Swasan: Second love (Episode 7)


Sorry guys for being late what to do yaar exams are also important.

Episode 6: Here

Here is Episode 7

The Episode starts on shocked faces of MM Family.

VIrat(Teary Eyed) : If you would have accepted her this wouldn’t have happened today.

Swara looked at Sanskar who was Teary Eyed as well .

DP: Beta it was our mistake give us a chance to rectify our mistake you can stay with us here .

Virat : No Mr. Durga Prasad Maheshwari I can’t stay here .

AP : Beta It’s your house only please stay here.

Swara : Consider me as your sister Virat please stay here.

Sanskar : Ha Virat please stay yaar.

Virat : Ok bhai & my sis if you are saying so I will stay. But I have a condition I will stay here only if Swara Bhabhi will tie Rakhi on my hand.

Swara(Overwhelmed) : Yeah Why not ?

Swara tied a rakhi on Virat’s Hand.

All were leaving for office just then Ragini stopped them.

Ragini : Rukiya papa ji hame aap sab se kuch kehna hai ?

DP: kaho ragini beta

Ragini : Swara & Sanskar’s marriage is fake.

Everyone was shocked including Swasan & Virat.

DP : Yeh kya bakwas kar rahi ho ragini

Ragini : I have proof Papa ji. I Have placed a camera in their room.

DP,AP were looking at Ragini in disgust.

Sujata : ae chori sharam na aayi thare ko ek shadi shuda jode ke kamre mein Camera lagate huya.

Ragini : Chachi ji see it once then you will say what shame in this .

AP(Shouted) : Phir bhi Ragini yeh koi tarika nahi hota.

Laksh : See it once Ma every thing will be cleared.Ragini you play it.

Ragini Played the video.

The video showed whatever was in Episode 5 Raglak were shocked when they saw Swara embracing Sanskar in sleep.
Swasan were embarrassed & Virat was looking angry.

At that point DP Closed the Laptop.

DP: It’s enough now.

Sanskar : No bade papa now it’s my turn to show that Swara & me are married.

Sanskar showed some photos from his mobile to DP.

DP showed the photos to all.

Raglak were shocked to see those photos. It contained a whole album of Swasan marriage according to hindu rituals.

Virat (Smirking) : So how are the photos Ragini I have clicked these so they must be good.

Laksh (Angry ): She is your Bhabhi Virat mind your language.

Virat : Jab maine tumhe apna bhai nahi mana to mein Ragini ko apni Bhabhi kaisa manlu & by the way her & my Age is same so I can call her Ragini.

Laksh: Mind your language or …

Laksh was interrupted by DP.

DP: It’s Okay Beta Swara show him the guest room in front of your room.

Swara : Ji bade papa.

Sanskar: Wait a minute Swara.

Swara stops.

Sanskar called someone.

Sanskar : Hello

Girl : Hello

Sanskar: Priya are those papers ready .

Priya : Yes Bhai they are ready.

Episode ends here.

Precap : No Precap.

Guys i will upload on 9th May now.Till then you guess who is Priya ?

Virat is played by Parth Samthaan

Credit to: Abhinav

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