Swasan: Second love (Episode 3)


Here is the next episode but i am not getting response if i Didn’t get good response today i will have to end this FF.

Episode 2:http://www.tellyupdates.com/swasan-second-love-episode-2/

Recap: Sanskar beating Laksh. Swara asked Sanskar to marry her.

Episode starts at the shocked face of Sanskar.

Sanskar: What are you saying swara? This is not the right way Swara we will find a better way.

Swara: No Sanskar this is the only way I want to enter MM so as to expose Laksh & Ragini so that bot of our name will be cleared and I also have to make Ragini understand that

Laksh is not the right person for him.

Sanskar: But Swara what about your Maa and Dida ? What will you tell them about this marriage ?

Swara: We will talk to Dida abot this but not with Maa.

Sanskar: OK I am ready for this and I will also try to persuade Mom because we need a supporter in MM.

Swara: Thank You so much Sanskar & she hugged Sanskar in excitement .

Sanskar was shocked & surprised. Swara realised what she did & composed herself.

Swara: Sorry

Sanskar: It’s okay

Swara: Now take Laksh home & I will call you in sometime to execute the plan.

Sanskar reached MM with Laksh.

@ MM 12:30A.M

All are tensed as Laksh still didn’t reached home. Ragini was crying in her sanskari style & Parineeta was trying to console her.

Sanskar entered the hall with unconscious Laksh & everyone is shocked seeing both of them.

Ragini(Crying):What have you done to him Sanskar ?

Sanskar: I didn’t do anything Ragini. He was drinking at Parkstreet & when I reached there he was getting beaten up by some goons. That’s why he became unconscious.

DP(Angry): Adarsh take him to his room.

Adarsh: Ji Papa.

Soon everyone left for their room except Sanskar & Sujata.

Sanskar: Mom I want to talk to you about something important please come to my room.

Sujata: Ke baat karni hai thare ko aaj vaise itna tamasha ho gaya ab kya bacha hai ?

Sanskar: Mom pehle aap room me chalo.

They both left the hall and went to Sanskar’s room.


@Raglak Room 8:00 A.M

Laksh woke up with a severe headache.

Laksh: Why the hell did I drink so much.

Ragini came to the room.

Ragini: Drink this Lemon juice you will feel better.

Laksh: OMG Ragini I just remembered I told all the truth to Swara & Sanskar.

Ragini: What ? You told them everything now we are surely gone .

Laksh: Don’t worry Ragini they have no proof no one will believe them.

Ragini(Tensed): You are right Laksh but still you know Swara she will not sit silently & Sanskar is also with her she will surely try to find proofs.

Laksh: No I will not let them succeed & by the way our marriage night got spoiled so be ready tonight baby.

Ragini ran away from there Blushing.

Laksh(Monologue):Run Ragini Run but tonight will be my night.

Episode ended on smirking face of Laksh.

Precap: Swara & Sanskar entering badi wearing garlands everyone is shocked seeing them.


I will write some dialogues in hindi i am sure you won’t mind.

Credit to: Abhinav

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