Swasan: Second love (Episode 1)


My story starts from the point where Laksh and Ragini got married. Laksh called Swara and told about his whereabouts to her on phone where Sanskar was already present.

[email protected]:00 P.M

Swara reached Parkstreet where sanskar was already there standing with laksh trying to handle him as he was too much drunk.

Swara : Sanskar what are you doing here ?

Sanskar : I was following Lucky after what happened today.But what the hell are you doing here at this time.

Swara : laksh called me and he was sounding drunk so I came here to check on him.

Laksh : You both came. Now let me tell you a big secret The Twist in the tale my brother sanky and my dear shona .

Swasan(Together):What twist Laksh.

Laksh(Laughing): What did you thought Sanskar you will snatch my love from me .I never loved Swara.I just took my revenge.

Swara(Shocked): What the hell Laksh ? What are you saying ?

Laksh: I never loved you. You blackened my face, slapped me, used pepper spray on me so I took my revenge by making you fall in love with me and leave you on the day of marriage. But Sanskar came in middle.

Swara(Crying) : How can you do this Laksh ?

Laksh : You messed with the wrong guy baby and my dear sanky bro I know that you are not mad from the first day itself. So I used ragini against you & you thought ragini was with you .(Laughing madly)

Sanskar: Means you and ragini were together from starting.

Laksh: Yes Bro she trusts and loves me blindly but I don’t love her. I will enjoy with her and enjoy my life to the fullest & one more thing I was the one who has send those goons that day to kill kavita.

Episode ends on shocked face of Swara & Sanskar.

Precap: Sanskar beating Laksh.

please do comment guys it’s my first story.

Credit to: Abhinav

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  1. OMG!!!!!! I seriously cant wait to know how this story turns out to be……….this part was short but it came like a bullet.waiting to read the next part !!

    1. Thanks swen.I will upload the next part as soon as possible.

  2. Gud start plz continue nd make swasan

    1. Thanks Anu & it’s already swasan.

  3. Nice start and continue soon….

    1. Thanks will continue as soon as possible.

  4. Nice nut seriously wanna lakah to love swara ( mad lover)

    1. I will make laksh & ragini positive after some episodes.

  5. Superb episode and nice track

    1. Thank you Harshita

  6. Wow nice

    1. Thanks Bresh

  7. Super story line… Totally different

    1. Thanks.

    1. Thanks

    1. Thanks.

  8. OMG!!!!! Such a nice and different story 😀 plsssss update soon

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