Swasan second chance epi 38 to 40

After sometime doctor came and did bandage on her foot and wrote recipe for swara back sanskar gave to servant to bring the cream which doctor wrote for swara…when doctor left sanskar sat beside swara and caressed her hair lightly while she had still pain and was looking at him with teary eyes…

Sanskar was really feeling bad seeing her in pain he don’t know what to do to reduce her pain while thinking he was caressing her hair lightly after sometime he looked at swara found her sleeping peacefully he was lost in her and was admiring her very carefully but oon he came back in sense when his phone ranged…

San: (picked the call went little far from swara not to disturb her sleep) hello

Kar: where are u man u didn’t reached till know

San: sorry yaar I forget to inform u guys actually swara slipped

Kar: what how is she fine

San: yeah is fine now but her foot got twisted so she can’t walk now at least for a week

Kar: take care of her don’t leave her alone

San: (looked at sleeping swara) I won’t she is here for me than I can also be with her na at least I can try na

Kar: han u are right I will inform arnav u just take care of her

San: han ok bye (cut the call)

After cutting the call sanskar start doing his office work while working he was continuously checking on swara to make sure she is fine…after some time swara woke up look here there to see sanskar she found him working he was engrossed in work that he didn’t realised that swara is wake now…she tried to move but scream in pain on her back hearing her scream sanskar looked at her worried…

Sw: (try to move but scream in pain) ahhhh (tears welled up in her eyes)

San: (hearing her he placed his work aside n run to her being worried) swara (she looked at him with teary eyes) is it paining (she nodded than he got angry) if is it paining than why hell u tried to move Han how can u be so careless swara I never imagined u can be so careless about yourself can’t u take care of yourself Han….

Sanskar was shouting at swara for being careless towards herself seeing his care and concern swara felt so happy a lone tear escaped from her eyes seeing his care seeing her tear sanskar misunderstood he immediately stop shouting at her and cupped her face lovingly…

San: (wiped her tear) I am so sorry (she looked in confuse way) I am really sorry for shouting at you (now she got why he is asking sorry she smirked thinking something than turned her face away) swara (made her look again) I am sorry na

Sw: (smirking showing him crying and angry face) I don’t need ur sorry (removing his hand)

San: (felt bad for shouting at her) swara I am sorry I got angry

Sw: (looking at him) so what han here I am crying and u also shouted on me

San: I just got angry u could have called me na before moving

She smiled at him lightly seeing her smile sanskar felt relived because he don’t wana hurt or wanna make her cry because of him… while swara was laying bed and sanskar sitting beside she try to sit little seeing this sanskar made her carefully sit on bed and placed few cushion for her so that her back wont pain her more while he placing the cushion swara could feel his hot breath on her a shiver run to her spine her heart beating start increasing whenever she felt his hot breath on her neck she closed her eyes while clutching his shirt tightly feeling her grip sanskar looked towards her and was mesmerized seeing swara she was looking very beautiful he never saw any beautiful girl like her she not only beautiful outside but also beautiful inside her heart is so pure she is such angel whom he got by chance or she was his destiny while thinking he moved his hand towards her cheek and placed there feeling his touch she opened her eyes slowly slowly both were lost in each other the gap between their lips decreasing he was about to capture her lips but parted away immediately hearing a knock on door…

Ser:  (knock on door) sir

San: (got up went towards door opened it leaving a blushing swara behinde) han

Ser: sir dinner is ready

San: (he looked at swara than at servant) bring our dinner here

Ser: ok sir

Servant left to bring dinner for swasan while sanskar went to washroom to change his cloths after some time servant brought dinner for swasan both had their dinner while smiling at each other after dinner sanskar gave swara medicine and made her eat now it was time to apply balm on her back…Both were looking at each other while sanskar was looking at balm he gulped his salvia down thinking how will he apply this balm on her back…

San: (looking at balm in his mind) oh god how can apply balm on her back (looked swara from corner from his eye) whenever I go near her I always lose my control on me without thinking I always do something 1st I kissed her on beach (thinking the day on beach) she looked sooooo cute and mostly tempting I couldn’t I resist myself to kiss her why she have to be always tempting ahhhh girl u are making me crazy (looked at balm) now I have to apply balm also on her backkkkkkkk how will I control myself

While sanskar was lost in his thought swara looked at him and thought his uncomfortable she decide to apply herself…

Sw: sanskar

San: (came out of thought looked at her) haan

Sw: (looked at balm) u can give I myself will apply

San: (felt relived little) are sure u can

Sw: (smiled little) han I can

San: (smiled) hmm ok here u go (he gave her balm)

She took the balm from him sanskar sat couch and was about to do his work when he again heard swara wincing in pain…

Sw: (trying to apply balm herself)shh ahhh uhhh (she was wincing pain while lowering her voice so that sanskar can’t hear her but he heard her) 

San: (left his work immediately and took balm and start scolding her again) if u can’t do than why didn’t u told me han (she lowered her gaze he looked at her sad and calm himself) I will do (he try to move her little she wince again in pain) shh sorry sorry (made her lay on her tummy)

Sanskar saw her bare back he took little cream from balm his hand was shivering he moved his hand to her back their heart beat were increasing when his cold hand touched her warm bare back swara shivered under his touch and sanskar took long breath and was trying not to look at her back what if do something wrong his mind was stopping him but his heart was only beating for her to touch he…withouth thinking sanskar start applying balm on her bare back slowly and carefully not to hurt while swara had closed her eyes to feel his touch but soon her eyes got wide open when she felt sanskar lips on her bare back instead of his hand her breath is going heavier she clutched the bed sheet in her hand to control her moan while sanskar was giving her though time to control herself… he was giving lot of kisses on her back he was losing all his sense but came back to sense when he was about turn swara and she screamed little in pain making him guilty on his behavior without saying anything he left the room before swara could say anything…

To be continue………?????

So let’s continue….??????

—————-SECOND CHANCE—————

When sanskar left the room swara was still breathing heavily and had a beautiful smile on her face slowly slowly without hurting herself she turned and laid on her back she looked at sanskar picture seeing his picture she blushed remembering his kisses on her back….

Swara pov…

I don’t know sanskar about u but I am sure I am falling for u once again u maybe not the same sanskar whom I love but u are more than the sanskar I loved your nature and mostly your behaviour towards me is making me to fall once again in love with u but this time with the sanskar whom I didn’t knew…..u changed because of me  and stop taking revenge after that I saw a different sanskar who was a true friend and best supporter whom everyone wished to have… (closed her eyes and took long breath n open again) how much I thank god is not enough because of him I got u u may came for revenge but your this revenge made my life and your love is making my life once again (took his picture and kissed) I love u sanskar I love u…

Pov ends…..

On the other hand sanskar was on terrace looking at moon and was lost in his own world he ruffled his hand in hair…

Sanskar pov….

How can I do this to her when I myself made clear to her oh god I am so stupid I was about (he stopped remembering he was about to turn but hearing her scream in pain came into sense) stupid idiot couldn’t you control yourself what will she think about me now oh god I just messed up everything till now everything was perfect but me have to do something….what if she take me wrong oh no no she won’t she love me (his mind : but she love sanskar) Han I am his sanskar (mind: but u lost ur memory) why I have to lost my memory (talk to sky) couldn’t u see me happy Han always me but this time I won’t let her go away from me I don’t know I love her or not but I know that I can’t live without her she became apart of me I need her I am addicted to her, her innocence her sometime childish behaviour her care for me her concern for me is what I needed most in those five years and she is healing my broken hearth she is my medicine now i can’t lose her i eill do anything to keep her with me…….

Pov ends……….

Both were lost in each other thought sanskar had smile on his face remembering their little there was no sign of guilt on his face he was still unknown to his feeling but swara knowing him more than herself was getting hope to see her or a new sanskar who will love her like mad like before memory loss even she get to know this sanskar will be more in love with her….she can’t for the day when sanskar will confess his feeling towards her once again….

While she was laying on bed waiting for sanskar she was looking here and there and also tried to sleep buy can’t because she need her sanskar beside his love his warmness his embrace which can make her feel protective she is waiting for him since but soon her wait got over when she heard door opening…thinking that she must have been slept sanskar thought to go in room and sleep when he entered his eyes catch with swara….
Both shared a beautiful and passionate eye lock there were looking at each other their souls came out of their body’s and hugged each other tightly to feel each other they were sharing a passionate hug and we’re pulling each other to reduce the little gap between being long both broke the hug….sanskar kissed her forehead while she kissed his check and went back to respectively body’s bring our swasan back…both broke the eye lock swara turned her face other side sanskar closed the door and went to his side and laid on back at 1st but than on side swara turn to him and faced his back she wanted to be in his embrace but her back was paining and if she move little more it will increase pain she looked at his back and pouted and turn her face other side….

It’s been long both were laying on bed and sleep was far away from them having enough sanskar turn to her even swara both shared again eye lock…sanskar moved little to her the gap between was again reducing he placed his hand on her cheek and caressed her…

San: (while caressing) not getting sleep (she nodded in no…softly) why

Sw: (smiled caressed his cheek) without u I can’t sleep I wana hug u and u know that without hugging u I never slept…

San: (he smiled) even I can’t (he confessed her that he also needed her by his side like she did)

Sw: (in mind) I can’t wait and I know I don’t have to wait for long u will be my once again (to him) than why didn’t u hug me

San: (in mind) how can I tell u swara how much I wanted this but I can’t express I am addicted to u, u made me addicted (to her) don’t know

Saying this hugged her lightly his head was in crook of her neck and she holded him tightly never let him go from her she could feel his breath on her neck she turned to him and found him sleeping she kissed his cheek lightly and slept hugging him….

Days passed like this sanskar was taking care of swara even was working at home one day while sanskar was working swara somehow manage to sit beside him he was stuck on some point which swara cleared and from that time sanskar came to know how much intelligent his wife is and she also knew about business from that time he start convincing her to join office with him to which she denied…

Swara was reading some book when sanskar entered the room and sat beside her to convince her for joining office….

San: swara

Sw: (looked at him) haan

San: why don’t u join me

Sw: (put the book aside and sat on bed carefully) sanskar please not again

San: why not swara what is wrong with u Han u are intelligent and II sure u can do

Sw: (had enough) please sanskar stop this if I am saying na no means nooooo

San: (got angry now) why swara why I am not saying u to join other company when we have one

Sw: (also angry) why don’t u get it sanskar I don’t wana join any company

San: (trying to calm himself) but why just tell me once why

Sw: (calm little) I don’t know

San: (cupped her face) please tell me na I will try my best to solve pleasee

Sw: (seeing him pleading thought to tell him) OK fine (sadly) u know few days before I was watching a serial in that serial the couple who were happy with each other but one day her wife start working and was earning more than her husband at 1st there was no problem but soon because of money they had fight everyday and one day their fight lead them to get divorce from each other (cupping his face and innocently who was looking at her in shock eyes wide open) I can’t loose u sanskar that why I don’t wana work what if we also start fighting like those couple (imagine that scene) no no no I am not working Han I will not work so that there won’t be any fight because of money hmm that is the reason (he was looking at her in shock she shakes him little) sanskar sanskar are u listing (while shaking him)

Coming in sense he burst out laughing  swara looked at him in shock like is he gone mad while he couldn’t stop he fell on floor while laughing making swara angry on him because he was laughing at her….

San: (laughing) hahaha are u gone mad swara hahaha because u saw the couple fighting for money hahaha thought we will also fight hahahh u are truly a mad girl

Sw: (angry shouted) sanskaaar (he stope laughing seeing his innocent wife awee) here I am serious and u are laughing huh I won’t tall to u

San: (controlling his laugh) I am sorry I want laugh

Sw: hmm

San: (cupped her face) see it won’t happen with us because I very rich there won’t be any fight In fact I will be more happy to see my wife success

Sw: (happy) really

San: haan

Sw: (thought something) but I have a condition

San: (shocked) hmm what

Sw: I will work with u like employee and you won’t tell anyone about our relationship till one month

San: ammm why

Sw: because I wana prove myself 1st than I wana make u proud on me

San: (smiled) hmm OK (thought something) so it’s mean I can shout at u han when ever u do mistake han

Sw: haaan I didn’t thought about that (looked at him with pleading eyes) if I do mistake na than shout little OK after all I am your one and only wife na

San: (smiled) haan my one and only wife but still swara I have to be fair na

Sw: (sad) hmm (again thought) haan u can call me in ur cabin na than u can scold me

San: (smile) han good idea so now the day u will be fine u will join office

Sw: (smiled) yes….

To be Let’s start……?????

——————second chance—————–

Today was day when swara will join office with sanskar she was very excited and why not she can spent her all time with sanskar now instead staying at home not doing anything….even sanskar was happy after all he could learn swara more till know he saw her few shade and while working with her he can see more shade of swara….

He was getting ready wearing his black suit looking dashing and mostly hot he wore his micheal kros watch took his phone and hanky also mean while swara came out of washroom while drying her wet her sanskar gaze fall on her and he became shocked memorized what not his eyes got wide seeing swara like this feeling his gaze swara looked at him and blushed the way he was looking at her she lowered her gaze while sanksar was still lost in her and why not till know he saw her wearing saree and suits but today she wore a black dress till her till her knee looking beautiful and mostly hot he never imagined to swara like this…

San: (monologue) this girl will make me surely crazy with her beauty dam yaar she is looking so beautiful and hot and why she have to look always so tempting sanskar control control (he was looking at swara like he will eat her now making her blush more and more) hayyyee when she blush omg I just feel to kiss her madly stupid girl made me lose always my control on myself sanskar beta beta bagh before u lose ur control once again (to swara ) I am waiting for u down stairs (leaving the room) come soon

Saying this he left making swara blush the way he was looking at hershe went near dressing table put little make up filled her maang and hide behind her hair she wore her mangelsutre covered with her scarf she put her hair aside looking very beautiful and left downstairs…

Swasan were having their breakfast swara was blushing little because of sanskar continuously gaze she was trying to avoid his gaze during breakfast and left to office….

At office…

Swasan came out of car seeing a huge building in front swara was shocked the whole building was built with glasses it was looking amazing swara looked at sanskar and was shocked to see him like this there was no smile on his face he was looking very arrogant and ruthless she could see in his eyes there was no emotion he turn he his gaze to swara…

San: shall we (she nodded)

Sanskar start walking inside the office fowled by swara she was surprise seeing his new shade and the way he is walking while walking the guard greet him with sl*t but he didn’t paid any heed or smiled at him this was very new to swara to see sanskar in this shade till know she saw very sweet cute and caring sansakar but now it was looking like she don’t know him….when they reached in everyone wished him with little smile and continue their work but were shocked to see swara behind sanskar because sm never paid heed to any girl than how can he be with swara…seeing swara the boys were lost in her beauty making girls angry and also jealous  but one person got shocked seeing swara and had huge smile on his face swara was feeling little uncomfortable with their gaze on her but she pretend not to show…on reaching in sanskar cabin swara just hugged him from behind shocking him…

San: (shocked with sudden hug) swara (broke the back hug turned to her) what happened

Sw: do u really think I can do this (walk little in cabin)I mean working here

San: (went to her cupped her face) I trust u swara and I am 100% sure u can do this

She smiled at him and hugged him he also hugged her back with same passion which she had for him after some time he broke the hug and kissed her forehead lightly making her sure that he is beside her no matter feeling his kiss she felt light…he went to his desk to call his pa…

San: (called pa) naina come into my cabin

After some time his pa came in she was looking at sanskar dreamily making swara angry on her for glaring her husband…

Sw: (monologue) oh god why did u made my husband that much hot and handsome that seeing him everyone is ready to eat him (looked at sanskar who was talking to her professionally) don’t worry hubby now I am here na I won’t let any chudrail around u 

While swara was lost in her thought sanskar was calling her which she didn’t hear but this time he shouted little loudly making her jump little in fear….

San: (shouted) swaraaa

Sw: (came in sense) han what, what happened sanksar (he gave her look what) oh I mean sir I am really sorry

San: (rudely) u better be (she gave him look we will see …pointed at naina) she will explain u your work

Sw: hmm ok (about leave but stoped hearing sanskar)

San: (smile little to her) best of luck (she turn to him and smiled)

Both left the cabin naina explained swara her work both swasan were engrossed in their work it’s been 2 hours since swara started working after completing few files sanskar thought to check on swara thinking about swara a smiled speared on his face he stood from his chair and went near glass wall from which he can see his employ working but they can’t see him…he was searching swara here and there to see is she fine or not but seeing the sight in front he got angry and jealous as a guy placed his hand on swara eyes from behind he was getting angry but what shocked him more was swara hugged the guy happily he clenched his fist together he turned his face to other side to control himself he turn to look again and found them still hugging each other making sanskar angry and jealous….

When swara was working a guy placed hand on her eyes she immeditily removed his hand and stood up turning to guy shockingly but seeing the guy a smiled apeard on her face and she hugged him tightly….

Sw: (hugging the guy) omg Nikhil u here (broke the hug) how come u here I mean in Mumbai

Nik: (smiled) are relax yaar after completing my studies I was searching job yaar and u know in Kolkata finding a job is very hard so thought why not apply here so here I am 

Sw: (happily) omg u don’t know how much happy I am seeing u here

Nik: (happy) even me but how come u here

Sw: (thought about sanskar) I will tell u later but not now (try to divert his mind) how is life going on

Nik: (looking at swara) till now boring but when u are here I am sure its gona be interesting

Sw: of course yaar

Seeing swara laughing with someone else sanskar anger was boiling how can he see his swara with someone else so went out from his cabin angrily making the employee scared they were trying best to their work but swanik were lost in their talk that didn’t realized sanskar coming from his cabin angrily…

San: (looked at swanik with anger) I think I gave u some work mr Nikhil gupta (swanik shocked Nikhil got sceard seeing sanskar anger but swara was shocked seeing his anger for the 1st time looking at swanik angrily mostly nikhal with anger and jealousy) and I don’t think I pay u for chatting here  do I am

Nik: (looking down) I am sorry sir it won’t happen

San: (looked swara) don’t u think miss swara today is ur 1st day and u have to be carefull at 1st day itself

Sw: (shocked on his behavior don’t know what to say)I…who…..sir (looked here there) I…sorry si…

San: (without letting her complete) now In my cabin

Saying this he left while other worker were looking at swara with pity making her confuse she looked at Nikhil what is happening…

Nik: (took sign of relief) uffff thank god he left (looked at swara also with pity) u don’t know he is ravan (shocked hearing about sanksar like this) best of luck yaar I will go or else this ravan will kill me

Sw: (shocked) what

Nik: go now I will tell u later about this ravan (pushed her little) go go

Sw: (confuse) haan (While walking towards his cabin she looked at worker who were still giving her pity opened the door) may I come in

San: come (she came in now both looked at each other) what were u doing han

Sw: (confuse on his sudden behavior) work

San: (gave her look) yeah right chatting na

Sw: sanskar whats wrong with u I mean I never saw u this much angry ever

San: (realize what he is doing in mind) oh shitt what I am doing got knows why I got so much angry control sanskar (to swara) I am sorry got stressed

Sw: (concern walk to him) are u okey (checked his forehead) do u have headache or something else

San: (felt happy seeing her care concern pulled her to him made her sit on his lap shocking her) I am fine now don’t worry (hugged her she was still in shock) (in mind) I don’t now but I hate to see u with someone else u are mine only mine (came back to sense hearing swara)

Sw: (caressed his hair little) sanskar (he looked at her) are u really fine na (asked while cupping his face)

San: (smiled) han I am don’t worry (made her stand) ok go and work

Sw: (smiled seeing him smiling) ok take care if u need anything call me yeah

San: han (when swara left cabin sanksar leaned to his chair and closed his eyes to relax liitle) what is happening with me why I got so much angry seeing that Nikhil hugging my swara I was about to shout her oh god I am so stupid how can I shout at her ahhh leave it lets concentrate on work for now….

Whole day passed like this swasan had their lunch together even swara came to know from Nikhil about sanskar anger how he behave hearing this she can’t belive that he is her sanskar at home he is different and at work his different she was excited to see new shade which she never saw…swasan left to home when everyone left sanskar had asked swara if she wana go with driver but she denied saying she will go with him…

After reaching sm both had their dinner and now we’re laying bed swara head was on sanskar chest she was playing with his finger and with other hand sanskar was caressing her hair….

Sw: (still laying on him) sanskar

San: (playing with her hair) haan

Sw: why did u got so much angry Han I never saw u that much angry the way u looked at nikhil like u will eat him (saying this she looked at him)

San: (remember swanik held swara more tightly and looked at her) (in mind: I wish I could have eaten him) (to swara) just got little stress and seeing u guys talking I don’t I just got more angry

Sw: (smiled)hmm

San: (think it’s time to ask) by the way how do u know him

Sw: (smiled) he was my friend childhood friend

San: ohhh

Sw: Han u know we were very best friend and everyone thought we were couple

San: (jealous) so u guys were

Sw: what

San: couple

Sw: are u mad he was my friend and he is not my type u know

San: (smiled) so tell me your type

Sw: what’s the need to ask when I am married now u know

San: oh yeah but still just imagine u were not married

Sw: (looked at him deeply) I don’t wana imagine sanskar because the thought scared me I just can’t imagine my life without u so don’t ever ask me to imagine something without u because I my each thought imagines u will be with me….

San: (happy) I won’t (hugged her) now sleep

Sw: (cuddle more on him) hmmmm

Both slept in each other embrace hugging tightly….


Precap: sanskar jealousy increasing ??

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