Swasan: Second love (Episode 6)


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Recap: Sanskar revealing about Karma Group of Companies to Swara.

Episode starts with Sanskar laughing on shocked face of Swara.

Sujata came to Swasan room for calling Swara & saw Sanskar laughing.

Sujata(Amused): Why are you laughing so much Sanskar ?

Sanskar: Nothing Mom I gave your bahu a shock early morning just see her expressions.

Sujata looked at Swara. Swara was mouth was still forming a comical ‘O’. Sujata too laughed at Swara’s expressions.

Sujata : Swara come fast it’s your first rasoi today.

Sujata left .

Swara: I am sorry Sanskar I didn’t know you were MS.

Sanskar: It’s Ok Swara see I am happy.

Swara: Ok I should leave before it gets too late.

Sanskar(in mind): You are right Swara MS is strict & khadoos but Sanskar is changing because of you Swara.

After the morning Pooja everyone was sitting on dinning table for breakfast.

Both Swara & Ragini have prepared there first rasoi dishes.

Swara has prepared Kheer which is the only dish she knew & coincidentally it was Sanskar’s favourite& Ragini has prepared Gajar ka halwa which is obviously Laksh’s favourite.

Sanskar: Mom kheer is awesome apne banai hai kya ?

Sujata: No Sanskar Swara has prepared this.

AP: But how Swara knows about Sanskar’s choices.

Swara: Badi maa I didn’t know Sanskar liked it so much I just prepared it because I know only how to prepare a kheer.

Everyone was surprised at Swara’s Honest answer specially DP.

Sanskar was looking very happy.

Adarsh: Sanskar what’s the matter you are looking very Happy today.

Sanskar: Yeah bahi I am very happy today I slept peacefully last night after 5 years, today morning my things were at proper place, I am eating this delicious kheer I am very happy

A man entered MM.

Man : Seeing me will make you double happy Sanskar bhai.

Everyone turned around & Sanskar walked upto the man and happily hugged him.

Sanskar: Yeah Virat I am double happy seeing you after 2 months. Everything is set na here.

Virat : Yeah bhai everything is set I just need your sign on this file so we can present the quotation.

Everyone was looking at the duo confusedly accept Swara as she know about Karma.

DP: What quotation Sanskar ?

Sanskar: Bade papa I need to tell you one thing I am MS the owner of Karma Group Of Companies.
DP, RP , Adarsh & Laksh were shocked as it’s a big name in Mumbai.

RP: You didn’t tell this to us Sanskar.

Sanskar: I was waiting for the right time Dad.

Virat: Bhai I should leave now.

Sanskar: Wait for some time na Virat we will leave together.

Virat: Bhai I can’t stand in this house with these people for a long time.

Everyone was shocked.

Laksh: What do you mean by that Mr.Virat?

Virat(Shouting): You stay out of this Mr. Laksh Maheshwari .

Adarsh : Who the hell are you standing in our house shouting on us.

Virat: Mr. Adarsh I will introduce myself your father will automatically tell you the reason of hatred I have for your family.

Sanskar: Let it go yaar Virat.

Virat : No bhai let me tell them. Myself Virat Rishi Roy.

DP,RP,AP & Sujata were shocked listening to the name.

Virat : Why are you so shocked Mr. Durga Prasad maheshwari ? Yeah I am the son of Rishi & Meeta Roy. She was your sister wasn’t she& what you did you disowned her because she married a Bengali boy.

DP: Beta I am very ashamed for that today but I am a changed man now.

Virat (Shouting): You have changed now but you can’t bring those days back where my mom used to be upset due to you people & you can’t bring that happiness back.

RP: Beta we are really very sorry for that.

Virat(Shouting) : You are sorry you didn’t even came to see her last time when she was dead 6 years back.

AP: Beta it’s nothing like that.

Virat : No it’s like that. It is not the only reason because of you I lost my sister she was daughter of my bade papa & ma.

Sanskar : Please yaar stop it Virat.

Virat : No bhai not today do you want to know the name of my sister.

Everyone was shocked at this accusation.

Swara looked at Sanskar he was looking tensed.

Virat(Teary eyed) : Her name was Kavita Shyam Roy.

Episode ends on shocked faces of Everone present there.

Pecap : Virat stays at MM.Ragini tells everyone that Swasan Marriage is Fake.

This is it guys.Please comment.

Credit to: Abhinav

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    1. Sree thanks for appreciation but Kavita is daughter of sister in law of sanskar’s aunt.

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