Swasan: Second Love Teaser 1


Hi guys here is a short teaser.

Everyone was present at dining table having there breakfast.
Sanskar was looking very happy

Adarsh: What happened Sanskar you are looking so happy today ?

Sanskar: Yeah bhai after 5 years i had a peaceful sleep,my all necessary things for office were arranged properly,i am eating this delicious kheer i am very happy.

A man in his early 20s entered MM.

Man: Your happiness will get double seeing me Sanskar bhai.

Everyone turned in the direction of the voice.Sanskar got really happy on seeing that man and hugged him.

Sanskar: You are right Virat i am double happy on seeing you.

This is it guys.So who is this Virat?What relation he has with sanskar?

To know keep reading Swasan:Second Love.Please keep commenting and guess who is this Virat & why is he calling Sanskar bhai.

Credit to: Abhinav

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