Swasan second chance episode 47

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***********Second Chance***********

Swasan were sleeping peacefully in each others embrace sanskar had a beautiful smile but our lovely swara was little dull the sun ray falls on her disturbing her sleep she opened her beautiful eyes only to see sanskar sleeping peacefully hugging her with a smile a lone tear escaped from her eyes thinking about leaving him and hiding about her pragnancy just when another tear was about to fall she felt him wiping she looked at him who was looking at her like what happened….

San: (confuse seeing her tear) what happened swara why are u crying I am noticing from from 2 days that u are hiding something

Sw: (trying him divert) no no nothing (wiped her tear) I am fine

San: (pointing at her tear) than why those tears

Sw: (hugged him) I will miss u that’s why (he broke the hug and look at her why) I told u yesterday I wanna go to ma so today I am leaving

San: (sat immediately on bed) what today and why (looked at swara) what’s so hurry Han I said we can go together

Sw: (not wanting to discuss more) not again please sanskar and yeah my train is at 13: 00 o clock

San: (shocked) what but swara I have very important meeting I will cancel

Sw: no u won’t sanskar it’s OK na I will go with driver pleasee

San: but swara..

Sw: shhhh it’s OK na please u just concentrate on your meeting OK

San: (gave fake smile) hmm OK

Sw: (hug him) I love u (hope he will also say)

San: (smiled) I know (smiled sadly) (in mind: I love u too soon I will confess my love than we will live together forever)

They parted from hug and sanskar left to get ready after sanskar swara went to get ready and also packed her bag…both had their breakfast sanskar spend little with swara he was sad that he even can’t drop her because of his meeting…after spending little time with swara sanskar left for office…

San: (hugged swara) bye and take care call me when u reach OK

Sw: (hugged him more tightly) I will

After 5 min both broke the hug swara was looking at him with teary eyes sanskar looked at swara and kissed on her teary eyes while swara closed her eyes to feel his touch after kissing on her eyes he kissed her forehead…he looked at her and leaned to kiss on her lips they lips were just about to touch when sanskar looked at swara feeling his breath swara opened her eyes both looked at each other and sanskar placed his lips on her both were kissing each other lovely it was sweet yet a passionate kiss both were showing their love to each other in this sweet kiss after few minutes they broke the kiss sanskar once again kissed on her forehead and left for his meeting while swara saw him leaving she smiled at him with teary eyes…

Swara took her bag and left with driver to station on the way she was remembering all their beautiful moments she was feeling bad for leaving but her insecurity made her do this…

Sanskar came back home again because he forgot his file and went to their room…

Swasan room…

Sanskar was searching the file here and there he opened swara wardrobe thinking maybe his file is there while he was checking he saw blue file…he took the file out and saw swara name and was confuse seeing her name on it and also the name of hospital…

San: (think) when did swara went to doctor and what’s was the need of doctor she was fine na (remember her behaviour from 2 days) why didn’t she told me that she is not fine let me see (opened the file and was shocked to read) she is PREGNANT (he read the file again and again) she is pregnant why didn’t she told me (sat on bed) i am so bad she was feeling not well instead taking her to doctor I was concentrating on business and now when she is pregnant she left for kolkata (remember swara going) Kolkata it’s mean oh god (he looked at time) swara why didn’t u told me

He run out of house immediately as there was still time left and drove his car to station on the other hand swara was waiting for train the train got delay for more 10 mins….sanskar was driving his car fast to reach to swara he was feeling like he will lose her forever which he can’t let her do…

After 20 minutes sanskar reached on station and run to swara platform he was looking overall to find swara but she was nowhere to seen…he saw train going he sat on bench hiding his face with hands  he was cursing himself behind swara leaving tears welled up in eyes thinking he lose her forever if had confessed his love this wouldn’t happen swara would have been here with him he was sitting there from 5 minutes cursing himself when he heard sobbing sound he looked other side too see than his eyes caught her she was sitting there on a bench and crying while looking down   he immediately went to her and stood in front of her she looked up and found sanskar standing in front of her seeing him she cried more and hugged him he didnt hugged her back as he was angry on her she broke the hug and looked at him but he ignored and start walking while swara still standing he turned back she was still standing tbere he walk again to her and pulled her from wrist towards himself shocking her she was crying while he gave only her death glare without paying any heed to her he start walking with her to car and drove to mansion…

Swasan room…

Sanskar brought swara at home angrily and throw her on bed shocking her…

Sw: (shocked on his behaviour) sanskar (he gave her death glare)(crying) I am sorry

San: (angry) oh really but I don’t think so u know what I am  sorry for bringing u back I am really sorry (held her from shoulder) sorry for destroying your planning

Sw: (stammering) pl…planning (try to turn)…

San: (made her look) why we’re u leaving me (tears start escaping from her eyes) u are PREGNANT that’s why na (she looked at him in shock) why didn’t u told me swara why

Sw: (crying) sanskar…

San: (*angry) tell me dammit

Sw: (crying) because I was scared

San: (confuse) scared

Sw: Han scared what if u didn’t trust me that this your child (looked at him) u don’t remember anything our moments you forgot everything about us you accepted me  I was really happy but that doesn’t mean u didn’t doubted me or my love each time I tried to prove my love to u and tried to do something to get your memory back but sanskar I failed I tried to make u fall for me I don’t know even I am successful in that or not but I love you sanskar I really do but I also love this baby now it’s maybe 1 day I got to know but he is part of me of our love what if u have rejected him than…

San: (felt bad for her but still angry) and what If I have accepted him Han (made her look and cupped his face) I might not tell u my feelings swara but it doesn’t mean I don’t have any feelings for you

Sw: (hoping) do you have feelings for me sanskar

San: I had but you destroyed swara by not telling me about OUR baby

Sw: (shocked) sanskar I

San: (ignoring her) you just take rest I will be back

Sw: (try to hold his hand but he moved away) sanskar listen 

Swara sat on bed crying she know she did wrong but still he was the one who said he need time what if he didn’t had accepted she were broken and what ever in her mind came she did without thinking  but know seeing him ignoring her hurts her badly…..

Leap of 2 weeks from the day sanskar brought swara back he just ignored her but didn’t stop taking care of her and their Baby…swara tried many time to talk to him but he didn’t paid any heed to her or her pleading he was also feeling bad for hurting her but it was needed to give her a lesson for leaving him and mostly for not sharing with him…

At the evening swara was sitting and reading something when sanskar entered the room both looked at each other bit sanskar being sanskar ignored her and left to washroom seeing him going swara got sad and went near window she was looking outside when sanskar came out of washroom swara turn to him he was about to leave when she held his hand it’s was enough how long will he ignore her like this…

Sw: (sad angry) enough is enough sanskar u can’t ignore me like this

San: (looked at her) oh really but you can leave without letting me know

Sw: (sad) sanskar I know I did wrong but…

San: there is no but swara I am happy finally you accepted you did wrong

Sw: (giving up) I am sorry

San: do u think your sorry can make it up what you destroyed

Sw: (had enough of his taunting) what do you wanna hear Han tell me na I will say it’s enough sanskar I can’t take it more your ignorance is killing me

San: (sad) and your leaving had killed me almost

Sw: (crying) sanskar (sat on her knees) I am sorry I am really I didn’t know what I was doing sanskar but trust me I never wanted to leave you….

San: (bend down hugged her) shhhh even i am sorry but I was hurt you didn’t shared this new with me and mostly thought to leave me swara I know I said i need time but it doesn’t you can leave me when u are pregnant…

Sw: (hugged him) I am sorry

San: (caressing her back) it’s okey now stop crying

Sw: hmmmm (stayed in hug) sanskar

San: (hugging her more tightly) hmm

Sw: are u happy (he try to face but she hugged him more) please stay like this and tell me are you happy with this baby

San: (lost in thought) I don’t know swara how should I explain to u I mean it’s most beautiful feeling being parents even I am very happy that I am going to a father u know when I left everyone I promised myself that I won’t let my baby suffer the same which I suffered without my parents and family…if he or she is wrong I will be still there to bring them on right path but will never leave them in midway of their life…when I saw your report I was shocked I don’t know how to react it was a sudden news for me were I didn’t knew how to react but when I remember u are leaving than thought maybe this is the reason behind your leaving I got so much angry on you on that day if you had told maybe situation little different today I wouldn’t had ignored you but still I accept your thinking don’t think I ignored because u were leaving me I ignored you also because i felg guitly that I didn’t let you know my feelings for you we might had some physical moment but still I know you wanted something else than physical moment you wanted to gave name to our moments you have already gave a name of LOVE from your side but it’s was still incomplete from my side I am sorry to make you suffer along with me I am really sorry…and coming to trust I know in starting I didn’t trusted you that much even I asked arnav and karthik if u have told me true or you are laying but u know swara since the day you are here I trust you more than myself please belive me…I will never leave u or our Baby trust me

Tears of happiness were rolling down from swara eyes today she was beyond happy and also guilty for try to leave him and also not telling him about their baby….

Sw: (happy) I am sorry sanskar (broke the hug both faced each other)

San: (smiled) I am also sorry (wiped her tear) now stop crying

Sw: (she nodded in yes and hugged him tightly) hmmm…

Sanskar picked her up made her lay on bed he also laid beside her both were facing each other he kissed on her forehead and she on his cheek after wishing good night both slept in each other embrace….



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