Swasan second chance epi 27 to 28

So let’s start with twist…

Both swasan were sleeping in each other embrace in the morning at 4 sanskar woke up and found swara hugging him tightly a smile speared on his face seeing her so close to him… he held her protectively in his embrace and kissed her forehead lightly not to disturb her sleep and also pecked her lips…he got up carefully not disturb her and place pillow on his place sanskar went to washroom after taking shower he came out of bathroom while drying his hair with towel and walk to wardrobe and took cloths and wore them after getting ready he took his laptop, charger putted in his bag… he was about to leave but wrote a note for swara and placed on the pillow and kissed her once again on her forehead lovingly and left for his meeting which is in other city at 8 so that why he woke up today early…

At 7 o clock swara sleep got disturb on not finding sanskar beside she opened her eyes to look him but didn’t found him on bed… she thought maybe he is in washroom but then seeing not there she was confuse and picked up and start reading…

Sanskar note…

Good morning princess and sorry for not being with u now because I have very important meeting in other city that why I have to leave earlier in the morning and u were sleeping so thought not to disturb u…

Bye and take care of u I will be back at 20 or 21 o clock see u soon

Reading his note she got angry why he didn’t woke her up she picked her phone and called him immediately being angry on him leaving her… sanskar was still on the way seeing her calling he smiled and put on speaker as he was driving only he don’t like when someone drive for him as he like to be alone

On call

San: good morning princess

Sw: (angry) what is this sanskar

San: what happened?

Sw: why didn’t u woke me up and why u didn’t informed me

San: (smile on her anger) princess even I got to know yesterday and u were sleeping peacefully so thought not to disturb u

Sw: this is not fair sanskar u shouldn’t have done this

San: areee swara I am sorry

Sw: no sanskar I am not talking u should had woke me up na

San: it’s ok

Sw: no its not

San: and why it’s not

Sw: how can I spend my whole day without seeing u sanskar (she said so cutely that he wanted her have with him) u will be back at night

San: awweee so my princess will miss me han

Sw: of course any doubt u don’t even know how much I am missing u now (get again angry) but u left and didn’t woke me up

San: sorry na princess

Sw: no I am not gona talk to u bye

San: princes..

Before he could speak she cut his call and sat on bed sadly and took his picture and start talking with him…

Sw: mr maheshwari u did wrong now I will not talk with u huh just come back then I will show who is swara sanskar maheshwari get ready mr sanskar maheshwari saying this she got up and cleaned the room after that she took shower and got ready left downstairs to help others…whole day swara distract herself somehow because she was missing sanskar badly he tried to call her but being angry she didn’t even picked his then he stop calling and msg her many time…

Sanskar msg…

“Princess I am sorry na”

“Please pick up the phone na”

“swara talk to me na”

“I love u na ”

She got lot of his msg but didn’t reply him back how much she wanted to talk with him but still she was angry as he didn’t woke her up…on sanskar side he completed his meeting and wanted to leave immediately to meet his princess who is angry on him and thought to surprise her coming early home before 20 o clock and not to make wait her long he smiled thinking about her anger… sanskar sat in his car and start driving it was little raining at first…

Swasan room

Swara was looking outside as its was raining she remember the day when she and sanskar were singing and romancing with each other in rain…thinking this she smiled whole heartily few drops of water were falling on her she closed her eyes to the drops and inhaled new fresh air… whenever the drop fell on her bare skin she felt sanksar kissing her she hugged herself tightly to feel little warmth but mostly she was missing sanskar warmness she held her mangelsutre and kissed on that…

The weather start changing and the rain got heavier swara closed the balcony door and was feeling little uneasy her heart was beating little fast she sat on bed and looked at sanskar picture tears welled up in her eyes…

Sw: (looking at sanskar pic) come soon sanskar please come soon (a tear fell from her eyes on his pic she laid on bed holding his pic…)

Sanskar side…

He was driving but it was getting difficult for him because of rain sometime the car loose balance but he got hold of him… his thought was filled with swara he wanted to be with her and wanted to take her in his embrace to kiss her to love her and was driving fast… he picked up his phone to call her his focus was on phone that why he didn’t notice a truck coming with full speed duet rain the view was also not clearly when sanskar looked at road and saw truck coming near her try to turn but it was to late his car dashed with truck and rolled hitted with tree…his hand fell from his car and took swara name before closing his eyes…

San: swara

He closed his eyes on swara side she got up with jerk and looked at time it was 19 o clock then again she looked at sanskar picture but the sight made her shock as her mangelsutre was laying on sanskar picture broken and the black pearl were spread on his picture…

Sw: sanskar (she placed her hand on her broken mangelsutre)

She picked her phone and called him but it was telling its switch of she was getting tens why his phone is switch off…

Sw: (tens, crying) pick up sanksar please pick up

Sujata was passing from their and saw swara tens and crying she walk in asked swara what happened

Suj; swara what happened chori why are u crying

Sw: (crying) see na mom sanskar is not picking my call (looked at sujata) mom my mangelsutre (she pointed at her broken magelsutre) mom I am not feeling well I need my sanksar mom please just call him na please

Suj: (cupped her face) na chori nothing will happen to him just stop crying

Sw: noo mom I know something bad is happen please mom call him naaa ask him to talk with me pleaseeeee mom (she sat with thud crying badly hearing her cry everyone came in their room swara looked at ram and went to him while pleading) dad please aap call sanskar na (rp hugged even sujata started crying seeing her like this)

Suj: (to rp while crying) aap chore ko call karo na ask him where he is

Sw: please dad call sanskar na please

Rp: (whipped her tear) shh I will see ok stop crying (nodded) promise me u wont cry

Sw: promise

Rp: good (to sujata) take care of her

Saying this he left to call sanskar……

To be continue…

So let’s start the epi…

Sw: please dad call sanskar na please
Rp: (whipped her tear) shh I will see ok stop crying (nodded) promise me u won’t cry
Sw: promise
Rp: good (to sujata) take care of her
Saying this he left to call sanskar……

On sanskar side he was laying there in pool of blood seeing the accident one car stop immediately few man’s came out of car and run to sanskar and the one of them called someone and told about sanskar accident… the man took sanskar to their car and left for hospital to save him rp was continuously was calling sanskar but his phone was still switch of everyone was worried for him and there was going mad the thought of something bad happen to sanskar was killing her inside whenever she looked at her broken mangelsutre hurted even more…

It’s been hour since there was no news of sanskar now everyone got more worried as it never happen like this and also seeing swara state they were consoling themselves as they have to be strong for swara…seeing swara state laksh felt bad but today his whole concentration was his missing brother yeah brother whom he loved more than anyone he know how he felt when he got to know the news that his brother is no more his friend is no more who supported him in every phase of his life… he was broken that and held dp responsible for his brother dismay but when he saw few months ago he was soo happy that he finally got his brother back but as mad person for him he was also ready to marry ragini when he loved swara only for his happiness but when he came to know that his brother acted as mad person to take revenge he felt betrayed the person betrayed him whom he loved then swara running away from marriage and came back as his brother wife then ragini truth everything was beyond his imagination did he really deserve all this no he was never like this he was fun loving guy the cool lucky in his gang but now he became mad to get swara when she is not her… he smile sadly as today he released how much she loves his brother who is everything her this kind of love he never saw in swara eyes when they were in relationship so many incident happen during their relationship but swara didn’t had this kind of fear for him but when it comes to sanskar she act like a mad person totally in love he smiled seeing their true love soon his thought were broken by doorbell hearing doorbell sound swara run immediately to door thinking that maybe it’s sanskar even the other family member came…swara opened the door while smiling through her tear

Sw: (smile with tears open the door) sanskar

But to their surprise it wasn’t sanskar but instead of sanskar were 2 person standing with sad face nobody reconise them except swara as she knows them…

Sw: (shock) arnav khushi what are u doing here and where is sanskar (its arnav and khushi)

Khu: (sad) swara come with us

Sw: (seeing them sad she got more worried) what happened guys and do u know where sanskar is

Arn: (controlling himself) swara please come with us and u will know everything

Sw: but

Khu: (interrupted) please swara come with us (she nodded in yes because she wanted to know where her sanskar is but was stop by sujata)

Suj: who are they swara

Sw: (turn to her) mom they are sanskar friend

Suj: do u know where sanskar is

Arn: please u all come with us (looked at swara) come with us swara

Saying this they left and other fowled them being confuse seeing them sad also soon the car stop near hospital seeing hospital swara heart start beating fast they walk out of car the more she took the more her heartbeat rise the fear of losing sanskar was also getting higher they walk into hospital while walking swara look here and there she was controlling herself not to break and was also praying for sanskar safety which is most important for now in that moment… they stopped near operation theater and saw few man’s wearing black suits standing there also swara looked at arnav and khushi asking them through her eyes what is happening….

Kh: (compose herself and try to tell swara) swara

Sw: (interrupted had hope) where is sanskar and why u guys brought me here

Arn: swara woh sanskar

Sw: (hoping controlling tears) what sanskar han (looked at those mans) and who are they

Arn: they are sanskar bodyguard (whispered : bodyguard heard her) han as sanskar is big business man so for his security

This was shock for all family member as they didn’t knew sanskar is big business man they thought he is working in other company to clear their doubt dp asked him…

Dp: (shock) business man

Arn: han u heard it right sanskar is is business man u heard the name of karma company (all nodded except swara because it doesn’t matter to her except sanksar and she wanted to know about him but they were talking something else) he is the owner (they were shock sanskar is the owner of karma company)

Lak: but the owner of company is sm

Sw: stop it (looked at arnav and khushi) why u brought me here and where the hell is sanskar and (before she continue khushi pointed towards opration theater making everyone shock holding herself swara walk to khushi and held from shoulder made her look) where is sanksar

Arn: (tears rolled from his eyes) sanksar met with an accident few hours ago and his bodyguard brought him here and informed me

This was shock for swara her sanskar met with accident she knew somewhere in heart that something bad is happened with sanskar but what now she got to know that her sanskar met with accident she was about to fall but then the opration theater door opened the doctor came out he saw the mans then looked at mm family member they all looked at doctor hoping for good but doctor looked down…

Doc: (looked down) I am sorry

Saying this he left shocking everyone did they heard right or were they just dreaming ramta broke into tears even other except swara she was standing in middle looking numb shock what not… she was not even reacting and how can she even react without her sanskar just then door again opened and few ward boy boys came with stretcher a man was lying there covered with white sheet and some drop of blood were on sheet… ramta run to him and start crying calling his name…

Suj: (crying) sanskar mara chora sanskar

Rp: (placed on him) sanksar

Swara still looking them a tear rolled down from her eyes her mind was saying her sanskar is no more but her heart was saying that he is here with her she looked at ramta who were crying hugging that body which was of her sanskar again tear rolled from her eyes did her sanskar left him alone in this world she remembered his word when he was she have to stand for herself and he can naver be with her every time now he proved her being away from here…. She remember their moment during fake marriage then how she asked him to gave their relationship a name by marrying her his confession his love his care which made her fall for him their 1st kiss their rain romance their moment when they supported each other then her confession and also their union on karvachaut night his fasting for her what no each everything was playing in her mind she closed her eyes drops of tears were fowling once again she opened her eyes and saw sanskar standing in front of her seeing him she smiled and forward her hand asking him to hold her but he start walking backwards she was calling him but he didn’t listen her and walk away she screamed his name on top of her voice which was heard in whole hospital… : sanskaaaaaaar she opened her eyes to look him on not seeing him she fainted on the spot before she could fall arnav and khushi held even they were broken hearing this news….


Now u may ask why I wrote laksh thought like this then let me tell u guys I really loved when laksh took care of sanskar when acted as mad…it was really cute the way he cried for sanskar…

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  1. Rabia dear its amazing. I am a big fan of ur writing. You amaze me everytime by your writing and length of ur chapter. How you manage to write a long chapter in a small gap. You know daily I am visiting wattpad for your story. When I read it I want to share my feelings instantly through my comments. But I don’t because I have no wattpad a/ c . Sorry for this.

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  12. Rabia it’s the first time I’m reading your story, I think you have wonderful ideas. Really good.

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