Swasan: Second love (Episode 10)


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Here is Episode 10

Sanskar picked up Swara from badi & they came back to MM.Swara helped the other
ladies in preparation of dinner where Sujata helped her.

Everyone took dinner & left for thier rooms except Swara & Ragini.

Ragini : You & Sanskar try as much as you want you won’t be able to reveal our truth.

Swara (Smiling) : The truth will come out one day Ragini then we will see
what happens to you & your husband.

Ragini : We will see Swara we will throw You & Sanskar out of this house.

Saying this she left & Swara also left for her Room.

Swasan Room

Swara entered the room & saw Sanskar sitting on the couch with laptop in his hand
doing some office work.

Swara : Sanskar I need to talk to you.

Sanskar : Yeah tell me I am all ears.

Swara : It has been a couple of days to our Marriage we need a Plan to expose Raglak.

Sanskar : I have a plan Swara.

Swara (Excited) : What is it tell me I need to know.

Sanskar : Wait for tomorrow night because I am not executing the Plan till tomorrow night.

Swara : Why is it so ?

Sanskar : Because I have a surprise for you I know you are sad I can see that on your face.

Swara : I am not sad Sanskar.

Sanskar : You are Swara.Ok leave all that see the Surprise its kept on the side table in envelope.

Swara took the envelope ,opened it & her face lit in a genuine smile & she hugged Sanskar tightly
in Excitement.

A current passed through Sanskar’s Body & he hugged her back.

Swara : Thank You Sanskar ThankYou So much they are My favourite.

Swara realised she was hugging Sanskar & she pulled away from him &
turned her face as a light blush crept her face.

Sanskar : Oh is it I didn’t know The Eagles Band is your Favourite as well I brought
the tickets as you love music & they are my favourite.

Swara turned towards Sanskar.

Swara : Our choices are same Sanskar.But what we will say at home I was away from home even today.

Sanskar : The concert is @10 P.M by that time all the elders sleep & we will leave & I will
inform Mom in Advance.

Swara : Ok Sanskar I am sleepy lets sleep.

Sanskar : You sleep I am coming in a few minutes completing my work.

Swara sleeps after sometime Sanskar also comes to sleep he saw Swara shivering due to A.C
but as soon as Sanskar slept on his side Swara turned to him & slept on his arms.

Sanskar smiled & put his hand on her waist & slept.

In Morning

Swasan Room

Swara as usually was sleeping in Sanskar’s Embrace but this time she woke up first &
saw herself in Sanskar’s Embrace she disentangled herself & left for bathroom.

In BathRoom

Swara(Monologue) :what is happening to me Sanskar is having a effect on me is it love again ?
No No No I like him but love No I have lost trust in Love whoever I love leaves me (Teary Eyed)

Sanskar woke up & heard the sound of shower.He slept back & waited for Swara to come out.

Swara came out wearing a orange anarkali suit.

Sanskar saw her & got mesmerised he came into senses when Swara called him.

Swara : Sanskar wakeup you will got late.

Sanskar : Ye.. Yeah I am waking up.

They got dressed & left for BreakFast & then Sanskar left for Office.


AP,Sujata,Parineeta & Ragini were working in Kitchen. Swara entered in Kitchen.

Swara : Mom do you need any help ?(Asking Sujata)

Before Sujata could reply Ragini interupted

Ragini(Taunting) : Swara you don’t know anything what will you help ?

Swara : I know Ragini but I can learn from Mom, BadiMaa & Bhabhi.

Sujata : Ha beta I will teach you everything but for now you wash the cuttlery & keep it at its place.

Swara : Ok Mom.

Swara starts doing her work but ragini pushed Swara slightly when no one was seeing & A utensil fell on floor & breaks.

Ragini : Swara what did you do you broke a utensil.

Swara : Ragini stop lying you pushed me.

Ragini starts her fake crying.

Ragini :Swara you are blaming me unnecessarily

Parineeta came forward & consoled Ragini but AP blamed Swara.

AP : Swara its better you leave the Kitchen you come when Sujata calls you for teaching

Swara was hurt but she left the Kitchen with moist eyes.

Sujata left after Swara.

Swasan Room.

Swara was sitting on couch with moist eyes.

Sujata entered the room & tried cheering up Swara.

Sujata : Swara beta you don’t worry I will teach you such that you will be a Better cook than Ragini.

Swara : It’s not that Mom everyone in this family hates me only You
& Sanskar care for me I have not done anything but everyone still hates me.

Sujata : Beta Calm Down no one hates you when they will know the truth they will beg
you to forgive them.

Swara hugged Sujata.

Swara : ThankYou Mom for supporting Me & Sanskar.

Sujata : Beta my opinion towards bengali girls were wrong & you are a gem my
Son Blind in revenge but you gave him the right way & I am sorry I got in
Ragini’s words & tried to kill you.

Swara : No Mom don’t be sorry you were doing all this for your Son &
I promise you he will never go away from you.


Sanskar returned from office with Virat he was looking happy.

Swasan Room

Sanskar entered the room & changed his office clothes & was relaxing on couch when Swara entered the Room.

Swara : Hi Sanskar.

Sanskar : Hi Swara. how was your day in this Mad House ?

Swara : It was fine but don’t call it MadHouse waise How was your day ?

Sanskar : It was fantastic Karma got the entry for the Malhotra Tender &
its very important project.

Swara : Is it then Maheshwari Group Of Industries will also be participating in this tender ?

Sanskar : Yes & I keep my Professional Life away from Personal Life so I am not taking my Contract back.

Swara (Monologue) : How did he know I am going to say this ?

Sanskar(Smiling) : I know what you are thinking but always remeber your husband knows Magic .

Swara : Very Funny.

Sanskar : Ok enough of it lets have dinner & leave for concert.

Swara : Yeah I am so excited for the concert.

Dining Table

Sanskar : Virat presentation is ready or not ?

Virat : Bhai its almost ready just have to edit it.

Sanskar : Send me a copy I will see it at night.

RP : Sanskar which presentation ?

Sanskar : Dad Malhotra’s Project Presentation.

Laksh (Angry) : But we have also applied for that how can you go against the family ?

Sanskar (Calmly) : Laksh I keep my Professional life away from my Personal Life.

Laksh : But Sanskar …

Laksh was interuppted by DP.

DP : Sanskar is right Laksh let him apply the best will win .

Then everyone completed there Dinner & left for thier Room & Swasan left for the concert after sometime secretly.

In Car

Swara : But what about your Presentation.

Sanskar : I have already seen it I wanted to ensure that we leave & nobody comes to know.

Swara smiled.

Episode ends on Smiling Face Of Swara.

Precap : Execution of Sanskar’s Plan.

I have replied to your comments in previous episodes & please comment in these episodes.

Credit to: Abhinav

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