Swasan: Second love (Episode 8)


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Here is Episode 8

The Episode starts with Sanskar talking to Priya.

Sanskar : Ok. I will take those papers from you in office.

Priya : Ok Bhai. Bhai do you know where is Vi he is not picking up his phone & his flat is locked as well.

Sanskar turned towards Virat. Virat shake’s his head in a No.

Sanskar: He has gone for the tender meeting Priya.

Priya : Ok bhai talk to you later.

Sanskar: Bade Papa the papers I was talking about were my & Swara’s Marriage Registration Papers & I hope everyone’s doubts are clear about our Marriage.

After that Swara showed Virat his room & everyone left for office.

The day passed quickly.

In Evening

Sanskar & Laksh came early as it was muhdikhai of Swara & Ragini .

Swasan Room

Swara was getting Ready when Sanskar entered the room.

Sanskar: Hi Swara.

Swara : Hi Sanskar. So how was your return day to office ?

Sanskar : It was fine as Virat has handled everything so perfectly in my absence.

Swara : By the way Sanskar who is Priya ?

Sanskar : She is a Lawyer. She is company’s consultancy adviser as well & ya she prepared our Marriage Registration Papers.

Swara : Ok.

Sanskar : Also she is Virat’s Best Friend.

Swara : Oh so that’s why you were looking at Virat while talking on phone.

Sanskar : Ya you are right.

Then both left for the hall.

Both Swara & Ragini ‘s muhdikhai happened with all the rituals.

Everybody blessed Swara & Ragini .

Swasan Room

Sanskar : Swara I & Virat have planned to have a dinner together as we are meeting after so many days. Would you like to join us ?

Swara : Is it a thing to ask I am your Wife I will certainly join you for dinner.

Sanskar(Happy from inside) : Ok so get ready soon.

Swara got ready in a yellow suit (Which she wore on a movie date with Sanskar).Sanskar got mesmerized seeing her.

Swara : Sanskar I am ready.

Sanskar(Came back into Senses) : Yeah let’s leave.

Sanskar told Sujata that He & Swara are going for a dinner with Virat & both left the MM in Car.


There was complete silence in Car.

Swara broke the silence.

Swara : So where are we heading to.

Sanskar : You will know soon.

Swara puts on the Radio.

Milnay hai mujh say aayee

Phir jaanay kyoon tanhaayee

Kis mod pay hai laayee aashiqui


Khud se hai yaa khudaa say

Is pal meree ladaayee

Kis mod pay hai laayee Aashiqui..

Aashiqui baazee hai taash kee

Toot-tay bantay vishvaas kee

Swara got teary eyed listening to the song. Sanskar looked towards Swara & stopped the car.

Sanskar : It’s ok Swara Please don’t cry.

Swara(Crying): What did I do Sanskar why did he do this with me. What was my fault ? I slapped that’s why he took such a big revenge he broked my family Sanskar.

Sanskar : Nothing was your fault Swara Please calm down (he hugged Swara sideways.)

Swara was crying keeping her head on Sanskar’s Chest. Sanskar let her Cry to drain all the pain she was carrying in her heart all the time she tries to be strong.

Once Swara calmed down Sanskar pecked Swara’s Forehead. Swara was shocked but she felt comfortable.

After this they move on to their journey.


Swasan reached the hotel.

Swara : Is it Virat’s Hotel.

Sanskar : No Swara it was Rishi uncle’s but now it’s in name of virat.


Swasan took the table near the Pool Side.

Virat joined them after sometime & then they placed their order.

Swasan(Together) : Fish curry.

They looked toward each other.

Swara : I didn’t know you eat non veg as well Sanskar.

Sanskar : I eat here only Swara you know I got used to it when Kavita was alive.

Swara felt pain in Sanskar’s Voice & squeezed Sanskar’s Hand to which he smiled.

Virat : Bhai Bhabhi if your romance is over let’s have dinner.

Swasan were a little embarrassed.

Virat : Rohan bring 3 bowls of Fish Curry fast.

The dinner was completed without any other hindrances & the three of them left for MM.

Episode Ends

Precap : Swara meeting Priya.

Guys sorry for being late naraz mat hona yaar exams the kya karta ab daily post karoonga pakka. But please comment karte rahna.

Virat : Parth Samthaan

Priya : Tanya Sharma

Credit to: Abhinav

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