Swasan second chance epi 10

Hiii guys soo here is next epi I hope u will like…
And let clear few things guys mm people doesnt know sanskar is the Boss of karma company…
2ndly guys for me ragini is only Obsessed with laksh love..from now on when she see swasan together romancing she will imagine herself… in sanskar she will see laksh to get him she will do anything I hope know everything is clear if u want to know more ask me…

No lets continue…

Suj: u know what sanskar I am proud of u (kissed his forehead) I love u

San: love u to mom (hugged her)

They broke the hug sujata went near swara and kissed her forehaed shocking sanskar n rp they were looking at her with open mouth are they dreaming or its true sujata kissed swara They were looking at her with wide eye…

San: (shocked) mom (looked at him he went near n Checked her forehaed) are u alright I mean

Suj: shut up sanskar I am happy because u are happy and u know for ur happiness I can do anything and your happiness lays with swara and today I relized What I did with swara is wrong so i am just trying rectifying my mistake (cupped her face) I am sorry swara but I can do anything for my sanskar (she looked at him went near him caressed his face with full of love n had tears also) u don’t know how I felt without him he is my life the thought of he is no more built hatred in my heart for other family member and when laksh announced he loves u bhei sa also agreed with your and laksh relation the hatred which had increased more and whatever sanskar told me do I did in his love because I lost him once and losing him had killed me (hearing this sanskar felt bad how much her mother suffered bec. Of him but swara was happy seeing their love and ram was guilty for not understanding his wife) I am sorry swara I know did wrong with u

Sw: (went near sujata) I know mom and u don’t need to apologize

Suj: (hugged her) thank you…

Soon ramta left swasan alone somewhere swara still hurted with ap word but she didn’t showed sanskar her sadness because she know he may feel more guiltier seeing her sadness… soon left to get ready for collage but her sadness was seen by sanskar he know ap word hurted her a lot he was thinking what do while thinking he looked at the calendar seeing the date he smiled why not today 14 February a day for lover who express their love to their love ones… sanskar doesn’t believe this day because if we love someone truly then every day should be Valentine’s day why only one day he never understood that and till now but today he is going celebrate this day for her to make his love of life to took all the sadness away from her… he was lost in his thought when swara came after getting ready for collage… trio left for collage n sanskar told them that he will pick them up but uttra denied saying she will go to her friend after collage to study together so can only swara which made sanskar that know it will be easy to take her with him… he informed ramta that he is taking swara out and they will late and will have their dinner outside and they shouldn’t wait for them…
He was thinking where to take swara out and idea strike his mind he made all the arrangements and they will have their dinner also there…

(Guys I really don’t know the timing of collage in ur country but here we have only 6 hours lesson but in my ff swara collage will end 4:30)

After the collage swara was waiting for sanskar she was feeling now little better after meeting her friends who cheered her up… all her friend n she was waiting for sanskar seeing sanskar car she smiled n went towards him… her smile always made him and himself promise not to let her smile fade away from her beautiful… she sat in the car and he start driving after wishing him he was driving while smiling n swara was looking him in confuse then she notice they were on wrong way..

Sw: (confuse) sanskar this is not the way to home

San: (smile) I know swara

Sw: you know still you are driving on wrong way

San: because we are not going home

Sw: then where are we going

San: surprise

Sw: surprise

San: han

Sw: plzz sanskar tell na

San: no I can’t it’s a surprise

Sw: but

San: shh swara I said na its surprise

Sw: fine (she pouted which melted him but he won’t tell her)

Soon they reached on their destination they came out swara was looking in shock because they are in forest sanskar came near and closed her eyes…

Sw: what are u doing sanskar n what is this

San: shh trust me u will love it plzzz

Soon they reached near sanskar surprise swara start feeling fresh air her open hair start moving…she could feel some water drop falling on her duet which she was getting goose bumps… but still she felt awesome the little which were falling her face made her happy a smile crept on her lips… seeing her like sanskar felt happy and was lost in her beauty and was complete mesmerized but soon in his senses when swara try to remove his hand from her eye… when he removed his hand she was shocked seeing the sight in front of her and was totally mesmerized…

The waterfall was Atlantis-blue. It was gushing over the rocks. At its widest point, it was surging and plunging down the mountain. It had a beautiful serenity-pool at the bottom. The waterfall flowed, it was looking wonderful… (so guys sanskar brought swara near waterfall u can’t belive me but I am totally crazy for waterfall for me the most romantic place is near waterfall… the fresh air n water drops falling on you woow???)

She turned to look for sanskar feeling happy n found him sitting on Piknik mattress and was arranging their dinner… she turned back to look at waterfall she was feeling peacefull all her sadness flew away because of sanskar she went near him n start helping him…

Sw: (while helping) thankyou sanskar

San: did u like it

Sw: like really sanskar its beautiful I am loving this I am soo happy

San: and I am happy to know u are happy

She smiled at him soon they start having their dinner for the 1st time sanskar made her with his hand which she eat happily soon she joined him both were feeding each other swara was feeling soo happy seeing his love she was falling for him more n more his care his support everything which she wanted from laksh she is getting…. After dinner sanskar asked her for dance she looked him in confuse way without music dance but her surprise sanskar start singing for her which shocked her like hell she never thought he can sing but his song made her fall for him again…

is tarah aashiqii kaa
Asar chhod jaunga (Repeat 2 times)
Tere chehare pe apanii
Nazar chhod jaunga (Repeat once)

Main deewana ban gaya hoon
Kaisi ye moohabbat hai
Zindagi se badhake mujhko
Ab teri zaruurat hai
Mujhako tuu chaahiye
Tera pyaar chaahiye
Ek baar nahin sau baar chaahiye

Har saans main apani tujhpe lutaunga
Dil ke lahu se teri maang sajaunga
Tere chehare pe apni nazar chhod jaunga

Is tarah aashiqii kaa
Asar chhod jaunga (Repeat 2 times)
Tere chehare pe apanii
Nazar chhod jaunga (Repeat once)

He sang the whole song looking at her while dancing with her romantically and wished her happy valentine’s day which made her lough at him…

San: I love you

Sw: I (he looked at her in surprise n was waiting to hear she looked and lowered her eyes) I LIKE U

He laughed hearing her n shook his head she hugged him happily but she know he did to make her happy valentine’s day was just a reason soon they left to mm…

Swasan room

Sanskar was tired like hell 1st office then swara surprise to make her happy made him after reaching their room he changed his cloths and slept didn’t wait for swara seeing him sleeping like baby she smiled at him and  start caressing his hair and kissed on his forehead unknowingly on realizing what she did she blushed… she wasn’t tiered really so thought to watch drama she watching when there was scene playing how to save her husband from evils eyes and the way her mil was explaining her dil… seeing that swara looked at sanskar abd morning scene start playing in her mind how ragini was looking at sanskar…

Sw: (monologue n start biting on her nails) ohh god the way ragini was looking at sanskar what if she do some black magic ohhh noo I have to protect my husband (looked at sanskar) he is so innocent he doesn’t even know ragini was looking at him but what should do to keep ragini evils eyes from sanskar (she looked at tv and saw how they were doing) hmm even I will do this early in the morning oh got I have to wake at 4 ahnn but for him I can do anything han I have to do before anyone wake up…

In the morning at 4

Swara woke up lazily but then thinking ragini will do black magic on sanskar she got up fastly n went in kitchen took red chilis (guys I don’t know what I am writing so forgive me but I have also seeing people doing this) and start burning of the gas stove because ot the smell she start coughing took her shall covered her nose to stop smelling that… after burning she went to their room but the smell speared in whole house….

Swasan room…

Swara placed the plate on table went near and start waking him up which was getting difficult for her…

Sw: sanksar wake up (shaking him) sanskar

San: swara let me sleep na (covered his face with blanket)

Sw: no get up or else I want talk to u (didn’t affect him) sanskar I swear I wont

San: fine (got up lazily n start coughing bec. Of chilli smell) swara what is this smell

Sw: now come (made him stand) stay hear n don’t u dare to ask promise

San: promise (kept his finger on his lips)

Sw: good boy

She went near plate and took chilli and start doing arti of sanskar from head to toe while she was doing her sanskar was coughing… seeing his state swara felt bad but she have to save him from ragini na…

Sw: (monologue) plzz bagwan ji save my sanskar now from ragini

After doing pooja of sanskar swara went in washroom and flashed the chilli away after doing this she was happy while swara was in washroom sanskar immediately went in balcony to take fresh air…

Precap: swasan 1st kiss this is seeing by laksh ?????

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