona beta when u turn fifteen you will get all your answer….know go to bank and withdraw 2000 Rs from your baba pension
Swara -okay janaki
Janki-how many times I told u not to take my name….u remember na how to fill cheque. .while returning purchase some grocery also okay
Swara-okay maa

Baby swara goes to bank …bank manager by seeing her gives money
Clerk-sir why you give money without much verification.
Manager-she is very unlucky …In such age she has to face such situations
Swara purchase grocery and necessary items….
People -in this little age she became so mature
Swara comes home …janaki instruct her to do work and tell how to make food …..janaki make swara sleep on her lap…and cry for her helplessness
After 9yrs
Swara became 15 yrs old she is happy go lucky girl lives her life with full masti….
Swara-janaki come today is my 15th birthday we have to go temple na fast yrr
Janaki-swara u never change give me two mints
Swara-okay come in will stop rickshaw
Janaki -okay
Swara goes
Janaki -cries…swara today you are going to know very bitter truth of your life…..god please give my child strength to face the truth
Janaki comes out and sit on rickshaw
Swara -uncle how much
Swara gives it
Swara maa how cheap is travelling in rickshaw only 10rs for two
Janaki smiles…….they comes inside temple and do pooja….swara takes prasad ….while distributing. …she hears two persons talk
1 person-look that girl her name is swara …very hard working …she herself do everything
2 person -why where is her parents
1person-when she was 2 her father died he was a soldier. …when she turn 6 her mother also died

2person-poor kid
Prasad in swara’s hands falls …she angrily comes towards them
Swara-what rubbish are you speaking my mom is alive look she is standing their
1person -beta all village know your parents are dead
2person -beta you go …don’t spoiled your mood …today is your birthday na…
He takes other man with him
2person -why are you troubling that child if she is happy by thinking that her mother is alive …then let her be happy

Swara comes to janaki…who is standing with tears
Swara-maa u listen what nonsense they are talking they are saying you are dead come with me …..and tell them you are alive
Janaki is standing silently with teary eyes ….
Swara-it’s because you didn’t come out of the house tha
Her words freeze by seeing a woman comes through janaki…as many comes. ..automatically tears filled in swara’s eyes because she came to know the bitter truth of her life which her heart is not ready accept

Janaki-swara beta they are right i am dead I am a soul …only u can see me…u always asked na why I always behind u to learn everything. …beta because I want to teach you to live alone. ..u have to take care of yourself
Swara- maa plzzz don’t joke
Janaki-it’s reality beta ….god has given me time to teach you to love u till u turn 15 …today is have to go back to My world
Swara-maa take me with u
Janaki-it’s can’t beta….promise me u will not end your life before god call u…u have to live my and your baba life too
Swara nodes teary eye
Janaki-wipes her tear…if u cry it will hurt me always remember it
Swara-why only I can see u

Janaki-because you are born with a special power to see the dead people’s
After 5 yrs
Swara became 20 sweet girl…always happy …always challenges norms of the society. ..we always travel never stay at a place more than 3months
After her mother goes she had mate many soul but they left her after sometimes so she convince herself she was hallucinating. ..she herself admit in mental hospital to cure from it…..but she has no mental problem so they discharge her….
She doesn’t accept she can see the dead once

Hi it’s Krishna i am back again. …plzzz tell how’s my story
Recap-Introduction to Ragini

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