Swasan: Second love (Episode 12)

Episode 12 is here guys


Swasan Room

Swara : Sanskar what was the need of blaming yourself in proving myself

Sanskar : I told the truth Swara & I don’t care what all thinks about me.

Swara : But this will distance you from the family more & I don’t want this I promised Mom that you will
never leave this house again.

Sanskar : I don’t care Swara.What family Swara did they tried to find me in these 5 years,
did they even care,did they even trust me no so I don’t care.

Swara : Ok but what was the need to hit Laksh in front of everyone.

Sanskar : If any one else would have been in his place I would have done the same.
I will not tolerate I word against you.

Swara : Why do you care so much ?

Sanskar was speechlees.But he answered Swara.

Sanskar : Because you are My Best Friend.

Swara : Is this the only reason.

Sanskar : Yes.

Swara saw his hand which was bleeding.

Swara : Sanskar your hand is bleeding come here let me do the first aid.

Swara tied the Handkerchief on his hand.

Sanskar : Swara It’s ok don’t be so filmy.

Swara : Same for you also.

Both started laughing.

Sanskar : Ok now I will leave for office. Bye Swara.

Swara : Bye Sanskar.

Sanskar : Won’t you give me a goodbye kiss.

Swara(Scandalized) : Sanskar…

Sanskar ran from there & Swara started laughing.

Raglak Room

Ragini was doin first aid of Laksh.

Laksh : I have to do something of my brother Sanskar or he will create hindrances in my path.

Ragini : What will you do Laksh ?

laksh : I will kill Sanskar this time.

Ragini : What are you saying Laksh ?

Laksh : It’s important Ragini i have to shatter Swara or she will expose us.

Ragini : Ok do as you see fit.

Ragini was about to go but Laksh pulled her & kissed her on lips passionately.

1 Month Leap

Ragini tried to defame Swara in front of family members but always
Sanskar’s tactics against her worked & Swara was saved.

Laksh also tried to harm Sanskar but was not succesfull.

Here Swasan day by day were coming closer to each other & Swara also started to fell for Sanskar.
But Swasan were unsuccesfull in exposing Raglak.

Everyone started accepting Swara as Bahu of MM.Swara started preparing
some dishes perfectley as well.

One day in evening Swara was returning from market as she need to buy something.
She was near Sanskar’s Office so she decided to visit him & thought they will leave together for MM.

Swara entered the office & goes to reception.

Swara : Excuse me where is Sanskar’s Cabin.

Receptionist : Oh it’s you Mam please go straight end of the corridor.

Swara : But how do you know me ?

Receptionist : Mam sir told about the Marriage & I saw your photo with sir
in his cabin so it was obvious.

Swara moved towards the cabin & everyone greeted her.

Swara knocked on Cabin.

Sanskar : Come In.

Swara entered the Cabin & Saw Sanskar immersed in a file.

Sanskar : What is it Virat ?

Swara : I am your wife not Virat.

Sanskar came out of file & saw her and was surprised seeing her here.

Sanskar : Oh it’s you I thought must be Virat as he only has the right
to enter my cabin in evening.

Swara : I was in a nearby market so thought to come here & we can go together.

Sanskar : Ok you sit for sometime we will leave in a few minutes.

Swara started reading some magazines but got bored.

Swara : Where is Virat Sanskar ?

Sanskar : Virat he must be playing Cricket in PlayGround he does it every evening with kids there.

Swara : Is it he loves Cricket i guess ?

Sanskar : Who does not in India ? By the way leave it lets leave.

Swasan exited the office happily unaware of the storm coming in thier life.

In Car

Swara : Have you got any other idea for exposing Raglak.

Sanskar : At this point I have no idea.

Swara(Laughing) : So go go go get Idea.

Sanskar(Sarcastic way) : Very funny.

Swara started laughing on seeing Sanskar’s expressions.Sanskar was mesmerized seeing her laughter.
Sanskar was staring at Swara but when he saw her looking toward him he focused on driving but his face turned pale.

Swara notice Sanskar tensed.

Swara : What happened Sanskar ?

Sanskar : The breaks are not working Swara.

Swara : What but how can this happen ?

Sanskar : I don’t know.

Sanskar tried to stop the car but all in vain.

Sanskar : I think we are gonna die.

Swara(Crying) : Don’t say this Sanskar I have to make Maa-Baba one again.

Sanskar was Crying as well.

Sanskar : I know but this is our destiny Swara we are about to die.

Swara : I think you are right do you want to tell me something before dying.

Sanskar : Yes . I know we don’t have much time I only wanna say that I Love You.

Swara’s eyes were moist.

Sanskar : I don’t know how I fell in Love with you,But I can’t imagine my life without you.

Swara hugged him tighly.

Swara : I love you too Sanskar you supported me when nobody supported me.

They remain in position for sometime but the car was out of control now.

They broke the hug they held each others hand.

After sometime there was a blast. A car blasted when it fell in cliff.

Episode ends.

Pecap : 3 Months Leap.

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