Swasan second chance epi 3

Heyyy guys sorry for being late but what to do u guys already now how lazyyyyy I am na..so sorry I will try to Post next epi soon…n yeah I will Post trust me Not now but few days till them enjoy my devil n second chance…

N yeah guys..


So lets start with second chance…

Sharmishta took swara inside the house while swara was crying badly n sharmishta was controling herself for not breaking down infront her doughter….

Sharmishta made her sit on Sofa n cupped her face lovingly..

Sh: (trying to be Strong) shona my bacha stop crying na (swara looked at her mother she very well knew how broken her Mother is today but only for her she is trying to be Strong) stop crying

Sw: (broken) Ma I am sorry I am really sorry (making sharmishta n Dida confuse) I am sorry ma I am really unlucky for u na because of me Baba left u only beacuse of me whatever is happening is beacuse of me laksh left ragini beacuse of me ragini seprated u n Baba beacuse of me ragini is walking wrong path everything happend beacuse of me each n everything is beacuse of me if I were not here n in ur life maybe u had move on with someone else but no the whole blo*dy Problem is me n..

Before she could complete her sentence sharmishta slapped her hard making Dida n her shocked not only once but she slapped her twice..she was looking at her in anger n mostly hurted hearing her outburst she held her shoulder thigtly

Sh: (hurted n angry) what did u said u are unlucky for me han (she shaked her) tell na shona do u really think u are unlucky for me (swara looked at her with teary eyes n then looked down) no shona u are not u dont know how much lucky u are for me I am Alive today only beacuse of u only beacuse of U did u heard beacuse of U (swara looked at her with shock) when ur Baba left me na 1st time I thought to kill myself even I tried to do sucied but then I got to know about u..u were my Ray of hope beacuse of u I am Alive leaving happily with u n ma (hearing this from sharmishta swara totally shocked she never knew that her tried to do sucied she looked towards she also had tears) I thought to tell shekhar about my pregnancy but it was too late even After knowing about u he didnt cared for u but on that day when u n ragini United us I thought now (cupping her face ) my shona will get her father love but no I was wrong totally wrong look shona this man doesnt Deserve us so why to destroye our life for them han

Sw: but ma

Sh: no shona (whiped her tear) live ur life plzz dont destroye for those people who even didnt cared about u or trusted u okey (she nodded) and i know what yesterday happened (she looked at her in shock) sanskar had told me everything shona I think u should accept sanskar or give a try to ur relationship I know it started with fake marrige but now i want ur n sanskar marrige u cant get good husband then sanskar he suported u in ur bad time and he trust u shona which is more important in a relationship more then love beacuse only trust make a relationship strong..

Sw: Ma I dont know its all confusing me sanskar is very good even I trust him but love ma dont know its Difficult for me to love someone after laksh I dont know everything seem to be broken..I know I never loved laksh beacuse I never felt hurted to see him with ragini but he Broke my trust he n ragini Proved me Charakterless ma infront everyone he tried to insult me everytime when ever he get a chance thanks to sanskar he always saved me but..ahhh dont know its confusing

Dida: (came to swara made her drink water) shoruu dont be confuse I know its hard time but dont worry soon this bad time will over and u will relise ur feelings towards sanskar

Sw: do u really think I have feeling for him

Dida: haha shoruu dont use ur tiny brain to much ok

Sw: but Dida

Dida: nah not now just relax for sometime

Sw: hmm

Sharmishta made her lay on her lap n crassed her hair lovingly…soon swara slept she Kissed her forehaed n even Dida kissed her…

Recap: swasan marrige

I know I know its really boring sorry guys but u all have to bear me hahah

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