Swasan second chance epi 31 to 33


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So let’s start….

Swara and arshi walk to sanskar smiling at him they are very happy to see him fine and back swara sat beside sanskar while arshi stood beside sanskar…he smiled at them happily they are his friend who supported him in his most difficult phase and brought him back while he smiled at them he felt someone holding his hand he looked other side and saw swara smiling through her tears he could see her love for him in her eyes but still there so many question running his mind he wanted answer of his question but how whom he should ask both were lost in each other but soon came to sense hearing arshi…

Arn: (placed his hand on sanskr) man u scared us

Khu: do u know how much worried we were for u (sanskar smiled seeing their concern for him he know how much they love him) and mostly swara (Hearing swara name sanskar looked at her who was holding her hand) u know she waited for u here whole day sitting beside u waiting for u to wake up she didn’t even left u for a second

Arn: (smiled seeing her love) u are very lucky to get her as ur wife sanskar

San: (He looked at arnav then at swara) (in mind) so her name is swara and I married her how come (then looked arshi) I know they will never lie to me so it’s true she is my wife but how and when I think I have to ask them but what if they tell her I lost my memory how will she react no yaar I won’t let them tell her as I wane know if she love me truly or not but hearing from them I think she love me but what about did I love her or not and why I married when I know I loved kavita ahhhh its confusing…

His thoughts were broken by seeing his family and also swara family he looked at ramta with teary eyes for him he is meeting them after 5 years he looked at them they were smiling seeing him with teary eyes ramta came to him while swara stood up to let ramta meet sanskar…

Suj: (cupped his face and kissed his forehead) sanskar (smiled through tears) mahra chora how are u feeling now han

San: (teary seeing his mom) mom (whipped her tear then looked at rp who was also looking at him with teary eyes he forward his hand while rp hold it) dad (looked at them) I missed u both (ramta were confuse hearing him but ignored)

Suj: (hugged him lightly not to hurth him) I love u don’t do this again

San: I love u mom

All smiled seeing son and mother love but sanskar smile fade seeing dp and laksh he remember because of them he lost kavita but he was confuse on thinking how they accepted him when he know that dp wont forgive him for breaking his rule but then seeing tears in dp eyes he forget everything he wanted to take revenge from them but seeing their love now he can’t think of that but he want forgive them so easily after all he spend his 5 years alone without his family which he love most dp came near sanskar caressed his hair lovingly while ap and laksh smiled seeing him fine…

Dp: how are u now

San: (smiled little) fine bade papa

Sharmista walk to swara seeing shomi sanskar got shock because seeing her cloths he came to know she is bangli even when he heard her talking with swara few words in bangali…

Sho: (to swara) how are u

Sw: (looked at sanskar who was already looking at her in shock) I am fine ma when is fine

Sho: (looked at sanskar) how are u feeling beta

San: (don’t know how to talk) I am fine ma (shomi smiled at him then he smiled feeling relaxed)(in mind) she is bangali and I married her (looked at his family) really I married with a bangali girl (then saw ramta bond with swara) and how come mom accepted her as far I know she hated bangali na even she rejected kavita how she accepted swara (his head start paining he held his head) oh god its sooo confusing

Seeing him holding his head swara got worried as per doctor instruction in his ward are only 2 or 3 person aloud not more than that she walk to him being concerned held his hand which was on his head he looked at her in shock

Sw: (concern) sanskar are u fine is it hurting han (he looked at her he could see in her eyes concern for him) tell na

San: han wo my head is paining

Sw: (looked at other) mom I think you should all go now and I will be here with sanskar

Suj: but swara even u are tiered na u go I will be here

Sw: no mom please u all

swara somehow conviced all left from there even arshi and said they will come again now swasan were alone swara was looking at sanskar but he was trying to avoide her he don’t what do she sat beside him then remember he left her at morning sleeping she got angry while thinking that and was looking at him anger sanskar looked at her and was confuse seeing her anger before he could speak she busted out on him making him shock…

sw: (angry) how dare u mr maheshwari (looked at her in shock till know she was showing her concern and now anger but why) how could u go without waking me up han do u know how was I feeling when u didn’t woke me up and went for meeting and that without informing han how could u was ur meeting important more than me han and look at yourself laying in hostpital have u any idea how I am feeling seeing u like this….

saying this she start crying while he also get sad seeing her crying and felt little bad on doubting her love for him so decided to tell her truth after that she can decide…but before he could do or speak swara placed her lips on his taking him in to sweet he was 1st shocked he didn’t react while she was kissing him lovingly her hand was on his shoulder while his hand move unknowingly to her back and was caressing her back with one hand and other hand was in her hair without realising anything he start responding her…she was showing him all her love care passion for him he was so lost in that he didn’t even wanted to break the kiss but being out of breath both broke the kiss and swara hugged him while laying his chest carefully not to hurt while he was shock on realising what he did he kissed her how can he do this his mind is filled with kavita memory but his hearth where is it when he think about kavita why it’s not hurting like she is not anymore in his hearth if she is not then who is on his heart he looked who was laying on him almost and his hand was still on her back and hair when she cried he could feel her pain but kavita can he feel her or not no he can’t his heart is filled with someone else memory but he can’t remember and recognise while thinking that he closed his eyes and his grip on swara got little tight having her in his arm he felt peace which is still unknown to him why….

Precap: swasan in sanskar’s mansion (Mumbai) how? why ?

So let’s start…

Both swasan were sleeping peacefully in each other embrace swara head was on sanskar chest she was sleeping in sitting it was very difficult to sleep like this but she was in her sanskar embrace then how can she not sleep peacefully while sanskar was holding her carefully like always he did he may had forgot his memory but his heart know swara in and outside that why he can’t see her tears in her eyes which hurt sanskar…it’s been hour since both were sleeping like this swara sleep got disturb hearing door she woke up and found arshi there smiling at them seeing their love swara smiled back at them than looked at sanskar who was sleeping peacefully she carefully removed his hand from her waist and covered him carefully with duvet she turn to arshi…

Sw: (smiled) hi guys

Khu: (smile) hi swara (she looked at him khushi forward her packet) I brought cloths for u go and change

Sw: but it was not needed

Khu: ofcourse it was here take and go change

Sw: ok I am going

Saying this swara took the packet from khushi and left for washroom which was in sanskar ward after changing herself she came out and was looking beautiful in her pink dress till the time sanskar also got up and seeing swara like this he was mesmorized and was looking at her feeling his gaze swara smiled at him which made him come in sense and also confuse about his behavior towards swara…

khushi took swara because it was lunch time and from yesterday swara hadn’t eaten much and they have also bring lunch for sanskar as he woke few hours ago and didn’t had anything so they left leaving arnav and sanskar alone while sanskar swara looked at him with love and smiled even he smiled little back to her… after they left arnav and sanskar were talking on random stuff taking as chance sanskar thought to talk with arnav and to know what it happened those 6 months which he forgott…

san: (after thinking a lot) arnav

arn: han

san: remember we had meeting with mr Mehta 6 months ago

arn: (think) han it was before 6 month na

san: (hesitating little) what happened after that

arn: (confuse) what do u mean what happen after that

san: han what happened after that

arn: (still confuse) sanksar u are asking like u don’t rember

san: exactly arnav I don’t remember

arn: (shocked) what

san: han I don’t remember anything what happened in those 6 months after the meeting with mehtas I don’t remember how come I am here in Kolkata when I was in Mumbai how can I marry swara wehen I loved kavita how can be with my family when I wanted take revenge from the how (held his head) I can’t remember what I did in those 6 months I can’t (tears were fowling down from his eyes)

arn: (shocked hearing this felt bad seeing him crying) sanskar

san: (still crying) I don’t know what do I don’t know seeing swara like this I am feeling I am cheating her I won’t say I have feeling for her now but seeing her love for me in her eyes I am feeling little guilty she have all right to know what happened with me it’s her right to know but I can’t say her it’s just that seeing her love sometime I think she is doing on some propose its killing me inside that I don’t remember anything what kind of relationship we shared I u know mind is filled with kavita but my heart it’s so confusing when I think now about kavita it doesn’t hurt me like I have no feeling for her but when I saw her crying I felt hurted why arnav whyyy ahhhh (his head paining got more seeing this arnav tried to control him)

arn: shhhh sanskar calm down I am here na I will tell u but calm down it’s not good for u take this much tension (he calmed little and looked at him) and about which kind of relation you shared with swara it was most pure relation sanskar believe me she really loves u even u did how when I will tell u but before that don’t doubt on her love u don’t know before we could know she got the feeling that something bad happened with u and when doc showed us someone else death body thinking is u we broke but she couldn’t even take that she was the most broken person she was lifeless and fainted on the spot u know it was very difficult for us to handle her but then when misunderstanding got clear we shifted swara in ur ward after that she was whole time with u sitting beside u waiting for u to wake up so don’t doubt on her love she loves u the most…

hearing arnav sanskar surprise shocked what not he could easily swara love for him but duet his memory loss he couldn’t think but her care and concern showed him it was not fake even her tear which had hurted him little he was thinking that when they heard sobbing sound and looked towards that dirction and found swara and khushi standing there swara had tears in her eyes this was shock for arnav and sanskar they know that they heard before they could say anything swara run out and khushi run behind her to console seeing her like this sanskar felt bad and also got worried for her…

swara side she sat outside and start crying while thinking sanskar forgot her, her sanksar doesn’t remember her she was crying when khushi came to her seeing her she hugged tightly…

sw: (crying hugging) he forgot me he forgot me he forgot our love he forgot everything he said he don’t remember me and is also doubting on my love

khu: (console her and broke the hug) shhh swara it’s enough now listen (made her look) he might forgot u but his heart didn’t forgot u or didn’t let forgot u didn’t u hear what he said he have no feeling in his heart for kavita but when it comes to u his heart can feel pain so tell me how can u think he forgot u

sw: but

khu: swara he didn’t forgot his heart still beat for u and his heart is filled with ur memory so how can u think he forgot u han, haan his heart had built walls around himself that why he cant see but u can broke the walls na

sw: how can I do

khu: did sanskar gave up on his love

sw: (smiled thinking about his love) no he never did in fact he tried more to make me happy and make me feel protected

khu: see when he never gave up then how can u swara now its ur turn to be sanskars swara be the way sanskar has always liked u admired u be his make him feel he is urs show him your love so that he can remember each everything swara

sw: (whipped her tears and smiled) yes u are right it’s now my turn to get my sanskar back till now he showed me his love now it’s my turn to show him my love my passion for him (hugged khushi) thank you

khu: u welcome now come

they both went inside the ward with sanskar lunch seeing her coming in sanskar looked at her but his surprise he found her smiling he couldn’t stop himself for smiling back to her little arshi left the room to give them privacy as the know they have to talk… swara brought soup for sanskar he was looking at her little confuse…

san: (hesitating) mm woh (she looked at him)wont u say anything

sw: (smiled and start feeding him but he was still looking at her) I have lot of thing to say sanksar but now I don’t think it’s right time but I wane say one thing (she looked at him) I love u (he was shocked and looked down she put the soup aside and sat on bed cupping his face making him look at her) u may forgot ur memory sanskar but I didn’t I remember each and everything I know it will be difficult for u to believe me for that I have a great idea (he looked at her) will u be my friend I know what I am asking is sound stupid but our journey has started with our friendship I will tell u each and everything but slowly not fast because I can’t take risk with ur health (held his hand) as long as u are with me I can fight sanskar but without u I am no more

san: (shocked) swara

sw: (smiled) so will u be my friend so that we can start our new journey again

san: (smiled seeing her understanding his situation) han (he forward his hand for handshake which swara accepted whole heartily) thank you for understanding my situation

sw: I think u forgot ur own rule

san: (confuse) rule

sw: han friendship mein no sorry no thank you

san: oh

both smiled at each other happily while swara made him drink soup now sanksar was feeling really relaxed the way swara understood his situation he was very happy to see her very understanding after making drink soup swara made him eat medicine duet medicine sleep took over sanskar he was not really sleep but he closed his eyes because it’s getting heavy for him thinking sleeping swara pecked his forehead then his lips which shocked him but he didn’t opened his and was hearing swara…

sw: (caressed his face) I still can’t belive u forgot me sanksar but don’t worry I will make u remember me and our love I won’t give easily u said me na once I have to fight for myself now see I am fighting only for us I love u sanksar I love u very much and I won’t let u go away from me I will make u mine again with our love saying this she again pecked his lips and held his hand sanskar smiled seeing her love for him but sleep took over him….

To be continue….

It’s been 2 days since sanskar had accident today he will get discharge everyone came to know about sanskar memory loss but didn’t discuss with him as per swara instructions because for her is sanskar health more important than anything ramta really felt proud on having swara as their dil even her ma and dida supported her…

In those day laksh decide to divorce ragini as he wanted to move on he wanted to stand on his feet so decided to meet ragini but got shock on knowing that she is not there even gd family didn’t where she is because they thought ragini will be in mm…no one’s know where she is they start finding they searched all over but didn’t got any clue all were worried for ragini Seeing them worried arnav thought to tell them beacuse sanskar alraedy had shared with them but he didnt told swara about this…so arnav told laksh that ragini is with sanksar friend as she wanted to move on and he gave her all detail…when swara came to know about this she felt really proud on sanskar and her love for him grew more and more….

As today sanskar is getting discharge swara was packing his stuff like his medicine and report and other few thing while arshi were talking with sanskar survi and karthik couldn’t meet snskar because they were in Mumbai handling his business but they also came to know about his memory loss but were happy to know that he is fine which is most important for everyone after packing whole stuff now it was time to leave arshi took the stuff and left towards car while swasan smiled little to each other swara held sanskar hand and placed on her shoulder and held sanskar from waist she made him carefully stand and were walking to their car…

While walking sanskar was looking at swara carefully the way she took care of him in those day after knowing the fact that he doesn’t remember her feeling his gaze swara looked at sanskar both shared a beautiful eye lock which was broken by sanskar… when they reached near car arnav and swara helped sanskar in sitting car…

In mm

When sanskar reached mm he got teary he remember their moments which they spend with each other then also the day when he asked his bade papa to accept kavita and how he reacted..


San: (crying pleding) bade papa please I love her

Dp: (strict) I already said sanksar she can’t be our bahu

San: why bade papa why can’t she

Dp: a bangali girl can never be our bahu

San: but bade papa she said na she will change herself

Dp: I don’t care if u want to stay here so u have to forget her

San: (shocked) bade papa

Dp: I can’t let u ruin my reputation for that bangali girl (turn to go) u have to choose between us or her

Saying this he walked away shocking sanskar he was crying badly how can he leave his family who supported in every way but how can he forgot kavita whom he love but soon his thoughts were broken by swara he looked at swara with teary eyes but then he controlled himself

Sw: (worried) are u fine

San: (looking away) hmm

Sw: (smiled fakely) hmm let’s go then in

Swasan were standing at the entrance of mm ap was doing there arti swara was happy but sanksar was lost in his thought he didn’t paid much heed to them… after arti swasan took blessing of all while taking blessing from dp sanskar remember his word towards bangali then he looked at swara and the question raised in his mind how come his bade papa accepted swara when she is also bangali he thought to ask swara later he met everyone but not happily because his memory was haunting him badly whole day passed like this sanskar didn’t got chance to speak swara after their dinner now was the time to go in their room after 5 year sanskar will see his room….

Swasan room

Swasan both entered in the room together seeing the room same the way he left was he little shocked but there also few things new like his and swara picture when they were happy picture of their karvachaut picture of their wedding seeing the wedding picture he looked at swara for answer..

Sw: we had court marriage

San: hmmm (thought to aks swara) how come everyone accepted u I mean mom didn’t liked bangali the how

Sw: (smiled) because of u

San: (confuse) me

Sw: (took their picture of karvachaut in hand) han because of u the way u supported me in every situation and mostly because of ur lo..(Was about to say love but then remember he don’t remember anything) I will tell u everything but now u have to take rest

San: (wanted to know) but

Sw: sanskar not now please (made him sit on bed) take rest it’s not good for u and u didn’t took rest after coming from hospital

San: (stubborn) but

Sw: take rest (made him lay on bed carefully)

San: please tell na

Sw: (shocked seeing his stubbornness) please sanskar I will tell but not now ok

San: hmmm (laid properly on bed swara covered him with sheet and went to washroom to change)

After changing herself swara came out of washroom and saw sanskar still wake and sitting on bed

Sw: u are still awake

San: (looked at her) I am not getting sleep

Sw: why

San: (confuse) don’t know I am feeling tiered but still I can’t sleep (think) I think its medicine effect

Sw: hmm maybe (went near him he looked at her in shock) what

San: (don’t know how to say) u will sleep here I mean with me

Sw: (confuse) haan why

San: no no nothing

Sw: (smiled) sanskar I am ur wife and I think it’s my right

San: (avoid eye contact) hmm

Sw: (now serious) sanskar what happened

San: (looked at her) what

Sw: I saw u were very uncomfortable with everyone (about to say) and don’t lie I know u

San: I don’t know it’s just whenever I see them my past start haunting me being frankly swara (looked at her) I can’t stay here

Sw: (shocked) sanskar

San: please let me speak (she nodded) I don’t why I came here and what happened and as u said u will tell me (she nodded) but still I can’t stay here I have learned many thing in this 5 year swara and I know how broken I was that time when I lost kav..(he looked at her thinking does she know kavita about his past)

Sw: (smiled and remember her and sanskar convo about kavita) kavita na

San: (shocked) u know (she nodded he smiled little) hmm only my friend were my support so it’s not easy for me to accept them and forgive them that why I can’t stay here maybe I had forgiven them in that 6 months but know I can’t (he had tear which made swara shock)

Sw: (whipping his tear) I understand sanskar (thought about his revenge she can’t let him harm his family harm again) so what u thought

San: I am going back to Mumbai to my house (looked at swara like should he ask or not) will u also come with me

Sw: (smiled at him and hugged him tightly shocking him) of course how can u think I will let u go easily away from me han (he smiled little but was thinking to hug her back or not before he can hug swara broke the hug) now sleep

He nodded and turned to his side now swara was facing his back and was looking at him he was trying to sleep but he couldn’t like he is missing something or someone than turned again and found swara looking at him

Sw: not sleepy jet

San: hmm

Laid on back and was looking at top and closed his eyes to sleep swara looked at him then placed her head on his chest and hugged him tightly shocking him but then smile because he came to know her habit even hospital she held his hand in sleep or placed her head on his chest seeing her sleeping he wrapped his arm around then slept peacefully…

Precap: swasan life in Mumbai

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