Swasan second chance epi 41 to 45

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——————second chance—————–

In the morning swasan were sleeping hugging each other feeling swara little movement sanskar sleep got disturb he opened his eyes to find himself laying above swara he looked at swara who was sleeping peacefully with a slight smile on her lips seeing her glowing face early in the morning sanskar was mesmerized she was looking very beautiful while sleeping peacefully he moved his hand and caressed her cheek lightly feeling his touch she smiled little and try to cuddle more to him….seeing her like this he smiled and kissed her forehead lovingly and got up went to washroom feeling alone swara also got up and find sanskar missing she looked here and there hearing shower sound she realized sanskar is in washroom…She laid again on bed lazily and covered herself with blanket as she was feeling little cold after few minutes sanskar came also from washroom drying his hair with towel and other towel was around his waist hearing door sound swara opened her eyes and found sanskar bare chest and drying his hair she was lost in him in his hotness and well-built body he was looking greek god to her few water drops were fowling on his bare chest making him look more hot….feeling her gaze on him he turned to her side and found her staring at him making him smile she looked at him a blush crept on her face making his smile grew wider….

He walk to wardrobe to take cloths while swara gaze was still on him he was searching his cloths what to wear he turned to swara she smiled at him and got up from bed went near wardrobe took his cloths out for him and forward to while still staring at him…

San: (lean closer to her) staring is rude don’t u know

Sw: (move little more closely) so what I am staring my property and I don’t think it’s wrong

San: (pulled her from waist her hand on his bare chest) oh really

Sw: (liitle shy feeling him so close to her) sanskar

San: (he moved his face little close to her ears few drop of water fall on her making her Goosebumps) hmm (she tight her grip feeling his hot breath on her neck he was inhaling her morning scent which is enough to him to drive crazy)

Both were lost in the moment both were feeling happy inside their heart the feeling they get from each other is very special and mostly very strong feeling which held desire passion for each other the longing their madness to get each other….this is the feeling which kept them together no matter in which situation they are the main thing is that they are together and can fight together as long they are together….

While inhaling her scent sanskar moved towards her neck slowly while swara start roaming her hand on his bare chest to feel him and also showing him her love for him he was about kiss on her neck when his phone start ringing disturbing their beutifull moment both moved aside sanskar looked at swara who was not looking happy at all being away him he smiled little and kissed her forehead she looked into his eyes find something new for her she don’t know what but still something was in his eyes even his smile to her mean something different to her she was still standing there while sanskar walk to his phone after talking at phone sanskar left to get ready in washroom after sometime he came back and saw swara taking her cloths out…

San: (walk to her) I am leaving

Sw: (looked at him) so early its only 7 na

San: han but have some work u come with driver ok

Sw: hmm ok but what about breakfast

San: don’t worry I will do in office

Sw: hmmm

Sanskar left to office while swara got ready wearing black jeans and red top she filled her hairline with sindoor and tied her mangelsutre after having her breakfast she left with driver to office…

At office 9am..

Sanskar was working on important file he was trying concentrate on file but his mind and thoughts were filled with swara while working on file he was continuously looking through mirror glass to see whether swara arrived or not…

San: (in mind) when will she come han (looked at time) now its 9 am but still madam didn’t arrived why she is taking so long (leaned back to his chair and closed his eyes) oh god I am missing her my beauty one day I am defiantly gona lose my everything to her because of her even I can’t concentrate on my work this feeling is very new to me whenever I see her I just wana hug tightly never letting her go away from me I never had any kind of feeling for kavita also I dint had any passion or desire to get kavita also which I have for swara she is the only girl who is ruling over me even I am letting her do what is happening with me did I really love kavita nah I don’t think so these feeling which I have for swara for kavita I didnt had any kind of this feeling so its mean I AM IN LOVE WITH SWARA  oh god how stupid can I be (he opened his happily on realizing his love for swara but soon his happy face change into angry young man his eyes became red not only his eyes in fact his whole was becoming red duet anger seeing the sight swara his swara in Nikhil arms he immediately stood up went near glass looking hell angry)

sanskar was lost in his thought mean while swara entered in office she was looking very beautiful her beauty was enough to make everyone fall for her girls were getting jealous seeing swara gaining everyone intention so easily…. she was walking smiling thinking about her sanksar suddenly she dashed with Nikhil and was about to fall but he held her from waist she closed her eyes in fear while Nikhil was lost in her innocence and beauty this was seen by sanskar when he came out of his though and saw swara in Nikhil arms…

He was getting angry they way Nikhil was holding his swara his wife his love when swara opened her eyes and found herself safe she looked at Nikhil then little around and was getting little uncomfortable with his gaze she try to get up before she could Nikhil pulled her with such force that she landed on his chest it was showing that they were hugging each other mean while sanskar also came out of his cabin he still angry on Nikhil for touching his swara…swara try break the hug but found sanskar staring at her she could see he was getting angry the way he made fist to control himself swara immediately broke the hug she was about to go towards sanskar but Nikhil held her from going which made sanskar more he glared at swara angrily and left to his cabin again making swara sceard…

Sw: (thinking about sanksar anger) Nikhil leave my hand

Nik: (left her hand she was about to go) swara

Sw: (looked at him) han

Nik: (hesitating) woh I I just wanted to ask

Sw: (not interested in his talk) Nikhil I will meet u later not now (saying this she left towards sanskar cabin making Nikhil little confuse..)

Sanskar cabin…

Swara walk in sanskar cabin without knocking and found sanskar walking here and there angrily she walk in cabin little to him seeing her coming he immeditily went to her and pinned her on wall…on his sudden action swara gaps his eyes were red with anger making her little sceard but with anger she found a new passion in his eyes which were showing her he moved little closer to her while pinning her hand on wall making her breath go heavier………………………….????????

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—————-SECOND CHANCE—————

Sanskar cabin…

Swara walk in sanskar cabin without knocking and found sanskar walking here and there angrily she walk in cabin to him seeing her coming he immeditily went to her and pinned her on…on his sudden action swara gaps his eyes were red with anger making her little sceard but with anger she found a new passion in his eyes which were showing her he moved little closer to her while pinning her hand on wall making her breath go heavier….

Sw: (breathing heavily duet his closeness) sans…

Here word left incomplete when sanskar smashed his rough lips on her soft lips making her shock her eyes got wide with his sudden attack on her lips he was chewing her lips roughly making her more shock he never kissed her like this whenever they shared their kiss it was sweet and mostly gentle but today she is seeing new shade of sanskar the way he was kissing her hard he removed his one hand while kissing her to her hair and pulled her from hair more to him…swara moved her hand to his shoulder to hold him he bited on her lower lip angrily making her moan in pain her lower lip start bleeding duet his bite he was sucking her lower lip drinking her blood and entered his tongue in side her mouth and roamed every corner….

Sanskar was kissing her madly showing his jealousy and anger he moved his other hand in her top caressing her bare wais… swara moved her hand to his hair and back she was caressing his back to calm him she was loving this new side of sanskar and mostly this kiss it was very new to her she never had a hard kiss she was trying to response him back but sanskar didn’t gave her any chance to response back she tried and tried but after sometime gave up and let sanskar do what her want…after sometime sanskar broke the kiss and looked at swara who was already looking at him he cupped her face…

San: (jealousy and possessive) u are mine only mine do u get that (shocked) no one has any right on u except me MARK MY WORD IN YOUR HEART AND MIND…

Sw: (shocked) sanskaaar

San: (caressed her cheek) u are mine swara sanskar maheshwari only mine

She felt happy when he joined his name with her she could see his possessiveness behavior towards herself and also she got to know he is jealous the way he behaved yesterday and also today and the way he confessed she is his only his made her feel happiest ever why not today he himself is confession that she is his and only his…swara cupped his face and made him look at her….

Sw: (cupping his face) I am only urs sanskar only urs

Saying this she placed herlips on his taking him into sweet yet passionate kiss both were kissing each other slowly yet hungrily their tongues were fighting with each other to enter in his and hers mouth but this sanskar let swara take the lead which she accepted happily being long kiss both broke the kiss and swara hugged sanskar tightly…

San: (hugging) I am sorry

Sw: (broke the looked at him confusedly) for what

San: (touched her lips making shiver under his touch) for this (saying this he pecked her lips to which she smiled and hugged him again) swara

Sw: (still hugging) hmmm

San: (happy feeling her close) today we have a party

Sw: (looked at him still in his arm) party why

San: (explain) we got a project na so that why karthik throw part tonight

Sw: tonight

San: (nodded in yes) han u get ready driver will pick u up

Sw: (sad) and u

San: (pecked her cheek making her today shock) I will come directly to venue I have some work

Sw: (smiled) hmmm

Whole day pass like this sanskar was calm now but still he kept swara with him after sometime swara left office to get ready for party….

At party….

Sanskar reached on the venue and was looking for swara but till know she didn’t reached everyone was enjoying the party which already had begun few couples were dancing happily he was waiting for while talking karvi and arshi but his eyes were on entrance the girls were looking at him dreamingly and why not he was looking very hot and handsome wearing black suit and was giving his killer look which can make everyone fall for him but his eyes were searching for his lady love who till didn’t reached he was sad but soon his sad face turned into happy face and was memorized seeing his angle coming wearing black gown with matching accessory she put little make up but dark red lipstick tempting him making him go crazy with her one look…swara looked here and there to find sanskar than her gaze fall on her handsome husband who looking very dashing and mostly hot in his black suit seeing each other both start walking towards each other…sanskar stop walking when Nikhil came between seeing him sanskar made a fist to control him or else he will kill Nikhil today swara looked sanskar being worried she know that sanskar don’t like Nikhil being close to her…

Sw: (try to go) Nikhil

Nik: (held her hand) swara please come dance na

Sw: (try to deny) please nikhil not but maybe later

Nik: please swara its been long that we spent some time together

Sw: (try too make excuses) sorry Nikhil I cant

Nik: come on swara please for once please

Sw: (saw him pleading) ok fine

Nik: (happy) thanks

Saying this he took swara to dance floor while swara was looking at sanskar who was looking angry and burning in jealousy she was giving pleading look but he didn’t gave any dam he walk back to arshi and karvi who were smiling seeing him jealous…

At swara side both reached on dance floor Nikhil pulled swara from waist to closer which made her uncomfortable but sanksar angry for his wife they were dancing with rhythm during whole dance swara eyes were on sanskar who was looking dam jealous and angry without thinking anything he went to dance floor when sanskar reached on dance floor Nikhil twirl swara she lost her balance and fell on sanskar….

She looked up and found sanskar staring her he made her stand and pulled her towards himself possessively Both shared a beautiful eye lock….and light got off and spotlight fell on them…

tere bina jeena kya
tere bina jeena kyun

what’s it to live without you?
why would I love without you?
[as in, there is nothing in life without you worth living.]

they start moving their body according to song were still looking at each other there was passion love desire for each other in theirs eyes making their passionate….

tujhe kaise bataun yaara
tere bin mujhpe kya guzre
wo zindagi hai hi nahi
jo tujhse judaa guzre

how do I tell you my beloved,
what is my condition without you.
it’s no life
that passes without you.

He twirled her and back hugged and move her little to aside when his finger touched her bare shoulder she shivered little and try move but he pulled her to him by placing his hand on her bally…

Dhal jaun main tujh mein
ghul jaun main tujh mein
mil jaaun main tujh mein yaara..

let me mould into you,
let me dissolve into you,
let me mix into you, O beloved.

He went near her ear and whispered to her making her shiver and Goosebumps

San: (whispering) beautiful (bite on her earlobe making her moan)

Sw: (moan which only he could her) sanskaar

kahin se bhi chaloon main
kahin se guzroon main
tujhi se aa miloon main yaara

from wherever I start,
from wherever I pass,
I come and meet you, O beloved.

he again twirled her breaking the back hug he left her she walk little far and than run to him he held her from waist and made her jump in air she opened her hand to feel air…

zara sa sirphira hoon
zara sa baawra hoon
jaisa bhi hoon tera hoon yaara

I’m a bit of a madcap,
I am a little crazy,
but however I am, I am yours, O beloved.

She was smiling but soon her smiling vanished and had tough time to control her breathing was getting heavier because of sanskar he was kissing on her tummy which was unnoticed by other….

teri palkon tale meri saans chale
meri saans chale tere dum se

my breath moves below your eyelids,
my breath moves from your breath.

He slowly made swara down while her hand to his face she looked at him lovingly still breathing heavily with his sweet torture which was making her crazy…

Dhal jaaun main tujhme
ghul jaaun main tujhme
mil jaaun main tujhme yaara..

tu kaagzon pe dil ke
likha hua hai tab se
duniya mein hoon main jabse yaara

you are written on the papers of heart,
since the time when
I am in this world, O beloved.

Both again start dancing with the song rhythm sanksar was giving swara though time to control herself with his every sweet torture swara getting weaker…

tu mera ho chuka hai
dil phir bhi maangta hai
har lamha tujhko rab se yaara

you have become mine,
still this heart asks God
for you every moment, O beloved.

He went little again closer to her while going closer he blew his hot breath on her she tight her grip on his back…and gave light kiss on her cheek down to her neck still dancing so that nobody can notice their romance while he was gving her light kisses swara was looked here there to see if any one notice but thank to nobody did…she moaned when sanskar slightly bite on her neck…

Sw: (moan) ahhh sanskaaar (try make some distance) sanskar

San: (still kissing) hmmm

Sw: (looking here there) please stop what if someone see

San: (still busy) I don’t care u are mine only mine

Sw: (happy) I know but still please

San: (bite on her earlobe) hmmm (making her moan)

mera tere siva koi aur nahi
tu na hona khafa kabhi mujhse

there is nobody mine other than you,
never be angry with me..

they were lost in their world and romance soon came back into world hearing clap sound making our swasan come back to earth both move back from each other while blushed looking at sanskar who smiled at her….

Dhal jaun main tujhme
ghul jaun main tujhme
mil jaun main tujhme yaara..

after their passionate dance both smiled at each other before swasan could come once again together Nikhil took swara away making sanskar once again jealous he took her to meet their old friends which made swara really happy she was laughing with her friend he was about to go behind her but an Idea stuck in his mind he smiled naughtily and went to bar were a girl waering short dress walk to him and start flirting with him this was seen by swara she now jealous seeing luring on sanskar making her angry…

sw: (in mind looking at girl) huh churdail mera hi pati mila tha to flirt huh (looked at sanksar who was smiling actually he smiling seeing swara getting jealous) look how much he smiling some time ago he was saying na I am his only his now what happened to him (getting angry she walk to him) sanksar (said looking at girl) sanskar (he didn’t paid heed and went with the girl holding her hand making swara more angry)

she was looking at them when a bartender made her look to him he placed a glass of alcohol for someone swara looked at sanskar than alcohol glass getting angry she took glass in her hand and drank in one shot and asked bartender for more…sanskar looked at her in shock he was about to go but the girl his hand which jerked mean while swara rank 3 glasses she was about to drink another glass when sanksar stopped she jerked his hand away and drank in front of him…. 

To be continue????????

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—————-SECOND CHANCE—————

sanskar looked at her in shock he was about to go but the girl held his hand which he jerked mean while swara drank 3 glasses she was about to drink another glass when sanksar stopped she jerked his hand away and drank in front of him looking straight into his eyes while sanskar was giving her death glare which she didn’t bother…

Sw: (fully drunk to bartender) one more (saying this she placed glas)

The bartender was about fill but seeing sanskar angry glare he back off sanskar pulled swara to himself…

San: (held swara) swara

Sw: (drunk pushed sanskar away) don’t touch me with ur dirty hand

San: (shocked) whaaat

Sw: (telly) haan that (pointed at the same girl who held his hand) chudrail touched u na (start walking to her while stumbling) i won’t leave that chudrail now for touching u how dare she touch my sanskar

Saying this swara went to the girl who were flirting with sanskar while sanskar was shocked hearing her he was looking at her in shock but soon came in sense hearing the scream of the girl his eyes got wide seeing the scene but to his shock more the music stopped everyone was looking at swara arshi and arvi came near sanskar who was still in shock..

Kar: (shaked little sanskar) sanskar (looked at him) stop her or else she will kill her

he pointed at swara who was busy in pulling the hair of the girl making her scream in pain and also help sanskar run to her try to make her stop but she didn’t let her hair go…

sw: (fully drunk pulling her hair) uuu chudrail how dare u touch him han (pulled her hair again) don’t u have ma behen at home (think something kept her finger on head) no no noooo ma behen (smiled) haan (point finger at her) bhei baap at home that u are ogling on my sanskar

This was shock for everyone hearing my sanskar from swara everyone looked at her than at sanskar….swara was about to slap her when sanskar pulled her from waist and picked her up while she was shaking her leg and with one hand she was still holding the hair of girl while…

Sw: (shaking her leg) leave me leaveee me (looked at sanksar) I said na don’t touch me

San: (pleading) swara please lets go home

Sw: I won’t u go to that chudrail na why are u behind me han (still shaking her leg)

San: swara stop shaking ur leg na pleaseee

Sw: (turned her face other side) huh I won’t

Saying this she start shaking faster and was hitting sanskar with one hand he start walking little faster and the poor girl was still trying to get free from swara hold feeling someone walking behind and hearing sobbing sanskar looked behind and saw the girl and her hair in swara hand he immediately made swara stand and remove her hair from swara grip the girl run immediately swara try to also run behind her but sanksar hold her…

Sw: (try to run behind her) uuuuu chudrail I won’t leave u come her (sanskar hold her she looked at him) u like that chudrail na (start crying) ahhhnnn I will tell mom sanksar love that chudrail I will tell ahnnnn

Had enough of her drama he picked her up and moved towards their car and made her sit in car and start driving to home he was driving carefully while swara kept hitting him with her hand soon they reached home sanksar picked swara up again and start walking towards their room…

Swasan room…

Both reached their room sanskar throw swara lightly on bed making her angry on him more she sat on bed in Indian style making sanskar smile lightly…

San: (to swara) u sit here I bring for u lemon drink (saying this sanskar left closing the door…)

Swara looked at him leaving she stood up while stumbling duet her hangover she looked herself in mirror than remember that girl and thought something and smiled on her thinking…sanskar brought for her lemon but found her missing he looked here and there she was not there he went in balcony she was also not there he went towards washroom to check at first he knocked…

San: (knocking) swara are u here (no response) swara (no response) swara

Saying this he went in washroom but there was no one but soon he heard door closing sound he turned and was shocked his eyes got wide seeing swara leaning on door he looked at her from bottom to top while gulping his salvia she was looking very hot in his white shirt which was hardly covering her thighs and few buttons of his shirt was open she walk to him her drunken state while sanskar was moving back still in shock soon duet wall he couldn’t move back while swara was smirking at him….

San: (shocked seeing her like this) sw…swaraa…

Sw: (tracing her finger on his face) what

San: (try to remove her finger) uuu

Sw: (interrupted) am I not looking good sanskar (saying she moved closer leaving her hot breath on his face he could smell alcohol)

San: (try move away) swara lets go u are drunk

Sw: (pinned angrily on wall) huh I am drunk now and when that chudrail was touching u

San: (trying to make understand) it’s not like that

Sw: (crying) it is u always do this sanskar even u are not my sanksar who loves me unconditionally u are someone else but still I am here na with u but u never care for me whenever u want u can kiss whenever u want u can back off leaving me alone to fight with myself u always do this sanksar u never care for my needs u always care about yourself

San: (cupped her face felt bad for her) I am sorry swara I know how much u are bearing but please try to understand na

Sw: (pushed him in shower) not today mr maheshwari today I will show u what swara sanskar maheshwari is….

San: swa…hmmm before he could say swara smashed her lips on his kissing him angrily showing him her carving and longing for him she was biting his lips and chewing making him groan in pleasure today 1st time swara is kissing him like after his memory till know he kissed her roughly and hard but today is swara turn while kissing him she turned the shower on cold water start fowling on them making them shiver in cold but the heat of their body was enough for them to give warmness each other…swara bited so hard on his lips making them bleed she sucked his blood to sooth his pain while he groan in more pleasure she entered in his mouth start roaming her tongue in every corner both were pulling each other to themselves being out of breath swara stop kissing him but didn’t left his lips and looked into his eyes both were panting heavily taking breath both start kissing each other while kissing him swara removed his coat letting coat fall down…after removing coat swara start oppnening his shirt buttons while sanskar was holding her to him…

when her cold hand touched his bare body he shivered both broke the kiss they were looking at each other sanskar try to go again because she is drunk but swara pushed him against the wall and start kissing on his neck biting and sucking leaving her mark on him she was kissing on his chest making him groan in pleasure while kissing she come to his face and kiss on his face cheek eyes nose forehead making hard for him to control himself…having enough of swara torture sanksar pinned swara this time agaist wall and claimed her lips with his kissing her with full of love roaming his hand on her body making her moan in pleasure feeling his touch once again on her he was drinking the water which was falling on them…

While kissing he unbuttoned the shirts button making swara moan in pleasure when his finger touch her bare body while taking chance he entered his tongue in her mouth roaming in every corner and was also sucking her…he broke the kiss being out of breath and moved her hair to aside and start kissing on her neck swara was pulling him more and more on her she was coming little in sense but there was still hangover sanskar was kissing her upper body leaving his teeth mark on her he was chewing her skin which gave swara more pleasure….

He made her turn and removed the shirt and kissed her whole back feeling cold swara turned to hugged him tightly while hugging him she opened his belt he was know in his shorts he picked her in bridal style while looking at each other both walk out washroom he made swara lay on bed and turned the heater on so that she want feel cold he above her and start kissing once again her lips both were kissing each other but after sometime sanskar felt swara not responding back he broke the kiss and looked at her who was sleeping (hahahhahahha) he looked at her in shock like what the hell he needed her badly she slept after turning him on he gave peck on her forehead and covered her with blanket properly and left to washroom to get cold shower again…..


No let’s start….??

………………….Second chance…………………

After having cold shower sanskar came out of washroom he looked at swara who was sleeping peacefully with a light smile on her face he was mesmerized seeing her beautiful and naturel smile while sleeping…he smiled remembering their recent moment and how much she turned him on he shook his head slightly and walk to his wardrobe and took one of his shirt out…he made swara wear his shirt and dry her hair little with towel after that he covered her with blanket and went to coach because sleeping with swara is torture for him control himself which he don’t wane do…

San: (laying on coach remembered swara word: “ u always do this sanskar even u are not my sanskar who loves me unconditionally u are someone else but still I am here na with u but u never care for me whenever u want u can kiss me where ever u want than u back off leaving me alo to fight with myself u always do this sanskar u never care for my needs u always care about yourself” her each word running his mind he turned and looked at swara and walk to her caressed her hair while sitting beside her) I am sorry swara I am really sorry I know I hurted u very much so much happened in your life because of me but still u are here with me really swara ur love for me unconditionally I am really sorry for not understanding u (pecked her forehead lightly) i don’t know how much I loved u before memory loss but now I know I can’t live without u swara maybe I don’t remember my memory but it doesn’t matter to now as long u are with me nothing matter to me I will love u more than anything even more than your sanskar liked u said u have become my need my breath my desire which I love to cherish u are now LOVE OF MY LIFE without u I am nothing I will confess my love to u soon we will start our relationship in new way…..

Saying this he pecked on her lips lightly and hugged her tightly while taking her in his embrace were he felt peace in his heart taking her in embrace he couldn’t wish from god more when he have a life partner like her who love him unconditionally soon he slept hugging her tightly never letting her go…

At morning

The sunray felt on our beautiful couple with new warmth light of love duet sunray sanskar opened his eyes only to find his lady love sleeping above him he smiled seeing her beauty sleeping hugging him tightly…he moved her few hair strand away to see her lady beauty at morning  he caressed her cheek lightly and gave peck on her head…he made her lay on bed carefully and got up to fresh himself…after coming out of washroom he went down as today is Sunday every servant have leave its one of sanskar rule as he wanted that his servant should spend time with family…

Swasan room…

Swara got up with very bad headache she sat on bed holding her head…

Sw: (holding her head) aahhhh it’s so paining oh god what happened (tears made their way as it was paining like hell which she can’t control) ahhnnn  sanskar (she looked here and there for sanskar) wher did he go ahh why is paining today to much

She got up and start walking outside to see sanskar but still she was stumbling little she came out of room and dashed with sanskar as she was already stumbling couldn’t hold herself and was about to fall when sanskar held her hand pulled her to himself with one hand he was holding swara and with other he was holding lemon juice for her…

San: (concern) swara are u ok

Sw: (nodding no) my head is paining like hell

San: I know come here sit (made her sit) here drink this u will feel better (forward the glass, swara took the glass and drank) feeling better (she nodded)

Sw: (remembered about party) sanskar when we came back han and why I don’t remember anything (she looked at him accepting answer) sanskar will u tell me what happened

San: (in mind: how should I tell her what happened oh no I can’t hmm but I have to tell her something (looked at swara) I will tell u but first get fresh up I will bring breakfast (she nodded)

Swara left for washroom after taking her cloths In washroom swara looked at herself and was shocked to see herself in sanskar shirt..

Sw: (looking at sanskar shirt) why I am in sanskar shirt how and when did this happen (remembered she drank alcohol) oh god did I do something (she went under shower she closed her eyes to remember she was getting flashes pulling hair of the girl, than sanskar picking her up, everyone looking at them, their romance in washroom, (she opened her eyes in shock) oh myyyyy god I did this much (covering her face with hands) how will I face sanskar han oh shitt swara how can u do this what will sanskar think about me now (biting on her nails) shit shit shit what will I do know…

After sometime swara came out washroom wearing blue dress she wore her mangelsutre and put sindoor on while thinking about yesterday party what will sanskar thinking about her as she was lost in her thought sanskar brought breakfast for her basically lunch because its already lunch time…they had their lunch the whole day passed like this neither sanskar or swara talked about yesterday both wanted to avoid the topic…

At 6 pm

Swara was feeling boring and thought to watch movie with sanskar at home so that time can also pass away and both had nothing to do she looked at sanskar who was busy with his work little…

Sw: sanskar

San: hmmm

Sw: I am feeling boring can we watch movie together if u are not busy

San: (looked swara than at his work) no I am not let’s watch

Sw: (happy) oh great than let me bring snacks (saying this she run to kitchen while sanskar smiled seeing her happy, she came back with some snacks)

San: (looked at her) which movie

Sw: (excited) horror movie conjuring 2

San: are u sure swara

Sw: what do u mean han (raised eyebrow) are u scared

San: (smiled) no

Sanskar made their room dark without darkness there is no fun to watch horror movie and that to conjuring he started the movie both were watching the movie while swara was holding the cushion tightly few scene were really scary she was getting little scared which sanskar didn’t notice because he was love to watch horror movie whenever scary scene came swara closed her eyes tightly…in the middle of movie sanskar phone ranged which scared swara like hell  but still she showed sanksar her fake braveness…

On call

San: hello

Op: ….

San: oh ok I am coming don’t worry (cut the call looked at swara) swara I need to go I will be back in hour actually my friend is leaving the country so he wanted meet before going (looked at movie) u continue I will back ok

Sw: (fake smile) yeah its ok sanskar u go

San: (smiled) thank you I will back soon (to which she nodded and sanskar left to meet his friend)

When sanskar left swara looked here and there only to see darkness around her and a horror movie to watch she was sweating little duet fear…she was feeling like someone is behind her she turned only to find nothing the voices of movie was enough to scare her like hell…she looked towards balcony even outside it was dark slowly she got up from bed and walk near balcony and found its raining little but than its start getting faster swara heart beat was increasing even the fear she was looking outside while gulping her own slivia…she moved little more forward to see when a thunder sound scared the hell out of her…

Sw: (scared) ahhhh (start shivering 1st duet movie voices than duet thunder sound) sanskar sanskar (she was calling his name but he was not at home the lighting of thunder was making her more scared she start crying out of fear and run inside the room and sat in a corner while shivering holding herself while screaming sanskar name….)

To be continue…..???????

No let’s start….??

………………….Second chance…………………

Swara was sitting in corner hugging herself tightly and crying duet fear she was murmuring sanskar name continuously even her fear was also increasing whenever she looked up she felt someone is near here so that why she hugged her herself and closed eyes tightly the thunder sound was getting louder the rain was getting heavier duet the wind a vase got broken which scared Swara like hell…

She immediately got up and run out of room while crying and screaming sanskar name…

Sw: (running + crying +screaming) sanskaaar sanskaaar (on reaching hall she looked here and there it was filled only with darkness) sanskar please come (crying walking fast stumble and fell down) ahhhh (held foot duet pain)ahhnnn  (she moved back while looking here and there than hide herself under table) sanksar come soon please  I am scared please (said while crying)

Sanskar came at home after half and hour happily while swara slept hugging herself tightly duet fear under the table….

Sanskar walked to their room smiling seeing the light of he thought swara might be slept….walked inside the room slowly not to disturb swara sleep and switched the light on to get his cloths seeing empty bed and broken vase he got shocked and worried for swara he looked here and there and also watched washroom but swara was nowhere…

San: swara swara (looked here there) oh god where is she (saw the broken vase) did something happened to her (scared for losing her) no no nothing can’t happen to her but where is she (thought something) I will call her (he try to call her phone but rang near him he found her phone on bed) her phone is here but where is she (he went outside the room and start calling her) swara swaraaaa swaraa…

Hearing his shouting swara got up with jerk and start crying duet fear again when sanskar was walking beside table he could hear her crying voice at 1st he was confuse to hear crying voice so thought to check…and with help of his phone torches he bent down and found a crying swara hugging herself tightly and burying her face he was shocked to see her like this never even in his dream he thought he will find a crying swara like this…..seeing her like this sanskar heart pained like someone has stabbed in his heart and was also guilty for leaving swara alone at home…

San: (caling her with love) swara (she hugged herself more seeing this sanskar went slowly under the table and again called her) swaraaa (moved little closer) swara (placed his hand on her shoulder carefully not to scared her more…seeing her accepting his touch he immediately hugged her tightly while caressing her back lovely…feeling him she start crying again) ssshhhhh it’s OK swara shhhh please calm down see I am here na with u nothing will happen (he said while caressing her back and hair…)shhhhh

It’s been 10 minutes since swara crying and sanskar consoling her after few minutes he felt no movement in swara and broke the hug and saw her sleeping he carefully came out from under table with swara and picked her up in bridal style and went towards their room while swara was still holding him tightly duet fear….

Swasan room…

Sanskar entered the room with swara and made her carefully lay on bed he saw her tears mark which were still visible on her face and her hair were little messed up he removed few hair strand from her face to get clear view of her than he kissed her on forehead assuring her that he is with her…after kissing her he covered her with blanket and got up to change his cloths in washroom….

When sanskar left for washroom swara feeling herself again got up with jerk and start looking here and there for sanskar on not finding him she start crying and screaming his name….

Sw: (crying and screaming) sanskaaar sanskaaar

Hearing her screaming sanskar came immediately came out of washroom only in his shorts… (his shorts is till knee)and went near her…

San: (cupping her face) swara what happened (made her look) swara

Seeing him she immediately hugged him tightly digging her nails in his back…while he could feel her tear on his bare chest his heart beat start increasing…he start leaning on her while she leaned back welcoming his Wight on herself soon she was laying bed and sanskar above her he was completely on her which she welcomed whole heartly and start caressing his bare back to feel him after so long time this was creating a new desire and passion in their hearts….

Swara kissed on his bare chest indicating to him to kiss her sanskar start kissing on her neck he was giving her trial of wet kisses on her while she dug her nails more in his back leaving her nails print on his back making him as hers he bite on her neck making her moan his name in plasuere…

Sw: (moaning) sansskaar

Hearing her moaning sanskar felt happiness his heart whenever she moaned his name out of plasuere it makes his heart happy it makes him feel spacial and mostly loved by the person whom he love…
After kissing on her neck he start kissing on her throat to her chin….from her chin he placed his lips on hers taking her into passionate kiss which is full of love desire and passion both were kissing each other passionately and chewing each other lips like a gum…both didn’t wanted to break but duet oxygen it was need to break after breaking the kiss both looked at each other…sanskar gave her peck on her forehead and was about to lay on his side but swara stopped him…

Sw: (looking at him) don’t move

San: but swara..

Sw: please sanskar don’t move (hugged him tightly) I am scared

San: (thought for while) hmm OK (rolled back taking her above him) now it’s OK (she smiled at him and kissed on his chest and slept hugging him thigtly)

Next morning…

Swara got up and cleaned their room after cleaning she got ready for office while sanksar had already left because he had a important meeting after having breakfast swara also left for office happily…

At office….

When swara entered in office everyone start looking at her which made her confuse and also uncomfortable ignoring their glances she start moving when she passed from few employees who were jealous of her start talking about her hearing them tears made their way from her beautiful eyes……

Girl1: (jealous) look at her it’s not even a week since she came and start luring boss

Girl2: (also jealous) u are right did you saw their dance how much close she was and mostly did u saw the way she was touching him

Girl3: (looking at swara) I must say she has something (looked at her from top to bottom) or else u know boss

Boy1: (walk near swara who was in shock hearing them) come on guys she is hot and desirable (looked swara making her disgust) everyone can fall for her so what if the great sanskar maheshwari also fall for her

Boy2: (smirking) yeah right she is hot and (before he could complete he got tight slap)

Boy1: (shocked) NIKHIL (haha what you thought sanskar no?)

Nik: (angry) shut up just shut up how dare u guys insult swara like this Han (turning to girls) u guys are jealous because sir gave swara importance that’s it na if u were in swara place I am sure sir would have done also same (walk to swara wiped her tear) don’t cry swara I know there is nothing between u and sanskar sir (swara looked at him) I LOVE YOU swara and I belive what ever they said just ignore them (hearing him swara was beyond shock not only she everyone NIKHIL kneel down in front of her) I love u swara will u marry me

Swara looked at him in shock and didn’t know how to react while seeing this scene someone got damm angry he is none other than our angry bird SANSKAR MAHESHWARI his eyes got red with anger on not getting any answer nikhil held swara hand making her look at him while sanskar made a fist in anger for touching his swara…

Nik: swara please answer (shake her hand) swara

Sw: (came in sense) han ?

Nik: (happy) I knew it (hugged her making her more shock) I love u

Sw: (try to break the hug) nikhil (and was about to push him but someone else did for her shocking everyone) sanskar

San: (looked at her than at nikhil in anger and stood in front of swara…pulled nikhil from collar) how dare u to propose Sanskar maheshwari WIFE Han (punched him hard he was taking his revenge for touching his swara and also for flirting with her) don’t u dare come in front of my wife again (pushed him and looked at everyone and pulled swara from her waist possessivly) what we’re u saying Han now say again to swara or should I say to swara sanskar maheshwari NOW SAY (seeing his anger everyone got scared swara held his hand tightly duet little fear he looked at her softly both he smiled at her than looked at those employees who were talking about swara) you 4 get out of my office right now or else I will make yours life hell…

Saying this he walked with swara in his caning giving death galere to nikhil who was laying still on floor with shock and others were looking at him also in shock thinking swara is swara sanskar maheshwari their boss wife….

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