Swasan: Second love (Episode 14)


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Episode 13 : http://www.tellyupdates.com/swasan-second-love-episode-13/
Episode 14 is here

Episode starts with Virat reaching Mumbai Airport.

@ Mumbai Airport

Virat walked out to exit.A man in Red Tshirt & Black Pajamas was waiting for him.

Virat : Hey Bhai everything is fine na.

Yes he is Sanskar.

Sanskar (Smiling) : Ya I am fine. How is everyone there ?

Virat : Everyone is fine but Sujata Mami cries daily Bhai she is terrible
the time has come when you should come back.

Sanskar : I know we will leave tomorrow & I have a superplan to expose Laksh.

Virat : Lets go home bhai.

Virat & Sansakr left for Sanskar’s Flat.

@ Emerald Society, Bandra

Flat 707

Sanskar & Virat reach there & Sanskar press the door bell.A girl in her early 20s
opened the door.

Girl : You both came I was waiting for you only.

Virat : Hi Bhabhi how are you ?

Yes she is our Swara.

Swara : I am fine. how are you Virat ?

Virat : I am fine but I am very hungry.

Swara laughed.

Swara : Come lets eat dinner.

They ate dinner & talked casually but soon the atmosphere changed with Swara’s question.

Swara(Tensed) : How is everyone Virat ?

Virat : Bhabhi everyone is just terrible especially Sujata Mami & Sharmistha Aunty.

Swara(Crying) : Maa is suffering because of me Sanskar she is in terrible state.

Sanskar hugged her sideways & consoled Swara.

Sanskar : Please Swara stop crying everything will be alright soon.

Swara slept on Sanskar’s shoulders.

Sanskar : Virat what about Laksh what is he doing now ?

Virat : I don’t know but he is trying to gain the position of M.D as soon as possible.

Sanskar : He tried to kill me if I wouldn’t have been lucky we both would have died.


Swasan in Car were holding each others hand.Sanskar thought something.

Sanskar : Swara I have I idea please don’t interupt me in between.Jump off the
Car when I say & wear this cricket helmet(its of virat)

Swara : I am not jumping without you Ok.

Sanskar : Jump off the Car when I say No questions
I will also jump promise & wear the helmet.

Sanskar : Jump Now.

Swara jumps off the car & Sanskar jumps as well befor the cliff.Both got minor injuries
Sanskar contacted Virat & they planned a hideout for him & Swara.

Flashback Ends.

Sanskar took Swara in her arms & went to his room.

Swasan Room

Sanskar put Swara in bed & slept beside her.She hugged him in sleep.

Swara(murmuring) : I love you.

Sanskar : I love you too.



Raglak room

Laksh : I will defame adarsh bahi now.

Ragini : What will you do ?

Laksh : I have done what I should have.

Laksh showed some photos to Ragini & she was shocked.

Ragini : What is this Laksh ? How did you get these photos ?

The photos was of Adarsh with a girl.

Laksh : She is Adarsh bhai’s Ex-Girlfriend Kavya from college.I gave her money &
asked her to get some photos with bhai so that I can defame him infront of Papa.

Ragini : How will you give these photos to PapaJi ?

Laksh : You are asking too many questions wait & watch.

Laksh pulled Ragini on Bed & they got intimate.


Dida’s House

Priya was staying with Dida & Sharmistha.Sharmistha was acting like a Mad.

Priya : Aunty please eat something Swara will not be able to see you like this.

Sharmistha : My daughter will come na.

Priya : She will come aunty but you have to eat your food
varna she will be angry with you.

Sharmistha : No i will eat my food but ask my Swara to come back soon.


@ Emerald Society, Bandra

Flat 707

Swasan Room

Swasan were sleeping in eachother’s embrace & Sanskar was holding her by her waist
& Swara’s head was on Sanskar’s Chest.

Sanskar woke up due to sunrays.

Sanskar : Swara wakeup we have to leave for Kolkata as soon as possible.

Swara : Wait for sometime I am sleepy.

Sanskar : Ok you sleep I am going for shower.

Sanskar got ready.

Sanskar : Swara wakeup now its getting late.

Swara woke up & pecked Sanskar’s Lips & left for shower.

Swasan got ready & left for airport where Virat was waiting for them.They boarded the flight
for kolkata on the way Swara slept on Sanskar’s shoulders.They reach Kolkata & Left for Sanskar’s
Flat where a girl was waiting for them.

Episode ends here.

Precap : No Precap.

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Credit to: Abhinav

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