Swasan second nd chance epi 13

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So lets start…

They were hugging each other but soon broke the hug hearing knock sound… sanskar went to open the door and found ramta wrere standing their worriedly he smiled seeing his parents worriedness for swara… they both went near swara ram hugged swara like a protective father which made swara overwhelmed with his care and mostly love which she carved from long tears of happiness welled up in her eyes…

Rp: (hug her) swara are u fine beta (broke the hug kissed her forehead whipped her tear) don’t cry my bacha I won’t I am here na ur father is here to protect u I won’t leave laksh for hurting u

Sw: (smile) dad don’t worry I am fine now coming to laksh why to fear when (looked at sanskar with love) sanskar is here han

San: who said I am always here for u

Sw n ramta: (shocked) sanskar

San: (compose himself) relax I mean to say I am not here every time what if I have to go (looked at them sadly) what if something happened to me    

Suj: (angry) shut up sanskar I won’t let u go far away from me

San: mom I just kidding (side hug her) I won’t go anywhere

Rp: (went near him hug him) we lost u once but not now get it

San: dad relax I am just kidding

Suj: swara take care of yourself (kissed her forehead) and sanksar I will send yours dinner in your room

San: thanks mom

Suj: take care of her

San: hmmm

After making sure swara is fine ramta left for dinner preparation, sanskar closed the door and looked swara who was looking at him anger making him confuse….

San: what happened swara

Sw: (teary eyes) you wane leave me

San: what are u mad

Sw: than what was that sanskar if something happened to u na I will die

San: (cupped her face) pagal ho gai ho kya why are you speaking like this han you are my life swara I can’t live without u I will die

Sw; then what about me sanskar was it easy for u to say han (pulled him near)

San: (hugged her tightly) I was just kidding I am sorry swara

Sw: (hugged him more tightly) I can’t live without u sanskar plzz don’t leave me

San: I won’t I promise

Sanskar broke the hug cupped her face lovingly kissed her forehead then kissed her eyes his lips got little wet because of her Eyelashes which was wet duet continuously crying… he placed his lips on her tear drop and was drinking all her tears drop which was on her face… giving her new pleasure and new feeling his each kiss was giving her goose bumps her knees were going she was about to fall but held sanskar on his blazer thightly and both fall on bed sanskar above her… both looked at each other lovingly and swara start breathing heavily it was something new for her… she had never such a feeling but with sanskar she is getting these feeling his touch on her created some magic duet which she craved for more and more… he is the only one person who can make her go crazy with his touch on her…. Both were lost in each other eyes sanskar leaned towards her neck still looking at her feeling his hot breath on her neck she felt ticklish but when his lips came in contact with her neck a shiver run through her whole body for one minute she stop her breathing…. She closed her eyes to feel new pleasure which is sanskar is giving her and put her hand on his hair and start caressing giving him positiv sign to go on… feeling her response he start giving her wet kisses on her neck her breathing got more heavily but soon their lovely moment got disturb by door knock sound….sanskar immediately got up and didn’t dare to look at her even swara turned her face other side a smiled spread on their lips thinking what were they doing both were blushing swara immediately left for washroom…  
Sanskar went to open the door and found uttra standing there with their dinner he took their dinner from her and placed on table and closed the door… he sat on couch and was waiting for swara to come out but she was taking time…

In the washroom..

Swara looked at herself she was smiling but soon her smile fade away thinking about today incident some fear took place in her heart tears brimming in her eyes… she looked again in mirror seeing herself she felt disgusting her eyes became red duet continuously crying… she was getting out of control she was getting on herself and fear who was overpowering her… she took Comb threw on mirror and its broke she fell on thud on floor cryingly and hurted herself with broken piece of mirror on her hand…

Hearing the sound from washroom got worried for swara and left immediately to her to his luck the door of washroom was open but the scene in front of him made him teary seeing his love broken completely sitting on floor it hurted him to core seeing her like this he never thought he will see her like this he run to her and took her in bone crushing hug with all his love which he had for her… she tried to protest but he tied his grip more n more on her…

San: (crying) swara what happened

Sw: leave me sanskar (cryingly n protesting)

San: shh tell na what happened

Sw: leave me I said (and pushed him with full force he stumble back she was about to leave but immediately held her) leave me sanskar  plzz leave me

This side of her broke him totally inside she was protesting to get out of his grip soon he picked her from back she was throwing leg to get out of his grip he went in shower made her stand in shower she turn to leave but he pinned her on wall and turned the shower on the water was fowling on them drenching them completely but swara didn’t stop protesting

Sw: leave me sanskar

San: (had enough) shut up swara just shut up I won’t leave u (cupped her face made her look at him) never ever in my life get that in your mind

Sw: (crying) why sanskar why won’t u leave me I know you will also leave me like everyone I know sanskar so stop showing your love (try to push him)

San: how can u think like that swara I will leave u han

Sw: because from birth till now everyone left me sanskar (crying like a baby) I know u will also leave me one day

San: (feeling hurted seeing like that) no swara I wont

Sw: (shouted) ofcourse u will sanskar baba also left me sanskar my ragini whom I love betrayed me laksh who was my friend ditched me insulted me and today misbehaved with me in front everyone my baba for whom carved made me characterless in front everyone the person whom I loved I trust sanskar they left now u will also leave me one day (She was crying n crying this broke sanskar more and more) plzzz don’t leave me sanskar (held his colar) plzz I can’t bear ur sepration sanskar if u are with me I will fight but without you I am nothing sanskar I am nothing

San: (cupped her face) swara

Sw: promise me sanskar u won’t leave me like other

San: I won’t

Sw: u will be always with me
San: I will

Sw: (looked at him) if u ever leave me I promise u I will di..before she could complete her sentence sanskar placed his rough lips on her kissing her angrily he bited on her lower lip he was sucking her blood and the water drop which was falling on them… swara was caressing his hair and was pulling him more on her she had fear of losing him but she also trust him that he will never leave her… she also bited on his lip showing him her passion to him he groan during their kiss taking as opportunity she enter her tongue In his mouth both start playing with each other tongues they broke the kiss being out breath… both were breathing heavily and were looking each other…

San: Don’t u dare say that word again and I promise u I won’t leave u trust me

Sw: (now better) I am sorry and I trust u but this fear

San: shh I love u swara and I understand ur fear but don’t worry I am here na

Sw: (innocently) always na

San: always

He looked at her then saw some mark on her arm he tucked her hair behind her ear feeling his touch on her she closed her eyes he smiled seeing his effect on her… but his full concentration was on her arm so he removed slowly slowly her nightdress robe shocking her she opened her eyes and looked at him then saw where he was looking on the scratches which laksh gave her…he kissed on those scratches making her overwhelmed with his care and love soon he turned the shower off went out and took another nightdress for her out and gave to her to change… both changed their cloths when swara came out of washroom sanskar made her sit on sofa removed her robe again and applied cream on her scratches while doing this he was blowing which made swara smile at his care n love…

After doing this he made her eat with his hand finishing the dinner he picked her in bridel style made her lay on bed and sat beside her confusing her…

Sw: sanskar

San: shhh

He Made her head lay on his lap and start caressing her hair lovingly soon swara drift into deep sleep feeling blessed having a husband like sanskar… seiing her sleeping he kissed on her forehead then laid beside her and took her in his embrace….    

Precap: sanskar missing

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