Swasan: Second love Teaser 3


Hi guys here is a short teaser on upcoming track.

Scene 1


A lady was standing in front of two photo frames with garland on them.

Lady : Beta forgive us we have always thought you wrong but why did you
leave us beta you call me Ma na then why did you left your Ma & Swara we know
she did wrong with laksh but She didn’t deserve to die.

Sujata : Jiji don’t sat they died I know my Son & Daughter(Swara) is alive.

Yes the lady was AP.

Scene 2


Dida’s House

Sharmistha was sitting like a lifeless body.

Shekhar entered the house.

Shekhar : For how many days you will sit like this Mishti our Daughter is no more
don’t wait for her.

Sharmishta (Shouting) : She is not our Daughter she is only my daughter & she is alive.

Shekhar : If she would have been alive she would have come back & what about the bodies which we burned.

Sharmistha : No it was not my Daughter’s body.

Scene 3

Raglak Room

Ragini : Laksh what will happen if everyone got to know the truth ?

Laksh : Nothing will happen Ragini you just stop being scared or you will spoil all our

Ragini : Now what do you want to do next ?

Laksh : Papa & Chachu were thinking of merging the Karma with Maheshwari Companies
& Sanskar would have been chosen as MD & now him being out of way its Adarsh bhaiya i
need to get him out as well.

Ragini : Now what will you do ?

Laksh : I have a plan for that.

The End

So guys how was the teaser Scary ? if yes my job is done if not the episode will surely make you Scary.

Shocking right Swasan Dead or are they alive & what is Laksh’s plan against Adarsh.

From Episode 13 onwards.Please comment guys I will upload Episode 11 in afternoon & I think it will be posted by Night.

Soory for delay a family function on way had to do some preparation work.

Credit to: Abhinav

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  1. awesome…..

  2. Chi what the hell is laksh trying to do?????

  3. Plz post long and frequent episodes.

  4. Omgggg i love my swasan plzzzzz They should be Alive i hate laksh and ragini

  5. No teaser I want full episode ??????pls update regularly…. I love your ff a lot

  6. Its a scary teaser and in my guess its a plan of swasan to expose raglak and plzz plzzz give link of all epis i am not getting it plzz and post it regular and its high time plzz plzz expose raglak and start new love story of swasan plzz plzz and POST IT DAILY AND GIVE ME ALL LINKS OF EPI I AM NOT GETTING IT.:-)

    1. Yaar juz type d name of ff in d search box on top right corner of telly updates page n u ll get it

  7. Whattttt???? I was waiting for chapter and u r posting teaser m very saddddd?????? but teaser was exiting…… ???????

  8. OMG!! Teaser is really scary 🙁

  9. When i read it i thought dat u hav lost ur brain or u hav gone nuts butttttt on a second thought i lykd it yaar n i juz luv d storyline of ur ff n ya try to b regulr ((as we hate waiting (lol)))

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