Swasan: Second love (Episode 13)


Sorry for being late but there was a family function so was busy in that.

The episode starts with a leap of 3 months.

3 Months Leap


A lady was standing in front of two photo frames with garland on them.

Lady : Beta forgive us we have always thought you wrong but why did you
leave us beta you call me Ma na then why did you left your Ma & Swara we know
she did wrong with laksh but She didn’t deserve to die.

Sujata : Jiji don’t sat they died I know my Son & Daughter(Swara) is alive.

Yes the lady was AP.

AP : Sujata try to understand they are no more they are dead.

Sujata : Jiji they are alive I know it.

Virat came there.

Virat : Mami(Sujata) take care of yourselve bhai will come back & would see you like this what would he think.

Priya enters MM.

Priya : Virat assemble everyone in the hall I have to talk to all.

Everyone was present in hall.

Priya : I am here to read the will of Sanskar Bhai.

DP : Will but he died 3 months back you are bringing it today.

Priya : Uncle I had to wait for 3 months according to the will if anything
happens to Bhai.

Laksh as usual interupted

Laksh : What Will bhai would have obviously left everything to us.

Priya : It won’t hurt you if you will listen to me once Mr.Laksh.

Ram : You continue beta we are listening.

Priya : Here is the last testament of Sanskar Ramprasad Maheshwari :

I Sanskar Maheshwari in case of my death is announcing my will which consists of 5 points :

1. Karma Ltd. to be amalgamated with SSM Pvt.Ltd.

2.My flat in Kolkata to be transfered in name of Swara Sanskar Maheshwari.

3.My flat in Mumbai to be transfered in name of VIrat Rishi Roy.

4.My 50% bank account balance to be transfered in my sister Uttara Ramprasad Maheshwari’s account.

5.My 50% bank account balance to be transfered in my Mother Sujata Ramprasad Maheshwari’s account.

Priya : This is the will Uncle.

Laksh : What the hell is this Bhai didn’t leave anything for Maheshwari Group of Companies &
what about the flat in Kolkata as Swara is also dead ?

Priya : Flat in Kolkata would have transfered in my name if anything happens to Swara so its mine now.

DP : But whose company is SSM Pvt.Ltd. ?

Priya : I don’t know Uncle only Bhai knows.

Ram : So that is all.

Priya : Yes Uncle now I should leave.

Virat : I am coming with you Priya.

Virat : Mami(Sujata) I will leave for Mumbai for some work I will not be coming home tonight.

Sujata : Ok beta but please visit the police station & Enquire about Swara & Sanskar.

Virat : Ji Mami.

Virat took blessings from Sujata & left for work.


Dida’s House

Sharmistha was sitting like a lifeless body.

Shekhar entered the house.

Shekhar : For how many days you will sit like this Mishti our Daughter is no more
don’t wait for her.

Sharmishta (Shouting) : She is not our Daughter she is only my daughter & she is alive.

Shekhar : If she would have been alive she would have come back &
what about the bodies which we burned ?

Sharmistha : No it was not my Daughter’s body.My daughter is alive
she will come back you just get out of my sight.

Shekhar(Shouting) : You want me to leave when you desperately wanted to come to me.

Sharmistha slapped Shekhar. Shekhar was shocked.

Sharmistha : My daughter wanted this Shekhar I didn’t wanted this you only trust your
other daughter Ragini so just leave from here.

Shekhar leaves.


Raglak Room

Ragini : Laksh what will happen if everyone got to know the truth ?

Laksh : Nothing will happen Ragini you just stop being scared or you will spoil all our

Ragini : Now what do you want to do next ?

Laksh : Papa & Chachu were thinking of merging the Karma with Maheshwari Companies
& Sanskar would have been chosen as MD & now him being out of way its Adarsh bhaiya i
need to get him out as well & also Karma no longer exists but who is the owner of SSM Pvt.Ltd.

Laksh was in deep thinking when Ragini broke the silence.

Ragini : Now what will you do ?

Laksh : I have a plan for that.

Laksh(Monologue) : I will have to do everything fast if Virat got proof
against me then I will not be able to get the Company & this Mansion.


Virat & Laksh’s Conversation.

Laksh was going somewhere but Virat stopped him.

Virat : I know it was you Laksh.

Laksh(Tensed) : What the hell are you talking Virat ?

Virat : You very well know what i am talking.

Laksh : No I don’t know anything.

Virat : You were the one who got Bhai’s Car Break failed.

Laksh : You have no proof.

Virat : I will get the proof one day.

Virat leaves after that.

Flashback Ends

Laksh : I have to get Adarsh bhai disown from MM as soon as possible.

Episode ends on Laksh’s face.

Precap : Virat reaches Mumbai & meets someone. Laksh’s plan against Adarsh.

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Credit to: Abhinav

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