It was another cool morning in bangalore- the city of dreams.

“Hey Swara… I’m leaving.. I’ll be back in an hour… And darling.. . for god’s sake please spare my kitchen. don’t punish my baby for my deeds” , a girl shouted from her room giving a final look at herself in the mirror .

To which the girl… Yea ofcourse Swara… laughed evilly n tells ” don’t worry darling… your baby is safe in my hands.. ” . She opens all the packets that they purchased from the market the previous night and tries doing some new dish.
Suddenly she hears some noise and looks here and there… n finally she realises that it is coming from her stomach.
“Stupid me!!
let me toast bread for myself first… n then I ll start experimenting the new dish.. ” she tells herself tooling her eyes and puts bread in the toaster.
“swara… I heard you… no experiments today yaar… I can’t clean my baby today… I ll make whatever you ask for as soon as I come back.. okay.. ” the girls asks pleadingly and hugs Swara.

“haha… okay darling.. I ll try.. ” saying this she winks at her friend.
Her friend very well knew that Though Swara talks and acts like everything is normal… it is not. She could the pain in her friend’s eyes. She also knew that this day is not another day for Swara. She lost the glow in her eyes which used be there two years back on this same day. She is not the same old chirpy Swara… though she pretends to be the same…
Her friend vowed to bring back all her happiness and she left the kitchen .

When all these thoughts are running in her friend’s mind, Swara was also lost somewhere.. in her own world.
She hears some sound again and comes back to reality. She smiles to herself and looks at her stomach which was actually growling now for food.
“oh. shit… bread.. ” she shouts and runs to the toaster and realises that again as usual she burnt the bread.
“You are such an awful cook Swara. oh my stomach… what ll I feed u now… ” she tells herself a bit loudly and her friend hears this and chuckles.
“haha… Swara.. I expected this… I know u burnt the bread again… I dun want ur stomach to pay for ur sinful deeds.. so I have made bread omelette for youband it’s on the table.. go have it… and please leave my baby “.
Swara “idiot, u din go still…n stop taunting me about my cooking abilities .. okay…”.

Her friend laughs out loud and says ” I can see it darling… n bye”.
She finally bids bye to Swara and goes out to open the door.. just then some one else opens it from outside.. she was about to fall but holds the table nearby and balances herself.
She could see two men standing outside the door of their 2Bhk apartment.

who are they?? are they our heroes??

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