Swasan: Second love (Episode 2)


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Episode 1:http://www.tellyupdates.com/swasan-second-love-episode-1/

Here is the Episode 2

Recap: Laksh’s truth revealed

Episode starts at thaw shocked face of Swara & Sanskar

Sanskar(Angry): What the hell are you talking laksh ?

Laksh: Let me complete bro.

Swara: How can you do this Laksh I trusted you so much and Sanskar is your brother how can you do this ?

Laksh: So what would have a done Swara let him become the MD of Maheshwari Group of Companies. So when I got to know about his and Papa’s argument I planned to get him against papa and when told me he is eloping with Kavita I told papa and he decided to disown him.

Sanskar(Crying): You should have told me Laksh I would have left everything for you why did you killed Kavita ?

Laksh(Laughing): I had to do that Sanskar because she would have given birth to the heir of the family and papa would have accepted you one day so I got her killed.

Sanskar (Shouting): Laksh

Sanskar punched him on his face repeatedly due to which Laksh fall unconscious. Sanskar was about to beat him more when Swara stopped him.

Swara: Stop it Sanskar or he will die.

Sanakar: He doesn’t deserve to be alive I will surely kill him.

Swara (Crying):Will killing him bring Kavita back? No na then leave all this Sanskar. I too am heartbroken because of Laksh & Ragini.

Sanskar hugged Swara and she reciprocated. They brokedown in each other’s embrace.
After some time they broked the hug. An awkward silence prevailed which was broken by Swara.

Swara: I want my ma and baba to be united will you help me sanskar ?

Sanskar : I will certainly help you Swara as I want to rectify my mistakes. But what I have to do ?

Swara: Marry me Sanskar.

Episode ends on the shocked and surprised face of Sanskar.

Precap: Swara and Sanskar entering Badi wearing garlands. All are shocked to see them.

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Credit to: Abhinav

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