Swasan second chance epi 13

Guys ur response made me always happy…☺☺☺I never thought u guys will love this ff much because in the starting I thought to make only 10 epi ss…
I thought not many people will like this ff but you all proved me wrong…because I never tought I can be good writer but ur response made me to write more and more…
And dont ask me to Post soon beacuse I wont hahah???maybe after 2 week what say guys????


Now lets start…get ready for shock hahah????sanskar missing ??

Swasan were sleeping each other embrace hugging each other tightly were swara head was on sanskar chest hearing his each heart beat which was beating only for her…swara sleep got disturb because of sunrays she opened her eyes to find only her husband sleeping hugging her a smile speared on her face seeing him sleeping peacefully… thinking about yesterday incident she hugged sanskar tightly buring her face in his neck… feeling her hot breath sanskar tight his grip more on her and start caressing her back making her sure she is in protective hands… his love and care has always made her feel special she broke the hug looked at him with a smile… he cupped her and kissed her forehead making her happy and overwhelmed with his care and love…

San: (caressing her cheek) good morning (pecked her cheek making her blush which made him smile he loves when she blush)

Sw: good morning (pecked his cheek and run to washroom while blushing making him lough seeing her like this but happy to see his swara back after yesterday)

Sanskar was laying on bed while swara was taking the shower when someone knocked on the door… sanskar lazily got up and opened the door found uttra standing there…

San: uttra what are u doing so early in the morning

Utt: bhei mom asked me will u do breakfast in ur room

San: (thought for some time) no uttra we will do breakfast with everyone

Utt: ok bhei…

Sanskar was about to close the door but hearing washroom door open he turned and found swara coming out wearing pink anarkaly dress she was drying her hair… sanskar lost in her like always feeling his gaze she looked at him then lowered her gaze feeling shy… she moved towards dressing table sat in front dressing table and picked sindoor box about fill her hairline with sindoor when sanskar stoped her in between….and took little pinch of sindoor and filled her hairline with sindoor while filling her maang he was looking at her trough the mirror… both were having a beutifuly eye lock then he took her mangulsutra and tied around her neck…he made her stand and kissed her forehead lovingly….

Meanwhile ragini was passing from their room but stopped seeing swasan scene… sanskar care and love for swara was making her jealous angry… she had enough of that now and remembering yesterday incident on knowing laksh is still behind swara made her already angry… but today seeing sanskar love n care for her which she is carving from the beginning and to get that love she did soo much and swara without doing anything got everything how can be this possible….

After kissing her forehead he hugged her tightly both were hugging each other seeing this scene ragini imagined herself incident of swara place being loved by husband… both broke the hug and swara kissed on sanskar cheek making him happy at her… ragini was still standing there and was watching their little romance but soon come senses hearing sanskar confession making her more angry…

San: I love u

Sw: I know

San: I am happy that u know acha (cupped her face) will u wait for me or will u go alone downstairs

Sw: (think about laksh) I will wait u go till then I will clean the room

San: ok I am just coming (she nodded soon sanskar left for washroom)

Ragini start leaving down while thinking what to do with swara now how destroy her…

Rag: (monologue) how can you be happy swara when I am still unhappy han… I did so much to get laksh love but still he is running behind u.. and here u are enjoying with sanskar han for which I am carving no swara how can u lead your life happily I have to do something han I have to seprate u and sanskar love is your power na (smirked) see now what I am gona do after that I will get everything what I want huh just wait and watch for tonight my sister ur life will turn from heavan to hell hahaha…

Whole day pass good but swara was not feeling good the fear of losing sanskar was increasing every hour during dinner time she was looking at sanskar continuously seeing swara looking at sanskar made laksh jealous but ragini was smirking seeing swara little sceard face she served sanskar his dinner 1stly shocking swara but she ignored…

Swasan room…

Both changed their cloths in night cloths sanskar was working on laptop while swara laying on bed looking at him she didn’t even wanted to blink her eyes thinking maybe he will vanish away…

Sw: (held her mangelsutra) I don’t know what is happening with me this feeling is making me crazy plzz bagwan g save my sanskar don’t know I have feeling something bad gona happen plzz save my and sanskar relationship baghwan g  (feeling sleepy swara doze off while facing sanskar)

Sanskar looked at swara and found her sleepy a smile speared on his face seeing his love sleeping peacefully but suddenly he start feeling unwell in his stomach and was getting little headache he tought to drink something but found empty jug on table… 1st he tought to wake swara up but then seeing her sleepy peacefully he went to kitchen somehow now he also start feeling dizzy everyone was sleeping he went in kitchen switched the light on and found ragini stting on kitchen slab smirking at him…

San: (feeling dizzy) ragini what are u doing here at this time

Rag: (smirking )waiting for u

San: (held his head with one hand and with other kitchen slab) me why

Rag: (jumed from slab start walking towards him) don’t u know sanskar ji (roamed her finger on his face making him angry)

San: what the hell ragini (try to push her but his healt was making him waek)

Rag: (lough) what happened sanskar ji dont u like me

San: I hate u

Rag: hahah

San: what are u doing

Rag: (smirked at him) haha sanskar ji ur swara is trying to snatch my laksh so tought why not to snatch her husband han

San: laksh is behind her not she

Rag: whatever now I will Show her what I can do (roaming her Finger on his face)

San: you are disgusting ragini (about to leave but stumble about fell on ragini but hold the slab)

Rag: hahahha sanskar ji now I will separate ur swara from u and will snatch her happiness 

Saying this she made some scratches on sanskar arm and also on his face sanskar try to hold her hand but he was losing his sense… ragini tore her sleeve made her hair massy while looking at sanskar making him feel disgusting she speared her lipstick she was showing herself like someone molesting  her…

Swasan room

Suddenly swara got up and found herself alone in room she looked here and there but sanskar was not there… she got up and looked in washroom, balcony but sanskar was missing she tought maybe he is downstairs and walked out of room she was walking on stair when she heard someone screaming  or shouting for laksh name…

Rag: laksh ji laksh ji help me (she held sanskar showing that he was holding her) laksh jiiiii ma papa jii help me

Swara stood in shock hearing her voice… hearing ragini screaming everyone came out running and switched the light of hall on  they looked at swara but ignored her hearing ragini screaming but soon swara came in senses hearing sanskar name…

Rag: sanskar ji leave me plzz I know laksh did wrong with swara but plzzz leave me (smirked at sanskar n pushed him run away while fake crying)

Seeing ragini like this everyone became shocked she run to laksh and hugged him tightly while fake crying annuparma covered her with her shall…

Ap: ragini beta who did this (saw ragini crying badly caressed her hair) beta tell me who did this

Lak: shh ragini tell me who did this (broke the hug cupped her face9) who did this

Rag: (fake crying) laksh ji

Lak: who did this to u ragini

Rag: (pointed finger at sanskar who was somehow coming from kitchen while stumbling little) sanskar ji

When ragini pointed finger on sanskar ap n laksh got angry but other got shock… swara stumbled back in shock her sanskar did this to ragini can be this true…

To be continue…

What will swara do know ?
Will she trust ragini or sanskar ?
Will swasan toghter after this incident will swara leave sanskar ?

So many question ? What will happen ?

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  1. Wow loved it plz don’t spectate them swara should trust her sanskar❤️

  2. Plz don’t split swasan make Swara prove to everyone that her sanskar is saying the truth .

  3. Scooby

    Awesome chapie??? swara will trust sanskar and she knew rags have eye on sanskar?
    huuhhh ragini ??????? gonna ??
    May b due to guilty sans left swara or may b dream ?
    Ok i will demand u to post nxt part ssoon?????

    1. Rabia0032

      Hahaha I will post soon in fact today

  4. crazy princess

    awesome chappy but dont let swara doubt sanky plzzzzzz??????? she should support him nd prove his innocene plsssssssssss??????nd give nxt update sooooonnnn plsssssssss…………?????

  5. Awesome

  6. Swara should Support sankar dont seperate them

  7. Simin

    Huhhhthis drama queen

  8. Swasanangle

    Awesome yar plz don’t separate swasan and plz update soon I’m eagerly waiting for swara rock and ragini shock……..secen

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  10. dont separate swasan please…its a awesome story

  11. Mica

    Damn It !!!!! Rabiaaaaa.. how dare you to made my Swasan suffer.. huaaaaa

    1. Rabia0032

      Chill mica darling u will love next episode

  12. Tamil

    Awesome….swara trust sanskar only

  13. awesome dont let swara doubt sanky i know u wont let that happen also dont seperate them… huhh ragini… kah is this dream swara toh nahi… update next part soon eagerly waiting for next part dont be late

    1. dont be late u asked us to dont ask to update next part soon but we ask dear.. plz dont be late sorry cant stop my self from asking you about this…want.next part soon

  14. Aashi

    Oh wow zz
    I know swara will trust him!!
    Dont you dare to seperate it!!
    I will kill you!!
    Above all it was awesome ?

    1. Rabia0032

      Oye u wane kill me???

  15. Amazing ??

  16. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear

  17. Gayathri.visu

    Don’t separate them Rabia… Please let Swara trust her Sanskaar….. You said dont ask another epi soon. But I cant control myself. PLEASE DEAR…PLEASE POST NEXT PART SOON….PLEASE!!!

  18. Shibil

    Nice ….am sure swara will trust sanskar …always swasan rocks ….waiting for next part….

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    hawww…..how dare she?? Swara will show her aukat

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