Swasan second chance epi 14 and 15

Guys I posted 2time epi..13 but it was epi 14..now here we go with epi 15…

Hiii I am back again I know I said I will be back after 2weeks but I couldn’t stop writing and u guys didn’t let me take break…I didn’t post one day and u guys start asking when will I post huh…but I love u guys u always make me happy?????

So lets continue…

When ragini pointed finger on sanskar ap n laksh got angry but other got shock… swara stumbled back in shock her sanskar did this to ragini can this be true…all the While sanskar was trying to get hold on himself but it doesnt work he was about to fall when ramta run to him… They made him sit on Couch seeing sanskar like this tears start welled up in sujata eyes rp was looking at sanskar with sad n shock expression he dont know what is happening yesterday swara face this and today sanskar he know his sanskar will never stoop low but had fear his past deeds came in his mind… he dont know what to do whom to trust ragini or sanskar remembering sanskar deed he can do but seeing his love for swara never he can’t hurt her even in his dream….

Suj: (Patted on his cheek) sanskar sanskar (looked at uttra) uttra bring water

Utt: (still in shock) han mom

She brought water for sanskar before she could give sujata laksh took the Glas away and throw water on sanskar duet which he came little in senses..
After throwing water on him He throw the glas on floor making loud noise….he pulled him by colar and made him stand…

Lak: I did by mistake with swara and u chiiiii sanskar how disgusting u Beat me for touching her little and here itself u are trying to rape my wife (try to punch him)

Suj: (stoped laksh) laksh (looked rp pleading) g do something

Ap: (side hugging ragini) wah dever sa when laksh did yesterday with swara u slaped him and when sanskar did more disgusting with ragini u are not saying anyword

Suj: jiji how can u think sanskar can do this with ragini

Ap: then how can u all think laksh can do this with swara also

Suj: laksh loved swara once so out of jealousy he did even accepted but sanskar dont love ragini so why he will do this

Ap: to take his revenge for what laksh did with swara even he did before na

Suj: I know my sanskar he wont do anything like this (to laksh) leave him laksh

Lak: (held his colar more tightly looked at him angrily) I wont Chachi how dare he to moleste ragini

San: (held his hand) I didnt did anything it was all done by ragini she is blaming me

Rag: (??) chiiiii sanskar ji how can u say like this how can II chiiiii

San: (angry) dont try to act smart ragini u did this why are u laying

Rag: how can I do this sanskar ji why are u blaming me

San: ragini

Ap: shut up sanskar how can u blame her

San: badi ma belive me its all her Drama

Lak: shut up sanskar

San: laksh why can’t u understand she did all this (looked at him) she isn’t that much innocent like u people think

Lak: look who is saying even u look innocent and can trap everyone with ur this innocent look but I want fell in ur trap again I won’t leave u

Sanskar made himself free from his grip looked at swara who was looking at him with teary eyes seeing her like this he had fear what if she also think the same like everyone is thinking about him he lowered his gaze not meeting her eyes…laksh gaze fowled from sanskar to swara and a smile crept on his face because thinking that swara want trust him…and she will hate him thinking that he went near swara and start bad mouthing sanskar…

Lak: u said me na that u are
sanskar ‘s  only na see now what ur sanskar did u trusted him and see what he did to your sister (looked at her) maybe he is not satifyed with u that why he stoop so low

she looked at laksh and gave him disgusting look and walk to sanskar while sanskar had fear of losing swara on the other hand laksh was smirking, sanskar was looking down while swara was still looking at him she walk to and cupped his face surprising him and everyone they looked at each other..

Sw: (cupped his face) are u fine sanskar (everyone looked at her with wide eyes and laksh was shocked his smile fade away with her next question) did u got hurt han (looked at him with full love shocking him she looked at him making sure he didn’t got hurt) sanskar u are fine na (shocking laksh n making him jealous)

Rag: (shocked at her behaviour) swara (looked at her) what’s wrong with u (swara walk to her) he try to I am feeling ashamed while saying and u

Sw: (crossing her hand on her chest) what he did ragini..

Lak: are u mad or what can’t u see ragini state…(he was jealous and angry also on her behaviour)

Sw: oh yeah right but can’t u see my husband state who is not in his senses who even can’t stand properly and look at ur wife she is fit and fine then how can sanskar moleste her Han

Rag: trust me swara he try to mole…before she could complete swara slaped her tightly shocking everyone even sanskar

Sw: what did u say I should trust u haha really trust and u mujhe kisi pagal kutte ne kata hai jo tumpe trust karoongi no ragini no never I trust my sanskar more then myself what u think ur cheap tricks will work on me again then u are highly mistaken ragini I trust sanskar more than anyone 

Lak: are u mad how can u trust this man who try to moleste with ur sister

Sw: (slaped laksh also shocking everyone) this for yesterday behaviour (slaped him again) and this for insulting my sanskar mark my words laksh maheshwari I am swara sanskar maheshwari so don’t u dare to talk anything against my husband I won’t tolerate any of ur and ur wife’s cheap tricks (looked at ragini slaped her once again) this for eying my husband (slaped her again) this is for insulting him (slaped her again) don’t u dare try to involve my husband (to laksh n also to everyone) I don’t care what u all think but I trust my sanskar (walk to him held him making him proud on her) he loves me only (saying she looked raglak) me and I trust him that he won’t do anything (looked at sanskar) chalo sanskar

Saying this they walk to their room making laksh jealous angry on them and at himself also…ragini try to held his hand but he didn’t paid to heed to her and walk away to their room…ramta were proud on dil who trusted sanskar more then anyone now sujata was the happiest that her chora got perfect girl for him she is very lucky to have swara as her dil…ap n ragini were standing only hall everyone had left making ragini angry as her plan failed and now also she couldn’t get laksh ap was there to console her but she was also angry swara for trusting sanskar….

Precap: swasan rain dance + romance??????????seeing by raglak????? (zuzu next episode is for u)

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  1. As usual awesome ?

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    Heyyyyyyy!! no fair this tooooooooo short for 2 epi’s huh!
    btw epi was fabulous loved it !!!!!

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    M soooooo happy
    Soooo many slaps
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    Very gd rabia
    Keep it up

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    Awesme aur 10 tappad mar deti to acha hota

  5. Plz update the next episode soon.It’s so interesting

  6. Shiksha

    Wow it’s better!if in serial dadi hadn’t supported ragini after giving a slap, she wouldn’t have done more wrong…
    But must say ‘update soon ‘comments will surely come for u ,it won’t stop, maybe.. So, update soon…

  7. Wow loved it

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    Wow!! Thanks for the updating dear…. Even I am also shocked when Swara asked r u fine Sanskaar?? I thought she says that she would trust Sanskaar..but u changed it!! OMG…! Sooo many slaps!! I hate that Ap. Overall its Excellent Rabia…. I loved it! Precap… I cant wait…please post next part soon dear. Please…..please!

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      Thanks dear

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  15. awesome loved it update next part soon

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    Awesome?? yahh..my guess did not go wrong… Swara trusted him? and waah ragini deserved it ???….
    Dis is not fair two chapies but its too short like my hair??
    Waiting for nxt part ??

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    huh! it’s bad!! too much slap !!! “are you fine , Ragini ? ” *give another slipper slap
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