Swasan second chance epi 11

Omg guys I am happy very happy to see your all response ☺☺☺so thought to Post again for ridhima n for my other readers…

So lets start….

Sanskar was standing in Balkony to get fresh air he couldnt stand in their room because of chilli smell after satifying himself swara came out washroom but also start coughing she covered her mouth with her hand and looked for sanskar and saw him him standing near Balkony…she went near him and placed her hand his shoulder while smiling…

Sw: sanskar

San: (looked at her) swara what was that

Sw: what

San: all that what u did in room

Sw: I didnt do anything sanskar

San: swara

Sw: sanskar

San: ahh forget it (seeing her yawning) here you are yawning after destroying my sleep

Sw: (pouted) sanskar (melted seeing her pout) I am sleepy

He smiled at her went inside the room and brought blanket and sat on the Couch he looked at swara and forward his hand to her she held his he made her lay on his lap and covered them in blanket… Swara smiled and cuddeld more on him and held him thigtly which was making sanskar happy….soon they both slept in each other embrace happily….

At morning 8 am swara woke up find herself in sanskar embrace she smiled at him seeing her cuteness she was falling more n more…somewhere she knows that she loves him but had fear to accept this feeling… soon she Came out thought of her thought n left washroom…

Feeling cold and missing swara warmth sanskar opened his eyes lazy to see his lady love but she was not there… he took the blanket went inside hearing shower Sound he know she is inside the washroom…

After some time swara came out of washroom while drying her hair with towel seeing her sanskar was mesmorized her one look is enough to make him crazy for her swara looked and snapped at him and asked him through her eyes what ? He just shook his head and left for washroom forgetting his clothes in room…

At the breakfast table everyone was sitting and were having breakfast without swasan…After having breakfast the man of the house were to leave for office when dp asked laksh to call sanskar…

Dp: laksh

Lak: yes papa

Dp: call sanskar even he will go with us office

Rp: why bhei sa

Dp: ram when we have our company why is sanskar is Working in other company

Rp: yes u are right bhei sa

Dp: laksh go call him

Lak: Papa me

Dp: yes u go now

Lak: ok papa

Saying this he left for swasan room…

Swasan room

Swara was getting ready she opened the door to leave when sanskar came out of washroom seeing him she was lost the water drops were fowlling from his hair on his bare chest..
One towel was around his waist the other towel was on his neck which he using to dry his hair… he was looking greek god to her his bare built chest Oh god now was her turn to go crazy…

Seeing him finding his clothes she tought to help but never stop looking at him…she went near and picked his clothes and forward her hand to handover him his clothes… Their hand touched each other she shivered with his touch seeing her lost in him je smirked… he was moving forward to her she start taking step back until she Hit with wardrobe both were looking each other with desire and love Yea swara had love for him… this was seen by sanskar now he is ready to make her confess her love for him by hook or crook…

He looked at her lovingly he kissed her forehaed she closed her eyes feeling his touch on her forehead which assured that she is in protective arms… then He kissed her close eyes feeling his kiss on her eyes she opened to see him soon his gaze Fall on her pink soft lips then He looked at her for permission… she was lost in his touch and closed her eyes giving him positiv sign…

Getting her sign he immediately placed his rough lips on her soft lips… When their lips touched with each other lips a shiver run trough their body… his hand went to her waist and pulled her towards himself her hand went to his neck with one hand she is caressing his and with other hand his bare back….

Soon laksh reached sanskar seeing the door open he went little inside and was shocked seeing swasan kissing he got angry and jealous and was shocked and was looking at them shockingly he never thought in his dream he will swara kissing his brother… (now let me concentrate on my swasan kiss we will make laksh later jealous???)

They were Kissing each other softly but soon their kiss took them in another Level… Sanskar was sucking her uper lip while swara was sucking her lower lip soon the changed of Position now sanskar took her lower lip and bited duet which she mouned taking as Opportunity he entered in her mouth bot were roaming and playing with tongue….
He was pulling her more and she was dugging her nails in his bare back and pulling him more they were soo much lost in their didnt notice laksh ??

In the hall dp was still waiting for laksh he was getting thinking why he is taking to much time so thought to send ragini behind him…

Dp: ragini beta

Rag: ji papa ji

Dp: go call laksh and sanskar I am waiting

Rag: hmmm

Even she left upstairs to swasan room seeing laksh standing at the entrance of swasan she called him

Rag: laksh ji (went near him he came to sens)

hearing his name swasan broke the kiss and looked at door saw laksh was looking at them in shock…They were embrassent in were shocked that to know they were so involved in kiss that they didnt relized laksh here…but sanskar got angry that laksh was still standing there now ragini stood also beside laksh she looked at swasan was also shocked at 1st sanskar was again shirtless n 2ndly swara swollen lips..

San: (angrY) what are u doing here

Lak: (still in shock) woh papa called u

San: (angry) dont u know how to enter in couple room when they are still room

Lak: sanskar  (angry jealous) oh plzz dont give me lacture

San: oh right laksh how can I forgett how can you know that (looked at ragini then him) how to enter in couple room when you still live with ur wife a stranger han so how can u know the the New wedded couple need their privacy

Lak: (angry) sanskar

Rag: laksh ji lets go (held his hand n left to downstair)

Sw: sanskar what was that

San: (frustrated start wearing his clothes) he just destroyed my Moment huh

Sw: (shocked) whaaaaatttt

San: (winked at her) yap (went near her kissed her forehaed making swara blush) I love you bye

Sw: breakfast

San: I will have in office

Saying this sanskar both were happy today and were feeling special after their kiss… remembering their kiss swara was blushing…

Precap: swalak face off…

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  1. Woah u depict everything interestingly.continue.update the next episode soon l

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    OMG!!!! What am epi Rabia dear…. Just nailed it..!! Sanskaar is right, how can laksh enters their room without knocking?? Rabia dear next time I want to see Ragini jealous..will you please add it?? Eagerly waiting for the next one dear…..post soon.

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear i will try with ragini jealousy

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    fireeeee…… fireeeeeeee….. fire of jealousy and fire of hotness… ugghh!!!!

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    Interesting. Hahaha laksh face will be worth of seeing. ?????.bechara. no. No. Not bechara. He missed a gem. ????????swasan first kiss. ?. Waiting for swara confession. Precap is ?????swalak face off. Wow hope Swara will give a nice lecture. Will be waiting for next part.post asap

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  10. This is my POV
    R u gng to make triangle love story BTW swara sanskar and ragini.
    If it is s then plz do separate swasan and don’t break their trust for each other.
    Plz bring ragini truth fast.bcoz I can’t wait to see or image the scene.
    Make sure swara punish her co called spinless dad and her co called ex lover .SPL make ragini ap dadi get their punishment.
    Plz post the next part soon.

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    Awesome lovely chapie.. omg omg faint..swasan intense kiss..missed in serial… ahem ahem cant close d door.. laksh dnt have maners and ragini too joined them… huhh…

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