Swasan second chance episode 46

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***********Second Chance***********

At office in cabin…

Swara still crying thinking about their words on the other hand sanskar was damm angry on his employees and mostly on himself for accepting Swara demand not to reveal her identity which lead people badmouthing Swara…

San: (angry without seeing swara) now happy Han if u hadn’t stopped me na for not revealing  ur identity this wouldn’t happened(saying this he throw a glass) and that nikhilhow dare he to propose u (and remember employees bad mouthing her…got more angry held swara from shoulder making her scared) when they were bad mouthing about u couldn’t you speak something dammit Han  (she jumped little when he shouted at her) answer me dammit for what was u waiting to get more insulted from them Han (jerk from shoulder turn other side) blo*dy cheaper I would have killed them….(kicked nearby chair)

Hearing snobbing sound sanskar turned to swara soon his all anger washed away seeing Swara looking down and crying he immediately took her in his embrace to make her feel protective and also to assure her that he is with her and also vad for shouting at her abd making her scared……

Sw: (crying while hugging him) I am sorry sanskar i am sorry it’s all because of me If I hadn’t said that day this wouldn’t happened I (intrrupeted by sanskar )

San: (hugging her tightly) shhhh shhh I am sorry swara for shouting it’s not your fault I am really sorry I just got angry that’s it… (broke the hug) I am sorry (kissed her forehead)

Whole day passed like this after consoling swara both swasan started their work even other employees on knowing swara is their boss wife start giving her respect which made swara 1st uncomfortable so she asked the employees to behave with her like they did before….
While working swara was feeling not well she didn’t said anything to sanskar as she didn’t wanted to disturb him more duet herself she was feeling little dizzy and also like vomiting but ignore this she continue her working….after their work swasan left together home happily…

At home swasan room…

After having dinner sanskar changed his cloths and start working on few file which were incomplete mean while swara went into washroom to change her cloths…
Swara came out of washroom being little confuse and took her phone to check something sanskar saw swara little confuse but ignored and was concentrating on his work…

Sw: (checking on her phone in mind) how can this happen this is second time I think I need to consult a doctor Han that will be better i will go tomorrow  (looked at sanskar) but what will I say to sanskar

Swara was thinking all this looking at Sanskar feeling her gaze Sanskar looked up and found Swara looking at him but still lost in her thoughts… 

San: (looking at swara) swara what happened (she was still lost in thoughts) swara (saying this he walk to her and placed his hand on her shoulder bring her to sense she looked at him) are u ok

Sw: (came in sense) yeah I am fine don’t worry (gave him her fake smile)

San: (still confuse with her behavior) hmm come let’s sleep

Sw: (nodded in yes and gave a tight smile) hmmm 

Both laid on bed swara turned other side by now sanskar was sure something is disturbing and thought to ask again her…

San: (facing her back) swara (turned to him) are u sure u are fine

Sw: (smiled seeing his care) han sanskar I am

San: (smiled) hmm good night

Sw: good night

Both smiled at each other sanskar pulled swara in his embrace and closed his eyes while swara smiled at him and hugged him tightly….

At morning…

Sanskar was getting ready for office he looked at swara who was still sleeping he smiled seeing her sleeping peacefully and walked to her and kissed on her forehead she smiled feeling his touch and opened her both looked at each other happily sanskar caressed her cheek…

San: (while caressing her cheek) get ready we have to leave for office..

Sw: (thought something) amm sanskar (he looked at her) I don’t wanna go office

San: (confuse) why (remember yesterday incident) are u saying because of yesterday (cupping her face) than don’t worry swara I will be with u

Sw: (smiled seeing his concern) I know sanskar u are with me and I am not saying because yesterday its just I don’t feel like going

San: (concern) are u fine ? are u feeling unwell ? should I call doctor ?

Sw: (sat straight on bed and lough) hahaha sanskar I am fine its just I don’t have mood so please understand na (saying this she looked at him like pleading)

San: (smiled) oh ok u stay here than (to which she smiled happily) bye

saying he left while swara got ready and took a appointment by doctor immediately she wanted to tell sanksar but than thought not to bother him about that…

at hospital

swara was waiting for doctor to come with report on reaching hospital she gave 1st her blood test now is waiting for report in her cabin…

sw: (saw doctor coming with report) what happened doctor anything serious I mean why I am not getting this is second time but why

doc: (smiled) relax mrs meheshwari its normal in that state

sw: (confuse) normal what do u mean

doc: (smiled) u are PREGNANT mrs maheshwari congratulation

sw: (happy tears of happiness start fowling down from her eyes) whaaat I am pregnant (touched her belly) I am going to soon be a mother

doc: (gave her, her report) yes

sw: (smiled with teary eye) thank you thank you so much (saying this she left taking her report)

at swasan room

sw: (read the report again and again) oh god I am soooooo happy (touching belly) I am pregnant (took phone was about to call sanskar) I should tell him yeah I will we are becoming parents woooow (but soon the realization hit hard of sanskar memory loss) how will I tell him (sad) he don’t even remember anything (placed the report between her cloths) but I can’t hide even how should I tell him when he will come than I will think han that’s good…

whole day pass like this swara thinking how to sanskar about her pregnancy she was waiting for him at 20:10 pm he came at home being hell tiered both had their dinner together sanskar did some office work also swara tried to talk with him but being nervous she couldn’t talk to him…

both laid on bed sanskar looked at swara who was thinking very deeply how to tell him about her being mother of his child when he doesn’t remember of them being together and having a relationship he might have accepted her till know but doesn’t mean he love her…

san: swara

sw: (still lost) hmmm

san: what happened ?

sw: (looked at him) nothing just missing mom

san: (smile) didn’t u talk to her

sw: I did u know (turning to him) I was thinking to meet mom

san: (smiled) no problem we can go

sw: (panicked) not WE (he looked she calmed herself) I mean only me (gave him reason) u have work here sanskar

san: han but I can still go

sw: (try to convice him) I was thinking to stay there for 2 weeks at least please don’t stop your work for me please I know how much work u have so stop it

san: (accepted) fineee

sw: (smiled) thanks

in midnight swara woke up she couldn’t sleep till know and sat on bed and sanskar hand was on her belly she smiled seeing his hand and caressed his hair lovely and place her hand on his hand which was on her belly…

sw: (monologue) I am sorry sanskar for laying I am really sorry (looked at sanskar) I can’t tell u about my pregnancy I can’t u don’t even remember about us than how can I tell u about our baby its been long sice we are leaving together after your memory loss but still u didn’t remembered anything what if in future u also didn’t remember anything… no sanskar I can’t what if u don’t accept him or her no no even the thought scared me like hell I love u sanskar and I can’t live without u but now even I can’t (pressing his hand more on her belly) live without our baby which is symbol of our love and mostly your unconditionally love sanskar and I can’t let him go from me (tears fall from her eyes) I wished I could share this with ui wished but I know I can’t that’s why I am going sanskar I am going (she looked at him and kissed his forhead cheek and pecked on his lips and whisper in his ear) I love u and I am sorry

saying this she hugged him while crying also the thought of leaving him was killing her inside but she have to this for their baby……

             Swara leaving sanskar?

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