Swasan: Second love (Episode 9)


Episode 8 : Episode 8

Here is episode 9

The episode starts with a beautiful morning in MM.

Swasan Room

Swara again was sleeping in Sanskar’s embrace due to A.C.

Sanskar woke up due to alarm which rang. He reluctantly opened his eyes and found Swara hugging him tight and her lips brushing against his neck. He couldn’t help the smile on his face looking at her he slowly brushed away all the hairs on her face behind her ears

Sanskar : How can someone hurt you ?

He looked at his watch without moving from his position and found it was already 7:30 am he had to leave as he tried to separate himself from Swara he heard her murmuring things.

Swara :I need warmth, Stay & she pulled him closer to her.

He chuckled as her words hit his ears, he was her heat source. In such a situation he found only one way out switching of the A.C so that Swara could shift to her side of bed. Slowly Swara shifted to her side & Sanskar left for the shower.

After sometime Swara woke up & heard sound of shower she understood Sanskar was taking bath so she slept back waiting for him to come out.

The door of washroom opened & Sanskar came out wearing a towel only on his waist. Swara open her eyes & saw him from the corner of here eyes but immediately shuts the eyes seeing Sanskar turning towards her which was noticed by Sanskar.

Sanskar got dressed for office then only Swara gotup & went to washroom wishing him a GoodMorning.

In Washroom

Swara(monologue) : Oh no what was I doing what if Sanskar would have seen me watching him in this state.

Swara (Bluishing slightly): Vaise he was looking cute & handsome. What is happening to me I am thinking about Sanskar & blushing.

Swara took the shower & was going out when she realized she has left her dress outside in hurry.

Swara : Oh no what will I do now I have left my dress outside.

Just then she saw a shirt of Sanskar which was hanging on handle.

She wore the shirt which reached her thighs no bottoms & she left the Washroom. Just then Sanskar entered as he has left his Watch there & he saw Swara in his shirt with wet hair. The two upper buutons of shirt were open which was giving Sanskar view of her bo****ms .

Sanskar was lost in her beauty.

Swara saw Sanskar & she shouted.

Swara : aaaaaahhhhhh Sanskar & she ran to washroom.

Sanskar : I am really sorry Swara I didn’t know.

Swara (Blushing ) : It’s ok sanskar

Sanskar : Ok I am going out you come fast I will drop you at baadi as ma called me to bring you there.

Swara : Ok Sanskar


Swasan reached at Dida’s house where they were welcomed by Sharmistha & Did . After sometime Sanskar was leaving for office but Swara stopped him & asked him to take blessing from Shekhar , Dada & Dadi.

Sanskar : But Swara they will not bless us from heart then it’s not necessary to take their blessings .

Swara :But Sanskar still they are my family & I have come for the first time after marriage please don’t say no (making puppy face)

Sanskar : Ok Come .

Shekhar’s House

Swasan reached there & were about to take blessings but :-

Dadi : Lo aagayi ye kuch sharm hai nahi aur chali aayi hai jis se shadi karne wali thi us se tho kin a aur uske bade bhai se shadi kar li.

Dada : Thik hi kaiti ho parvati hame sharam aati hai ise apni poti kahte hua.

Sanskar was fuming in Anger.

Shekhar : Maa Baba no need to talk to her she is characterless first Laksh & then Sanskar.

Sanskar : Shut up uncle you are talking to my wife who gave you right to speak like this to my wife.

Shekhar: She is my daughter I have every right to speak to her.

Sanskar : If you would have considered her as your daughter you should have trusted her once instead of listening to Ragini

Sanskar saw Swara who was trying not to breakdown in front of everyone.

Sanskar :Let’s go Swara

Sanskar holds Swara’s Hand & took Swara away to Dida’s House. Swara ran to her room directly & Sanskar told Sharmistha & Dida what happened at Shekhar’s House.

Swara’s Room

Swara was crying.

Sanskar knocked & entered the room.

Sanskar : Tum thik to ho na Swara

Swara(Choked voice) : I am fine Sanskar mujhe kya hoga.

Sanskar (Monologue ): I know you are hurt Swara who won’t be I understand better I also have got taunted by my family.
But I will not let you break be ready for your surprise today.

Sanskar : Ok Swara I am leaving for office Priya might come here to take your sign on marriage registry papers take sign of Dida & Maa as well.

Swara : Ok Sanskar Bye.

As soon as Sanskar left she closed the door & brokedown completely as her father called he character less she was a strong girl but her father taunting her like that completely broke her after sometime she makes herself presentable & left the room .

She came out with a fake smile on her face.

Swara : Dida I want to eat fish curry by your hands it’s so yummy please prepare it na.

Sharmistha & Dida were shocked seeing her behavior as she was acting to be normal.

Dida : Ha Shor utu baith mai abhi banati hu.

At that time there was knock on main door . Everyone turned towards the door a girl in her early 20s was standing there .

Girl : Can I meet Mrs. Swara Maheshwari

Swara : Ya I am Swara but who are you ?

Girl : Swara I am Priya Sanskar bhai has send me to got your sign on marriage registry papers.

Swara : O Yeah Sanskar told me about that come sit na .

Priya : Ya sure .

Swara : What will you take ? Do you eat fish curry ? Dida prepares it so yummy.

Priya : Ya Swara I do eat it but not now as I am in a hurry next time pakka.

Swara : Ok meet my Maa & Dida(Pointing towards them)

Priya : Namaste Aunty Namaste Dida.

Sharmistha & Dida :Namate beta

Priya took Swara’s sign & of Sharmistha as well as Dida.

Priya : Nice to meet you Swara now I will leve as I have to submit these papers today itself BYE Swara.

Swara : BYE Priya will meet you soon again.

Episode ends here.

Precap : Sanskar’s Surprise.

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Credit to: Abhinav

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