Swasan: Second love (Episode 4)


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Here is Episode 4

Recap: Swasan planning & Raglak talking about Swasan knowing the truth.

Episode starts at Badi where all the ladies of MM & Laksh are present for Ragini’s pagphera ritual.
(imagine all what happened in serial as I don’t know about this ritual)

Swara & Sanskar Entered Badi wearing garlands. Everyone was shocked seeing swara’s mangalsutra & sindoor.

Sumi : What is this Swara ? You got married to Sanskar what was the reason to take such such type of step without informing even me ?

Sanskar : Sharmishta Kaki let me explain Swara was about to commit suicide thinking she is the reason for split in the family & to save her & Laksh as Swara was about to get married to laksh & he married ragini he was also in trouble so we got married with mutual consent.

Laksh (Angry) : What is this new drama of yours Swara ?(Shaking her by shoulders)(He was obviously acting in front of family)

Sanskar (Calmly): Maintain some distance Laksh she is your bhabhi now.

All male members of MM Family & Shekhar reached Badi and were shocked to see Swasan married.

DP(Angry): What is this Sanskar ?

Sujata intervened.

Sujata: Bhaisa Sanskar got married to Swara can’t you see.

DP: That I can see sujata but what was the reason he took the step without informing us.

Sujata explained the reason to DP.

Sujata: Bhaisa now they are married what can we do & also till when my Sanskar will live with the memories of Kavita he would have married one day then why not today.

Everyone was shocked as Sujata never wanted a Bengali Girl & never supported Swara.

But Sanskar smiled at Sujata.


Sanskar’s room

Sanskar: Mom I want to marry Swara

Sujata: What you will bring a Bengali bahu for me

Sanskar: Mom what does it matter if she is Bengali Kavita was also Bengali You would have aceepted her for my happiness then why not Swara & she is a half Marwari.

Sujata: But why are you doing this Sanskar ?

Sanskar: I want to rectify my mistakes that’s why I am doing this.

Sujata: Ok then your choice is my choice.

Sanskar: Thank you Mom I love you.


AP: You didn’t wanted a Bengali Girl na Sujata then what happened now?

Sujata: Jiji she is not Bengali she is half marwadi & half Bengali & when no one trusted Sanskar she trusted him & I am happy with my Son’s choice. Sharmistha ji you make preps for Swara’s bidaai.

DP: AP make preps for Swara’s grahpravesh.

Laksh(Angry) : But papa

DP cuts him in middle.

DP: This is my last decision.

Everyone leaves except Swasan & Sujata .

Sharmishta & Dida did swara’s Bidaai


Swara entered MM with all the rituals done. No one was happy with Sanskar’s decision except Sujata. All were reluctant to accept Swara.Everyone left for their rooms except Swasan & Ragini.

Swara: Ragini I am warning you for the last time please stay away from laksh he is just using me.

Ragini: Laksh didn’t married you Swara that’s why you are brainwashing me against him he loves me not you & I will not listen to you.

She leaves from there for her room.

Episode ends on the teary eyed face of Swara.

Precap: Swara sleeping in Sanskar’s arms.

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Credit to: Abhinav

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