Swasan: Second love (Episode 11)

Episode 11 is here guys

A beautiful morning in MM

Swasan Room

Sanskar wakeup with determination of exposing Raglak with his master plan which is only known to him & Virat.

Sanskar took the shower & got ready for office and then he waked up Swara & asked her to get ready for the show.

Sanskar left the room & goes to Virat’s Room.

Virat’s Room

Sanskar knocked the door.

Virat : Come In

Sanskar entered

Virat : It’s you bhai how many times I have told you no need to knock just enter.

Sanskar : These are manners Virat. Ok leave that are you ready for the plan.

Virat : Yeah everything is ready I have convinced that doctor to come here & Inspector Roy will come for sure.

Sanskar : What about those ladies who have admitted Swara to hospital.

Virat : Yeah Priya convinced them to come here they will reach on time.

Sanskar : Ok come down fast.

Sanskar left from Virat’s Room & he met Swara on the way.

Swara : What’s the plan Sanskar ?

Sanskar : I can’t explain there is no time let meexecute it you will know soon.

Swara : But..

She was interupted by Sanskar.

Sanskar : No ifs & buts leave it on me Swara.

Swasan left for the hall.

Everyone completed there breakfast & all the gents were about to leave when Sanskar stopped DP.

Sanskar : Bade Papa I want you to meet someone.

DP : Who you want me to meet ?

Sanskar : Virat call him in ?

Virat : Ji Bhai.

Virat left & came with a police officer.

Sanskar : Bade Papa you might know him he is Inspector Roy. Inspector Roy tell bade papa everything.

Roy : DurgaPrasad Ji that hotel where Swara was found was a family hotel.

Everyone was shocked specially Swara.

Swara(Monologue) : What is he(Sanskar) trying to do ?

DP : Then why did you raid that hotel ?

Roy was silent.

Sanskar : He did it because I told him to do so.

Everyone was shocked except Raglak they were tensed as they don’t know what
is Sanskar trying to do .

DP : What is this nonsense Sanskar ?

Sanskar : This is not nonsense Bade Papa this is the truth.I gave those drugs to Swara because of
which she was behaving weird & she did all those which I asked her to do in the effect of those drugs.

AP : Sanskar what are you talking ?

Sanskar : I am telling the truth Ma this is the truth.

Laksh : Ma offcourse he is lying to save Swara.

Sanskar : I am not lying Laksh but listen the remaining part of the story.Swara didn’t ran away from her marriage
Ragini pushed her in the river.

Ragini : What nonsense are you talking Sanskar I didn’t go with Swara on marriage day to mandir how will I push her.

Sanskar : Ok time for another proof.

Sanskar called Priya.

Sanskar : Bring her in Priya.

Priya entered the MM with a lady.

Sanskar looked towards Swara. Swara was just shocked & was in no state to speak anything.

Sanskar(To Lady) : Aunty you admitted a girl in hospital on 5th August 2015 was she the same girl(Pointing towards Swara).

Lady : Yeah beta she was the same girl.

Everyone was shocked.

Laksh : Offcourse she is an actor hired by Sanskar.

Sanskar : I know you wouldn’t belive me so I have one more proof.

Ragini was getting tensed.

Sanskar : Virat call him in.

A man entered the MM.

Sanskar : He is the same doctor who treated Swara when she was admitted in Hospital.Tell them Doctor.

Doctor : Mr Sanskar is right Mrs Swara was admitted in our hospital & here is the attendance register.

Doctor showed the register to DP & it was passed on to all members & it cleary showed Swara’s name and Sanskar’s name as the one who discharged her.

Laksh : These proofs can be created Sanskar & I trust Ragini.

Laksh to Roy

Laksh : Did you see Ragini with Sanskar Inspector.

Roy : No I didn’t see Ragini with Sanskar .

Laksh : See Papa he is faking the proofs with the help of Virat & this girl Priya.

DP : Sanskar I think Laksh is right when you can cheat us once you can do
this again.

Sanskar : BadePapa I know I have cheated you once but please believe me Swara is innocent.

Laksh : Why should we trust you Sanskar & you are blaming My Wife for this characterless Girl(Pointing Towards Swara).

Sanskar(Shouted) : Laksh & Punched him full on face Laksh fall on ground with the bledding lip.

DP : What is this Sanskar how can you beat him ?

Sanskar : If he will say anything about Swara I will beat him more.

Swara intervened

Swara : Let it go Sanskar please come room I want to talk to you.

Swara held his hand & took him away.

Everybody left from there as well

Virat & Priya’s Conversation

Virat : Thanks Priya for helping.

Priya smacked him on his shoulders.

Priya : From when did this Sorry & ThankYou came in our friendship.

Virat : I am saying it beacuse you helped Swara Bhabhi I can’t see Bhabhi upset I can see
Kavita Di’s Image in her She can keep Bhai happy & I know bhai loves Bhabhi.

Pr?iya : Is it I am so happy for Bhai.But what about Swara does she love Bhai.

Virat : I don’t know but I have seen concern for Bhai in her eyes she needs time she will
surely love bhai.

Priya : Ok we should leave for office now come I will take you today on my Activa.

Virat : Ok but i will ride it has been many days I had a ride of Activa.

Priya : Ok yaar take the keys now lets go.

The episode ends here.

Precap : Swasan Accident.

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Credit to: Abhinav


  1. ishu

    It was nyc chp and i eagrly waiting for next part asap and i think swasan accident is plan swasan it is a guess. You always keep waiting me and frm next chap u should be regular and post next pasrt today only if np is their okay:-):-)

  2. anu

    nice.. update asap.. dont show them dead.. hope its there plan to reveal the truth……

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